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Death By a Thousand Cuts

"Death By a Thousand Cuts" (2002)

1. Initiate Murder Sequence
2. Strangled by Underwear
3. Hypocriscene
4. I Know Where You've Shit Last Summer
5. FUCK Eddy De Dapper
6. Inferior Superiorism
7. Get Rid of the Rock In Your Name
8. Cockporn
9. The Regular Know-It-All
10. Chasms
11. Schizotrendic
12. The Scheme
13. Straight Outta Boerecote II
14. Mosh of the Clowns
15. Human Ignorance
16. Graveyard Shift
17. Delusions of Grandeur
18. T.P.
19. (Hidden Track)

1. Initiate Murder Sequence

How can one decide on the fate of a whole nation?
How can one decide on global exctinction by pushing a button?
Life to you is a contest for power

Basing your judgement on monetary rules
cashing in, live your utopia, why shouldn't you?
Judging the world to be puppets and fools
egocentrism and pride will decide on our fate
your power is a contest for our death...

2. Strangled by Underwear


Stop bitching me around like that,
stop commanding me all the time,
stop acting like a regular know-it-all
Stop telling me what to do, stop interfering with my life,
don't you see I'm not your propirty!

How should I give you respect?
I am your son, but that's all,
I am not your toy at all

That fridge is coming too close, some moments later I am sure,
I feel at my eyesocket and there's some blood
Why did you push me fatso,
and please don't tell me that you're sorry
'coz you can put your sorry up your ass!

But you show no regret at all, instead you make some fun of it,
minimizing your share in what happened
Stupid egocentric bastard, how could you ever be my father,
I hope that you get strangled by underwear!

3. Hypocriscene

Your life, nothing but a facade
your mouth, filled with empty words
never true to yourself, the question is why
preaching ideologies that are not yours
sprend your bullshit in your hypocriscene
big mouthed bastard, stay the fuck away from me

Two-faced bastard, still you preach
too idiotic to build your own thoughts
jump on every trend, shallow minded fool
do whatever youy friends think is cool
criticizing and backstabbing everyone
say that you can do everything better
but at least they are active in our scene
while you're hypocrite sitting on your lazy ass

Why can't you be yourself,
achieve personality
this scene is not about elitism
it's about freeing your own thoughts


4. I Know Where You've Shit Last Summer

You are driving me mad
with all this new horror crap

They should kill Wes Craven for inventing this shit
stupid movies about some dumb serial killer
or other boring stuff like some pet monster
lame and ridiculous shit they make 'coz it sells

Horror is meant to scare the shit out of you
it's films about the macabre and morbid side of us
Feelings of anger and hatred,
fear and anxieties everyone has

5. FUCK Eddy De Dapper

Larger than life you are not
get real, stay real, you're no king
you think all turns around you
but you are just an assohole

Meddle in with your
own stupid life

You just profit from the bands
making money is your goal
you don't care about underground
just ask big bands and get cash

6. Inferior Superiorism

History getting ready to repeat,
national socialism is leading to fascism
brainless people with right-winged ideals
thinking that they are superior
is this the way you want your kids to live
for the sake of your utopia?
There is no race that is the perfect one,
there is no Fuhrer that can save the world!

7. Get Rid of the Rock In Your Name

You get stoned and fuck as much as you can while you are cashing in
getting laid and earning lots of money is what you think at
rock comes straight from the heart and does not to into you wallet
I bet you don't even like the music but you love the cash

You fucker just saw lots of dollars and so you're selling out now
ridiculize yourself if you want to, I don't give a fuck
but stay away from our music if you don't even know it
little baby you just reduce rock to sex, drugs and money

Rock is an attitude that you will never understand
you are too childish, just a little baby
you come on tv and say without any shame
that you're not interested in music, just cash and stupid chicks

Get rid on the "Rock" in your name,
only "Kid" is already a little better

How did you come up with the name Kid Rock,
should have named yourself Most Annoying Dick
you will probably think that you're so cool,
but you only rock the world of some losers
your adolescent fans may think you're cool,
but remember that nerds invented "cool"
everything about you is all fake,
you are just playing some kind of real stupid role.

8. Cockporn

I'm trying to watch a movie while some losers act real dumb
laughing, talking all the time and now throwing with some popcorn
can't you leave me peacefully here and go act tough somewhere else
big matches trying to impress some stupid chicks and get sex

I'm going to see "Audition" and some machos are going too
they're probably expecting to see some gory movie, yeah
but they were not prepared for what was coming next
they didn't anticipate to observe these cruelties

The torture is beginning and the needles are going in
a foot is being sawn off and those guys are really shocked
their girlfriends are screaming out I'm just laughing now
these stupid assholes just shouldn't have come here, no

I was just trying to enjoy this movie but
as long as losers like this annoy me at the cinema
the fun will be less for me they spoil everything
they show no respect at all but at least I could laugh at 'em now

9. The Regular Know-It-All

Sniffing around like a dog marking out its territory
searching a place for taking a piss
and some business to put your nose in
if I want to hear your opinion
I'll fuckin' ask for it
don't you get in my way with all your wisdom of life

You want to know everything that happens
when someone talks you always meddle in
even if you don't know what the fuck it's about
you still have something to say
is your life really so pathetic
that you need all this gossip?

The regular know-it-all!

10. Chasms

Meaningless lives hanging on the same ideals
force-fed to us by the government and given through,
generations of stupidity, don't think too much
it this what has to be?

Go to school, graduate,
go to work, start a family,
get a car, buy a house,
and get rich, wait 'till you die

Thousand of people living in depression,
is this your perfect world?
A world of greed and consumption,
the possible explanation?

11. Schizotrendic

Now you're hardcore, then black metal,
next is death and there comes grind
oops there's rap and drum 'n bass
and techno comes into your sight

I'd like to know who you are,
I'd like to know if you are real

It's good to have a broad musical taste
but don't drop out the underground into mainstream,
you change your attitude, your lifestyle, your friends,
you fall from one extreme to another

I'd like to know who you are,
I'd like to know if you are real

It's not because you like their music
that you have to follow all their friends,
do not betray what you stood for,
be yourself, don't be a fuckin' trend!

12. The Scheme

Welcome to your perfect scheme
your profit empire found on fashion fake rules
backstabbing as long as you get your share
as long as the cash is there you just don't care

Put your bullshit records
up your money stinking hole
the empire si falling,
the scheme turns into joke

Fashion is changing
time for another trend
time for you to fuck off
and eat your own shit

it was the perfect scheme
'till you dropped your own believes
now you're only crud
face your farce and taste the dirt

13. Straight Outta Boerecote II

Ever seen those guys who think they are so metal, acting like posers?
Tough guy-ruin the scene, tough guy-kind of the pit
you bang and mosh so violent to hurt some people on purpose
tough guy-fucking fag, tough guy-brainless shit
wearing steelboots and trying to get in the spotlights

Tough guy you're so cool, tough guy you're the fool
you think there's "macho" on your face, but there's "retard" written all
over you
tough guy-stupidity, tough guy-imbecile
you just know nothing of the scene and only go to your faves

Trashing all kinds of stuff 'coz they are so tough
using right-winged statements to be cool and shock
you know, the mongloids who fuck up for us all
people think all metals are such bastards without some respect

14. Mosh of the Clowns

Well, will you look at those nerds, try to be as cool as possible
so busy with their image, don't you see you're ridiculous?

More schmink, less brains, more image, less soul
more show, less thoughts, more money, less music
At night in their rooms they pray to the Lord:
"Satan fuck me now!"

Yeah, you're very evil, but don't you look a little gay?
The wave of make-up and idiots, it's getting worse and worse
New metal, black metal put on corpse paint
the mosh of the clowns

15. Human Ignorance

How come that we are such ignorant and
bigheaded fucks like we own the universe

How can we hate each other so much, how can we hurt each other so much
we think that we are so smart, but that is not true
are we really that stupid, are we that ignorant
why the hell are we so fuckin' arrogant

Everyone's a big egoist
only think about yourself
caressing your own ego
searching for your own profit

Why do we crow ouselves as the rulers of the world
while all we do is create our own destruction

I despise you for what you say,
for what you do, for what you are,
for just being alive, for being human

16. Graveyard Shift

Why do we all have to work that much ?
I have no more energy
when I come home I've more things to do
but then I am too lazy

The graveyard shift
walking like a zombie
getting up too early
isn't good for me
I have only slept 5 hours
and I'd like to sleep much longer
but at 7 I have to get up
out of my bed and go to work

at least 8 hours each day I've to work
when I come home I'm broken
I'm too tired to do anything
I need more time for myself

17. Delusions of Grandeur

Are you that blind to think that we do not see the mask you wear
can't hind your hypocrisy behind your friendly toothpaste smiles

You try to be some really important man,
but everyone sees you're no upper class
you're behaving too much like a peasant
but you think that you're a real success

A harassing toady is what you are, spreading many lies
but your pride and stupidity tell yourself you're popular

You're just a stupid yokel
but you try to act like some bourgeois
just leave me alone and go fuck yourself
'coz in my eyes you're just an empty frame

Pride shall be your downfall
pride will bring you to your knees

Your fashion fake personality
is just a trend of society
you don't possess any own thoughts
just keep on following the crowd

Why don't you shut the fuck up, take your backstabbing to the grave
consciously you're suffering from delusions of grandeur

18. T.P.

When you eat too much you go insane
you pull your shirt over your big head
you put your hands up and can't sit still
then you say things like we will hear now

T.P. you need for your bunghole
we are not threatening you at all

Protect your ass from your enemies
insult all guys you meet on your way
Beavis and Butt-Head is your own show
Cornholio is how you are named

19. (Hidden Track)


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