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The Supreme Aggression

"The Supreme Aggression" (2003)

1. Endless End
2. Soul Mirror
3. Strength and Honour
4. Cyborg
5. Rises the Soul of Nature Immortal Myth
6. Leaving the Grave of Submission
7. Doomed to Kill
8. Eternal Shadow of Mute Desire

1. Endless End

What a mysterious war we are fighting for!
We're blindly pursuing some suicidal score
On the edge of an imminent Apocalypse.

In our veins flows the dark blood of destruction
Gripped by insane leaders till our race extinction
When will resound the bell of the final eclipse.

Our hands will tear our entrails to pieces
On the orders of entities whose cold faces
Plunged our selfish minds in a lethal hypnosis.

The day will come when those illusory masters
Burnt by the fire of their absurd desires
Will perish in the storm of their atrocities.

Then from their black ashes will rise a new ideal
A different and stronger soul, neither flesh nor steel,
Another life, sprang from a dead and hostile land.

Indefinitely... Till the end.

2. Soul Mirror

Through the extremes of war stands out human, raw;
The bloodiest fights, the most faithful soul mirror;
From cruelty raises the sceptre of deep truth.

The sublime, naked curves of humanity
Bear the seal of dreadful and loathsome beauty.

Pure mind's steeped in vice and bleeding luxury
Unworthy of the vilest and dark enemy.

In the name of eternal crime and cold steel,
They gave birth to creatures too furious to feel;
Blind children enlivened by schizophrenia,
Torn by the hellish winds of a mean era,
Yearning for victory we've lost our soul
Hating for hate's sake : here is Homo 2.0.

Hybrid mind blessed by the waters of the Styx
I'm the one who survived your lowest instincts,
Born to charm and rape, love and kill, come and die
This warm blood in my heart's the fright in your eye.

3. Strength and Honour

See my avenging hand's darkening your sky
It's time for you to come and defy.
I'm your guide, I'm your master, I'm your brain,
The only one who can soothe your pain.

Now come and fight with strength and honour
Now I'm you, your metal messiah.

Let extreme violence overcome you
Despise those minds too false to see through.
Intolerance, arrogance and distaste,
Vengeance and blind hate, this is your fate.

So come and fight with strength and honour
Follow me, your metal messiah.

So lost in the maze of your wicked thoughts
Only my light can release your soul
Let me show you what is domination
Let me be your metal messiah.

4. Cyborg

I embody the warrior of a new age,
An icy blood of steel burns in my frozen veins,
My cold dark heart is prompted by a nameless rage;
Deep inside my soul, memories of human pains
Tear my soul apart and nurture my endless faith
In the victory my body yearns for, my race.

I'm above human minds and carnal weaknesses
Whose scars are my roots and my almighty power.
I'm above deadly fleshes and earthly wishes
Whose frail imperfections I'm the murderer.
I'm the master of ephemeral mankind,
The torturer of those creatures so lost, so blind.

My mother's milk still runs through my iron entrails
And irremediably binds me to my past.
Between acts of bravery and cruelty I sail;
I bear on my face the mark of the spell they cast
And I pay the price of my unknown illusions
Bound to devote myself to tears and perversions.

5. Rises the Soul of Nature Immortal Myth

Clouds of burning sparks are falling from the skies
Dying on the ground now blackened with ashes
Among those steel and flesh warriors corpses
Like forgotten tears arising from past cries.

Stifling effluvia of war and violence
Death, death everywhere, lifeless blood feeds the earth
But lurked in the depths of this funeral filth
A heart is dimly beating in dead silence.

Some bony finger is scratching underneath
Revengeful whispering ascends to the moon
Like the divine promise life will be back soon
Rises the soul of nature immortal myth.

Enlivened by myriads of young wasted flames
Now strengthened, full of hatred and forgiveness
Its soiled hand springs up from its grave loneliness
Hypnotic shadow memory of lost blames.

Its outline stands out against the mystic light
Unreal and disquieting, somber presence
Its hold on my poor schizophrenic essence
And for once I know I cannot win this fight.

6. Leaving the Grave of Submission

I've collapsed under the weight of humiliation,
Trampled on and despoiled by the vilest creatures;
They've put on my face the mask of weak submission
And concealed behind smiles the inflicted tortures.

They've long thrown on my dull eyes a deceptive veil
Then they've battered to death the depths of my spirit;
They've laid on my bemused brow a long and black nail
And written with bloody letters the word : CULPRIT.

But the shroud of lies has been torn by frustration
And now I can see the essence of my real life;
I want to pierce the skies of annihilation,
A never-ending vengeance I will take to wife.

I want to bury them in the grave of their filth
And feed my new hopes on their decaying corpses;
My empire will arise from their dead-end faith,
At last I'll feel the flame of my bullied wishes.

7. Doomed to Kill

Memories of crime, rape and destruction
Are blowing through my mind to obsession.
Violence and cruelty my only friends,
Suffering and evil for which I stand.

Years of war, fighting for hollow wishes,
A life of hate tore my soul to pieces,
Buried my will in the throes of darkness
And my depraved brain in ungodliness.

The excrement of my mind haunt my dreams,
Filling my nights with the most shrilling screams,
Eternal prisoner of my own filth,
I feed myself from the cries underneath.

And the bleeding walls of guilt hide my sun
When, between your clenched teeth I force my gun.
I see their shadows in your pleading eyes
But they can't divert me from sacrifice.

I relieve myself on your bloodless skin,
A lightning of delight tears me within,
The supreme climax of death and faeces.

This corpse, cold under my tongue and kisses
Affords me the only intense pleasure
My tortured and insane heart can endure.

I know nothing will never stop my hand
I will kill and kill until the end.

8. Eternal Shadow of Mute Desire

Fear the steps resounding behind you in the street,
The somber outline of some man you can't but know
Just listen to your heart and blind your eyes to threat
Of mute desire I am the eternal shadow.

You feel my frozen breath on your innocent neck
I yearn for this shiver running through your body
Like the silent promise of your coming wreck
The black oath of a blissful delight within me.

Let me bury your mind into my hellish flame
Smother your will with the darkness of obsession
Deep inside my soul you won't see the slightest shame
Give yourself to the darkness of domination.

The cold touch of my hand on your petrified breast,
The venom of my thoughts creeping through your weak brain
A deafening silence overcomes your dying
Let me wrap your bloodless corpse in the shroud of pain.

I am the long denied master of lost creatures,
The one who is waiting for your faltering tread
The vilest truth stands out on my blurring features
No hope of salvation but perdition instead.


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