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"ManMadePredator" (2003)

1. The Meaning of Life
2. Public Enema No. 1
3. Too Stupid to Live
4. 5 Minutes of Fame
5. You Fat Prick
6. The Queen of Egoism
7. Time Is Against Me
8. The Happy Retard
9. Popularity Contest
10. Sleazebag
11. God = Mass Hysteria
12. All Hippies Are Dropouts
13. I'm Afraid of People
14. Life Is An S.T.D.
15. Still From da Hood
16. Nothing to Be Proud of
17. Fuck Off Coz I Hate You All
18. Sick Brutal Gore Bastard (Keep It Fucking Sick)
19. Crucial 4 Life

1. The Meaning of Life

One night my mom was drinking in a bar
she told me to sit down and listen to her story
she's telling me my conception
came when they were both tipsy
that's why I was put on this earth
because you motherfuckers were both drunk
but what she's really trying to say is
that I'm just not wanted here

no one welcomed me to this earth
nobody wants to have me here
I feel like I'm all alone
what the fuck did I do wrong ?!?

long time ago I had a depression
My father's trying reverse psychology
he's telling me I cost too much
so I propose him to jump off a cliff
and what he answers then is
"No you don't have to go that far"
but what he's really trying to say is
"just don't blame me in your suicide note"

2. Public Enema No. 1

Suppress all the people !
Your dictatorship controls all the media
brainwashing us with propaganda on tv
'coz you just want no free opinion
only forced opinion with the gun against the head

If anyone does something wrong
he becomes a public enemy
while the real public enemy n°1
is the dictator you worship

Well, ain't it sad
if some right-winged politician
is the mouthpiece
of today's generation ?

Will our generation always live
under the suppression of dictators,
will today's youth only breed
some stupid right-winged neo-nazis ?

You say you have the freedom of speech
'coz it is your constitutional right
but if you want to forbid all free opinions
then why the hell should we listen to you ?

3. Too Stupid to Live

You blow away your stupid head while reenacting a crime
you light up a match to see in a room filled with gas
you wonder how it would feel to set yourself aflame
you can shoot an arrow in your own vital organs
you touch an electric wire without wearing any gloves
you jump off a cliff without realizing it

You are too stupid to live !

Do you have a chromosome 21 too much ?
How could anyone be so fucking stupid like you ?
Don't you see you're not above
the laws of physics of this world ?
You are doing such stupid things
that you just deserve to die !

Too stupid to live !

You manage to get run over by your own fuckin' car
you try to change the light without switching off the electricity
you're run through with knives because your trick didn't work
you die in your car driving in the wrong direction
you cross the railroad but the train is coming at full speed
you're teasing an elephant until he steps on you
you get crushed by a tree you've just sawn off
you kill yourself while playing something you saw on tv

You are just too fuckin' stupid for this life
we are glad you removed yourself from our gene pool

4. 5 Minutes of Fame

Stupid loser !
You don't know shame no
you've got no manners
I hate your endless efforts and your
pathetic outcries for attention
you'll do everything you can to get
your five minutes of fame everywhere
You've got no respect
for the artist on stage

During a moment of complete silence
you start screaming at the top of your lungs,
don't you get enough attention at home
or are you just so full of yourself ?
You scream and wave, you jump and laugh

You're begging us to look at you
You want to be the centre of attention

5. You Fat Prick

When I was still living with you
you were threatening to kick me out
you just couldn't deal with my lifestyle
you had no respect for my personal choices
Day after day you'd tell me to get out
you didn't want me in your house anymore
so I went out to search my own place
and then I informed you that I would leave
Now you completely changed your attitude
you asked me to stay and respect each other
but two months later we had a discussion
and then you smacked me against the fridge !

Fuckin' fat stupid asshole
you fucked up big time now
don't want to see you again
leave me the fuck alone
don't want to forgive and forget

I will retaliate one day I'd like to get you dad
'coz vengeance is so sweet !

Don't write any more stupid letters to me
just to ask me why I never come over
don't you see what the fuck is wrong
our only relation is a biological one

6. The Queen of Egoism

Everything you do is out of self-interest
you'll never do anything for someone else,
you've got no respect for someone else's opinion
you're the high-commander, everyone bows for you
you're manipulating everyone to do what you want
and bragging with other people's achievements

You hypocrite backstabbing slut,
busybody and wiseacre !
Meddling in with other
people's business, try to
keep up appearances
but you're no upper class

You claim to be the only one with wisdom of life
but still you always make the same mistakes,
you always need to be the centre of attention
everyone has to make room for you and your ego
no one else can have pain but you
your own misery is always bigger

You're a selfish bitch !
You're only thinking
about your own self
break your promises
if there's no personal gain

7. Time Is Against Me

They always have to wait for one person
every time again he is too late
every appointment he will fuck up
and he has got the same name as me

I'm always late, can't help it
it's more powerful than me

There's still plenty of time left
to do all this stuff I want to do
but then I look on my watch
and I'm already too late again
Time is against me !

I'm keeping me busy with futilities
and five minutes later an hour is gone
It's a clear and simple conspiracy
time is against me and that ain't my fault

8. The Happy Retard

Have you never wished to be a real dumbass,
too stupid to realize all the shit that's going on
so that you could just be another happy retard ?

When I was too young to realize anything
life just looked good 'coz I didn't see all the shit
when something still went wrong god was there to save you
growing up opened my eyes and there's no god to help !

Pain ! Why ? I'm just too sensitive for this selfish world
I've learned to numb my feelings I became callous
your words are blades ripping right through my flesh
your insults are hammers capable of breaking my heart
oh, how I wish to be a happy retard now
so I wouldn't have to think about anything anymore

Constantly thinking, always these questions,
I'm wrecking myself by worrying too much
am I a fool, am I to blame ? Sometimes ignorance
could be bliss... or not ?

9. Popularity Contest

Walking around with all the other rich kids
bragging with your expensive clothes
talking gossip with your admired friends
excluding everyone who's different from you

Try to range many fake friends with you
so you'll become the most popular kid
ultimate power is what you search for
you want to decide who's accepted and who's not

The books ''Hypocrite Assholes'' and ''Rich Bitch Suckers''
have no more secrets for you
behaving strange like an alien I try to observe
some people and act like them
you don't think about what you say, you don't realize
the trauma caused by you all
can't you stop picking on me, stop laughing at me
I just want to get respect

Teenage problems
are the major concern of your hollow life
try to get rid of all your pimples
look spotless at the outside but nasty inside

10. Sleazebag

One day he woke up, still drunk from the day before
headache and hangover, bottles up, the best way to fight it
Cleared up he's ready to go out in search of drinks and drugs

Finished his first six pack before it'd 10am
drinking to forget what he already forgot
watching perverted porn, he feels so alone
he gets really horny, yes lust is coming up
Pussy is what he needs, a cheap fuck is what he craves

Blurred out by all the drugs
everything gets fuzzy and confused
he's no longer in control
wrecking himself more everyday

'Coz you were successfull in life you became a bigheaded dick
adopting an arrogant lifestyle addicted to all sort of drugs
He had to be treated like he was a king
beating up his wife, abused all his friends
Drugged up he's freaking out, fed up they left him behind

11. God = Mass Hysteria

God is so great what a lot of crap and deceit
it's all bullshit he never really existed
believe the lie invented to control you all

Lies !!! God doesn't exist, he's just human invention
this creature is used to suppress all the people
and some fundamentalist will start a war in his name
while god, allah, ganesha and boedha are all the same

Just imagine that jesus would come back right now
we would all say he's no son of god, he's crazy
all religions are just stories about good and evil
they will just use other metaphores and different names

12. All Hippies Are Dropouts

All hippies are dropouts, all hippies are fakes
from hippie you became the yuppie you hate
all of your ideals you have dropped, fuck off
from peace you went to business
There's nothing left of your person,
aren't you ashamed of yourself ?
Look what you became after all,
things you swore you'd never do !
You were so cool, taking some drugs, talking politics
but you changed a lot 'coz you never believed in it
You were so full of ideals and now you've dropped them all
you became everything you used to
despise when you were young
You betrayed yourself and your friends
'coz you never believed your own ideals
you just went with the crowd
in a ridiculous effort to be hip and trendy

Why do I think you're ridiculous now ?
Because you are so full of shit nowadays,
you're saying one thing but you do the other,
preaching about love and peace

But you're the ones making war now,
doing business, all for cash no ideals, no rebellion,
just hollow lives at the stock exchange

13. I'm Afraid of People

I'm afraid of you and you and you !
People can spit such venom on each other
causing a lot of pain and sorrow
they've already torn my heart apart
and now I'm afraid to get hurt again
Humiliating me and throwing insults
ridiculizing me their ego is growing
I'm denied the feeling of being wanted
I'm dying inside but who cares about that ?
The emotional pain won't go away
they've hurt me too much and far too long
that's how they made me who I am
that's why I feel such hatred now
there's no way to take away the pain
only retaliation can soothe my soul
I'm afraid of people laughing at me
you are staring at me like I'm a freak
can feel your eyes burning into my skin
I just want some love and affection
you make me feel fuckin' insecure
you make me want to sit in a corner and die

14. Life Is An S.T.D.

I'm the best at doing what's worst,
I'm the king of being too much !
Hey man, I need some help quick
'coz things are getting worse,
can't you see it's eating me from inside
don't you notice I'm falling apart ?
I've never asked to be here,
you've put me here so now deal with it !
I'm crying in my bed at night
thinking about all the things they said,
of shit, did I just really hope that I would die tonight ?!?
Life is such a hard task
and I'm failing miserably !

15. Still From da Hood

I'm still Kissaak from da same neighbourhood
If you want to be big and famous
that ain't my business, it ain't my problem
but if you have 5 villas and 30 cars
you shouldn't be talking about how poor you used to be
Boasting with your pool table and your swimming pool
you have gold hanging everywhere
and a rolex around each wrist

He's still Svencho, always lived on da street
You ask millions to sign contract
you're just thinking about yourself
gain too much money for one lifetime
so you can buy a tv for each room

He's still Glenne who came right from da block
He's still Nico, grew up in the ghetto

You shouldn't be whining about how still you care
about how you used to be a kid from the street
and how you still know where you came from
and how you'll help with your success but you do nothing
He's still QW, he knows where he came from

16. Nothing to Be Proud of

Your skin colour ain't something
you achieved it's how you're born
You can't be proud of your skin
you can only be glad that you are white
else you'd be a victim of discrimination
beaten up by your own fascist friends
your race doesn't make someone stupid criminal
it depends on how you're raised and racism won't do any good

If you were born somewhere else
you'd have to hate your own skin
You've got nothing to be proud of
'coz you achieved nothing in your life
your only goal is racial hatred
because your IQ is much too low

17. Fuck Off Coz I Hate You All

You're throwing shit at me but you don't know who I am
I'm just an easy target 'coz I'm a shy loner
you know I'm not self-confident, I'm so afraid to fail
and I just don't have the guts to say ''fuck you'' to your face

You're making fun of me 'coz I'm not like you
you're degrading me for all that I stand for
your insults just prove your fucking ignorance
but still they make me wanna forget about this shit called life

It's all fucked up now because of you
how can humanity be so fucking stupid ?
There's so many shit going on in this world
you've no respect for each other,
you're destroying your own kind

There's nothing I can do but look and stand back
I have to undergo all your humiliations
I can only hope for myself that it will stop
I can't take this shit under control

You criticize my way of life
you're kicking me down to the ground
I even start to hate myself
to all of you I can only say :
fuck off 'coz I hate you all !!

Why can't you just leave me alone
you've hurt me so deep inside now
the shit you've done I can not forget
you don't know how much I hate you !

I've put up with too much of your shit
it's driving me insane
you say that I'm a loser but you will all regret
'coz in the end you will loose

18. Sick Brutal Gore Bastard (Keep It Fucking Sick)

You write that you want to kill somebody
but have you ever really thought about it ?
I don't think so because you write
such stupid infantile lyrics of corpse
killing someone is not as easy
as in the movies, it takes more effort
and think about all the blood and gore
and the mental guilt and the trauma

You say you're really sick and brutal
you write that you want a lot more gore
I'd like to put you with the real tough guys
and let you ride with an ambulance

Hacked up to pieces, bathing in blood
but in reality you would just faint

You're so proud of your gory pictures
you're jerking off to bloody corpses
you're talking tough on the internet
your big mouth is a cover-up for your tiny heart

19. Crucial 4 Life

Rich kids, bigheaded nerds !
Think they are hardcore, they're just a boysband
only have some success 'coz they're hardline straight edge

Irritating snobbish fuckers
big mouthed backstabbers
they're straight edge so they're better than us
beware of them !

Here they come right now
they're the crucial kids
I ask what is the deal
'coz they just make me laugh

Try to be tough on stage but this is really bad acting
also in real life they are just a pose

How can you be so arrogant
to call yourself crucial
for the survival of the scene
like you invented it ?

Too selfish to lend your stuff
you are ruining the scene,
no unity with people who say
that they are better than me !


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