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Inhuman Violence

"Inhuman Violence" (2002)

1. Sentenced to Death
2. Wardomain
3. Erase
4. I'll Thrash Your Grave
5. Vengeance Bitterness
6. Freedom for My Tired Soul
7. We Burn in a Fire... But We're Blind to Its Light
8. Calling the Dead Creatures of the Infra-World

1. Sentenced to Death

Birth, pain, death
The early years of our lives
Are a long way on through the nights
Seem into darkness
Once you can stand up on your feet
It's only pain you're bound to meet
You've gotta fight to be somebody
You've gotta kill to be somebody
Whatever you do, death awaits
The reaper knows you, death awaits
Birth, pain, death
Sentenced to death
Years after years, become harder
Years after years, become stronger
Take tour seat on the highest raw
You can rule and lay down your own law
But all you build is just nothing
Life is as fast as a lightning
Everyone is sentenced, death awaits
In the sands of time, death awaits.

2. Wardomain

Ready, set fire, fire
One day we won the war, I thought my life would change
Without any fight the few first days were so strange
Maybe I thought I could be an happy being
But noboby can go forward without fighting
The war domain
Every day my whole life was another war
Every day of every life is another war
When you're a soldier you know who you must fight
When you're not, anyone can stab you in the night
The war domain.

3. Erase

Open your eyes, our whole world is doomed to mediocrity,
Remember the glorious sun of our reign
'Cause now our civilization is to end
So wake up and break the bounds of hypocrisy.
(Your brothers they're killing, your soil they're treading)
Don't you hear their profane chants?
Don't you see the burning lands?
You thought they just were too primitive,
Creeping creatures weak and aggressive,
Hellish creatures you couldn't perceive.
I've seen my mother killed,
I've seen my sister raped,
I've seen my father tortured,
I've seen my wife murdered.
Sometimes in my dreams,
Stained with blood and screams,
I, above the skies,
Delight in their cries
And in the darkest night,
The sweet taste of fight.
I feed on their fright,
Utter their last rites;
Tears of blood are running on my face,
No way out, our time has come under the seal of destruction.
You thought they were nothing but beasts, they were legion,
Now you are the only survivors of our civilization.
(Our deliverance lies in revenge and retaliation)
I want to see them burning,
I want to hear them screaming,
Their faces distorted by the worst pain.
I want to see them crawling,
I want to see them suffering.
(Your brothers they're killing, your soil they're treading)
Shouting for revenge and retaliation.
I want to see them dying,
Faces distorted by the worst pain.

4. I'll Thrash Your Grave

You stabbed me in the back, old friend
You thought I was caught by the end
But you forgot I'm above all
And now I'm back to watch you fall.
I need no help for anything,
I'm pulling my own strings;
In my eyes a fire is twinkling,
The fire of your life is dying.
You feel my hands around your neck
Body and soul I want to take
I'll thrash your grave . . . Betrayer!
You fall on your knees, you're dead
Whereas I'm still undefeated.
I spit on you and let you fall;
While drowning look how I am tall.
I have been cut by my own sword
my mind is beeding, no more words.
I'll thrash your grave . . . Betrayer!
Take it in your head!

5. Vengeance Bitterness

I saw the betrayer falling
I saw the betrayer crying
I saw the etrayer dying
But nothing soothed my suffering.
Cut by the blade of my own sword,
I feel deep breaks inside my world.
Lost in the maze of bitterness
I'm lost in infinite sadness
I saw his face bleeding
I saw his face spoiling
But I'm lost in sadness,
I'm lost in bitterness,
Vengeance bitterness.
Revenge my one and only goal;
The blackest heart heading to fall
Lost in the maze of bitterness,
I'm lost in infinte sadness.

6. Freedom for My Tired Soul

Night falls on my blade, I sleep with one eye open
Monthes of war, minutes are longer than years
Napalm is burning, nothing can describe my fears

7. We Burn in a Fire... But We're Blind to Its Light

In the depths burning with the fire of Hell,
Wicked sorcerers were casting some spell;
Dazzling lightning drew back the sounding gate
To welcome the the gloomy servants of Hate.
In the stifling darkness, prostrate and sick,
I raised my eyes, warms tears running thick,
My heart sank beneath the cruel weight of guilt;
Deprived of war, I had but to submit.
Like a sign, a flame tore the sky, my sight.
We burn (away) in a fire but we're blind to its light.
I felt my body crumbling back to dust
My mind still overwhelmed with sins and lust,
Faithful shadows with me till last breath
Fulfilling my soul on my path to death,
The sun was shining so bright,
I wantred to live not to die.

8. Calling the Dead Creatures of the Infra-World

Calling upon Darkness
I'm the master of the creatures of the infra-world
They're just snatches of the almighty power
Given by the hand of Kwll and the eye of Riyhnn
Some ancient gods endowed with strength and so mean,
Reborn with divine body and skin,
The hand of Kwll, the eye of Rhyn
Wicked sorcerer gave them to me
Black supreme god lives within me.
They're not aware of my power
But now I stand as the destroyer
Cursed with the most unhealthy oath
My fate is to erase Law and Chaos.
Calling the creatures of the infra-world,
I'm the Lord of the Dead.
There's no surrender till they've paid.
When I open my magic eye
I see a world deprived of sky;
Their souls are waiting for death,
They're doomed to take someone's last breath
My enemies'lives are the price
The Deaed enter this world of ice,
I can see them creeping,
Sentenced to blindness
They're so disgusting.


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