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Spiritual Decay

"Spiritual Decay" (1996)

1. Bathing In The Fires Of Hell
2. Crucifornication
3. Ad Majorae Satanas Glorium
4. Subterranean Existince
5. Invert to Blasphemy
6. Graven Image
7. Nemisis
8. Cauchemar
9. Brynhil

1. Bathing In The Fires Of Hell

I eradicate the nazerene plague
My passions desire, I am baptized in flames.
"The illucid myth to serve the lord
is instilled by fear"
The wretched madonna whore of the world
A ceptic impotent bastard she bore.

The will of humanity burning in the fires of hell
The motivating spirit I am bathing in the fires of hell

Wash the flesh away from my bones
My memory will be all you know

Look in yourself feel me dwelling in you
Look into yourself and see me staring at you.
Mythological god begat his putrid son
Look at the viral pig wallow in the mud...
His blood !

2. Crucifornication

3. Ad Majorae Satanas Glorium

4. Subterranean Existince

Satan is freedom not bibded and chained
Unholy darkness over white lighted shame
A genetic mutation of inherit lies
I've received the darkness not blinded my eyes
We won't fail to dictate to you
Unless we're censored to unviel you the truth
There is no god, no pearly gates
No walls of gold, decide your own fate
Bathed in darkness, the inception of sin
Follow the temptress and feel evil within
Oppression by xrist, martyrs and saints
We're forced to hide religious restraint
The time has come to free our beliefs
Not epitomize or dictate deceit
Unity social, undivided and bound
Subterranean existince we've found

A world without fear, freedom from lies
Anger and hate for those whom dispise
-Our thoughts and beliefs or find it insane
A life without god-totaly inane
Lost in shadows hidden from sight
Nocturnal vigil a growing delight
Feeding on fear, avirace and greed
It comes to pass, we are set free

Hidden in subversion, lost in anonymity
Dominion over heretical blasphemy
Crush the martyrs with virulency
See jehova's born-in agony !!

5. Invert to Blasphemy

Proficient blasphemy the ultimate abomination
Disfigure the face of xristianity-revelation
Monolith mockery, divinity denied
Painfull misery satanically baptized
Birth of fire, death in flames
Lethal prayers, spiritual decay
Frozen darkness, to black from white
Lethargic numbness no will to fight

Release your souls, they're mine to use
Debauchery, your flesh I choose
Destroy the words engraved in stone
Adhere thee will of thy jeweled throne
Revel with lust inside the grave
No day of judgement-no one is saved


Convert your life from hypocrisy
Wretched torture ordains your dreams
Invert your life to blasphemy
Unblessed sounds of hallowed screams

Stab and slice and tear your wounds
You must take a life for what you choose
The love for Satan is in your eyes
Prince of darkness, Lord of flies
Upon my altar the purest blood
Inverted cross in virgin cunt
I raise my chalice, to Hell we toast
In menstrual blood thy holy host

The thoughts are there within your head
Merciless war, we need bloodshed
Nuclear seige on the vatican
Abolish church, purge doctrine
The womb is torn the fetus smashed
Hail lord Satan ! SHEMHEMFORASH !!

6. Graven Image

7. Nemisis

8. Cauchemar

Surrounded by dismal gloom
Candles cast distorting views
Shadows of sickness fill my eyes
Wretched visions flood my mind

Filthy sanctum of vile disgrace
Grotesquely deformed, slowly decaying rotting face.

My blood runs from red to black
My heart beats from slow to fast
My emotions run from warm to cold
I let darkness claim my soul

Laughter fills this morbid shrine
As screams of torment amuse my life

Distant hallowed chanting
Becons the goat of mendes
Ritual incantation
Witches of the Mesquet

Subconcious void of thy hallowed
Clamorous ministers of shadows
Morbid visions induce fears
Courtship of evil-reality of death nears..........

9. Brynhil


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