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"Solace" (2000)

1. Solace
2. Revival
3. Opaque
4. Hours
5. Coat of Arms
6. Stille Dualisme
7. The World Monotone
8. Avmakt

1. Solace

Come comfort me ... soon now
covering, calm distortion

2. Revival

Again I stare
without really being able to

The verity terrifies
the dreams, the lies I deify
In despair I fail to understand
whether the dreams create the scruples
or the other way around

As the eyes begin to sting
I am swallowed by an abstract state
The spirit of indifference is here

Apathetic, searching
The sorrow feels preposterous
within this psychotic chaos
The will smoothers
the spew from the past

Weakened I dry out the faith
and then kiss its forehead

This inner depression is a sort of religious
No clammy hands can alter me
My God
Alleviate the many distressed
I firmly proclaim,
Hand out the water to those who thirst

3. Opaque

I know it is dark outside
but I bear not face it
I compose a picture within a golden frame
- black picturesque

My eyes dance in a glassy stare
to the distant sound of musical
But somehow they lower in a pool
- all wet and obscure

And I see this face
as a vivid picture of my very own self
And the eyes
they are watching me
and so am I

Inside out, whatever
I cannot grasp this
this duplicity
this lack of self-devotion
this classical clich� os a song

4. Hours

I will never sleep again
I will go to my world
Where I can always change
How could things end up like this?
All this hatred
I am a part of it
All this hatred
I was a part of it
until this very night
Never again
If man is sane, I am not
In these hours is a blessing, embracing insanity
- I am not one of them
And I can hear the screaming
They are screaming at me desprately
I did not understand what they were saying
That is why they scream
- No one really listens
I still do not understand
As the weeping continues
this dark feeling of hopelessness grows stronger
I know of their hatred
I will never sleep again
I will crush reality in our world
In my world they will recieve
But their sanity is not mine

5. Coat of Arms

Horrific death, you are closing in on me
circling slightly towards the center of the earth
The rails lead the way, night and day
black tracks ahead
I keep my eyes on you
keep you in sight from a distance
and join in the carousel movements
afraid, awed
beholding the ghost-like smoke
I grow tired as the weary wheels go round
feel sick as the smelly smog surrounds me
I droop like snowdrops and wither
wait for your horrid hands to extend
and touch my white-stained arms of love

6. Stille Dualisme

Stillhet uten sjel, uten �nd
uten n�rv�r av noe slag
er som etsende dr�per fra himmelen
De skreller n�delost av var hud, v�rt kj�tt
og lar v�rt indre ligge nakent som et �pent s�r
infisert av v�r verden av forfall
Vi frykter dette regnet
disse dr�per som smker av d�d
( - S� har de heller ikke makt til � lege det de avdekker)
Vi flykter inn i
n�rmeste ly av larm
(og det blir v�r bane)
Vi kjenner avmakt, men
hvor s�ke r�d?
Fornekter sannheten
- I oss selv er vi sm�
Frykten ter med tiden v�re liv
De levende dr�per n�r ei inn v�rt ly
Vi mister den skatt vi fikk i eie
den fullkomne stillhet med n�rv�r fra det h�ye
St�yens s�nn av morgenr�den
vil til sist og smake d�den

7. The World Monotone

Remove the tears
and the thrill they give
and melancholy (melancholy)
will become a burden
rather than a strength
devastates me
divides me

Among gods
I crawl
in a condition
forced upon me
freedom a straining thought

Fling salt in my eyes
so that the inner well may drain away
and my visit stand visible
before me

I realize what I have summoned
hear the death-conscious moan
The world Monotone is now the nervous one
The world Monotone is now the nervous one

8. Avmakt

Vind v�r min Herre
Du er
Vind v�r min Herre
Du er
Du river meg l�s
Fra verdens
Min tomhet
Jeg kan intet gj�re
Jeg f�res
Du minste vindpust
L�r meg
Jeg lever

Hvordan kan jeg
Knuser alltid egne dr�mmer
F�red skam over egen higen
det levde liv spotter
Det st�rste under
S� flommer hatet


Wind be my Lord
You are
Wind be my Lord
You are
You take me (tear me) away
From this world's
My emptiness
I can nothing do
I'm moved
You smallest Breath of Wind
Teach me
I live

How can I / always ruining my own dreams
Bringing shame upon my own will
When the life lived scorns
The Greatest Wonder
Hate overflows


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