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An Assassin Memories

"An Assassin Memories" (2006)

1. Pain in The....
2. Mutilation Room
3. Broken & Chipped Bones
4. Eternal Rotting
5. Violated and Quartered
6. The Watcher
7. Skinned Alive
8. Viscera Everywhere
9. Whore's Cementery
10. You Will Die
11. Post Mortem
12. Gutted (Cannibal Corpse cover)
13. Hammer Smashed Face (Cannibal Corpse cover)

1. Pain in The....

2. Mutilation Room

Sprinkled walls of blood,
bodies rotting while still alive
so that we will not let them die
until they have felt the acute pain

All try to commit suicide
to not continue feeling that so deep pain
and the dying suffering
that is atrophing their minds

In their life never imagined a place like this
quarter of mutilation, so dark and foul
in where the one that enters will never go out

here you can see
quartered, burned and tortured people,
with out of members and beseeching you
that not damage them any more

but your insatiable hunger to kill can’t to stop
and you will want to assassinate everything
what it is crossed by your way

(solo) - Mauler

we were made to kill
and to create the greater damage possible ,
and you just can to make your viles and grotesques
fantasies here

Only for your eternal fun
and increases your taste by the perversion
and to kill all the people of shit that you wish


3. Broken & Chipped Bones

Single and sore
locked up in a room subterranean
with rotten scents
trying to remember what it has happened to you.

I have desire of kill you
and also to carve you up
but I believe that you will suffer more
if I leave you as you are.

Your column is gorge
all your fingers are fractured
dislocated shoulders and the bones
of your chipped arms cause a spill to you.

The knees are shown by the skin that covered them
your hip is a disaster
simply it is broken in two
and one rib that crosses your lung
will cause the death to you in just a short time.

All that magnify work made my disciples,
with a peaky painful hammer,
that became engraved in all the body,
tearing pieces of skin,
and leaving you with the broken and chipped bones.

I will give a shot to you in the chest
or maybe you prefer it elsewhere
so that you let to fucking me
and close the mouth stupid gay.

Oh! So fuck stupid gay...

4. Eternal Rotting

After a wild murder,
When already all have forgotten you,
And your body smells bad,
Your meat serves as food for the worms.

Your skin becomes green,
And it brings gangrene to you by all sides,
You are a despoliation that nobody wants to see,
And your eyes begin to leave their place.

Infected flesh,
Coming off your rigid and pestilent body,
The marks of your hanged neck while they rot,
Causes that your head is come off you.

Your guts explode,
And the blood that leaves your mouth is almost black,
Your excrement sprinkled the floor,
And you demostrate terror in your face.

The fluids cannot be contained,
You must vomit your acids,
And support the hemorrhage,
That took place in your head.

All your skin rots minute by minute,
And your muscles dissolve with little speed,
Your face is swollen,
And your belly lets see your stomach.

You are disfigured,
And your teeth are falling,
But surely that you become one bitch,
Petrified and haggard.

Many noises leave your interior,
From the gases that are freed,
To the bones and muscles being devoured
By thousands of worms.

Although your body is dead,
You want to shout,
Because you're seeing everything what happens,
With your revolting body and covered with blood,
And you do not have another option
Because your destiny will be that you rot by the eternity.

5. Violated and Quartered

Your hymen has broken for the first time
And it was without your consent,
It was for that reason that I enjoyed it more,
Beautiful girl of short age.

All wonder where you are,
But they will never be able to be,
Because you are in a black bag,
In some deserted place.

Because while you were violated,
I cut all your body with a knife,
And your screams made me ejaculate
In you.

You were so beautiful
And I loved your scent,
And I enjoyed so much to have my face
Among your legs


You didn't think that I would kill you,
Only for that you left me,
But I am an Assassin, you knew me,
And I never forgive to anybody.

Your skin is already cold,
And your scent has changed,
In my mouth it is still your vaginal flavor,
Of when I violated and quartered you.

6. The Watcher

Behind the darkness he is
Ready to make you suffer
He just need the presicely time
To catch you and kill you

He can’t stand a long time
He really needs to pull out your head of your body
He start to despair
And he’s going to drive insane

He has’nt killed before
But is a pleasure if you’re his first victim
Now you’re a pretty girl but
You’ll be rotten flesh when he puts his sadistics hands on you

And for the moment – he’s just watching (x4)

All in his mind is death
And he can’t stop to smoke and drink
But now that you’re so near
Is preparing his “mutilation room”
To make you feel the pain of his killer’s tools
And take a shower in your blood

He’s gonna cut you into pieces
Is going to hang you up
In a small and wet room
will be the place of your death

And for the moment – he’s just watching (x4).

7. Skinned Alive

8. Viscera Everywhere

9. Whore's Cementery

10. You Will Die

11. Post Mortem

12. Gutted (Cannibal Corpse cover)

13. Hammer Smashed Face (Cannibal Corpse cover)


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