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Legion Of Death

"Legion Of Death" (1988)

1. Death Sentence
2. Authority's Fuked
3. Nuclear Pestilence
4. D.U.I.
5. Leatherface
6. Malicious Hatred
7. Sewer Rat
8. Unite And Kill

1. Death Sentence

You're sitting there on death row
As the days just slip by slow
You commmitted a stupid crime
Now you're doing hard time
You finally realized what you did
And see without a doubt
They're sending you six feet underground
There won't be no way out

They found you guilty of murder
And tried you in the third degree
You tried to tell them you're insane
And think they'd set you free
That's not quite what they had in mind
That's not how it will be
You're going to die and rot in hell
And never be set free

You've been sentenced to die
In the electric chair
Your nails claw into the wood
As sweat pours down from your head
Saliva runs down your neck
You look like a fuking wreck
Your face is turning red
As your eyes pop out of your head

You commmitted a senseless crime
For which there's no excuse
Now they're throwing the book at you
You know you're gonna lose
"Death" will be the sentence
So the verdict stands
There's no more to be said
You'll be taking your last stand

2. Authority's Fuked

We don't believe in your fuked ways
You just fuk us around
Hypocratic stupid fools
You're just a bunch of clowns
We believe in anarchy
And we believe in death
You jerks have screwed the whole world up
It's one big fuking mess

We'll do what we want
We'll say what we will
Authory go get fuked
You're over the fukin' hill

Authority--It fukin' sucks
Authority--Go get fuked
Authority--It fukin' sucks
Authority--Go get fuked!

Now we all think that it's a shame
To play it by your rules
You don't know what's goin' on
You senile bunch of fools

Yes we believe in anarchy
And we believe in death
You jerks have screwed the whole world up
It's one big fukin' mess
We all say go fuk yourself
We won't take it no more
We'll run things the way we want
So use the fukin' door

3. Nuclear Pestilence

Firestorm of scorching heat the earth's a ball of flames
Dying victims tortured screams man has gone insane
Burning flesh drips from your bones fallout fills the skies
Warheads striking instant death your eyes begin to fry

Sirens wail throughout the land the chain reaction starts
Chaotic rage genocide the skies are ripped apart
Poison gases fill the air choke on your last breath
Radiation takes your life slow and painful death

Lifeless corpses rot away regression now complete
Feasting rats devour flesh contaminated meat
Silent death awaits us all survivors die in pain
Extinction waits for all mankind life will not sustain

Prophecy of doom fulfilled destroy the human race
Acid rain pours on your corpse radioactive waste
Barren wasteland stripped of life nothing now is left
Radiation rest in pain this is living death

Ruined cities crumbled to dust
Humanity is dead
Abomination of mankind
Death looms overhead
Apocalyptic devastation
Judgment by his hand
Armageddon planet earth
Technology doomed man
Nuclear Pestilence

4. D.U.I.

I got a fukin' D.U.I.
I got a fukin' D.U.I.
I got a fukin' D.U.I.
I got nailed
They threw me in jail
They threw me in a cell
Thought I was in hell
I got a fukin' D.U.I.

5. Leatherface

Hungry for flesh thirsting for blood
Stranger better beware
Try to escape meet your doom
Leatherface doesn't care
Hung on a meathook cut off your legs
Chainsaw cuts into bone
Screaming for mercy writhing in pain
Sentenced to die alone

Cut into pieces screaming for help
Your blood begins to flow
Losing your mind going insane
Chainsaw consumes your soul
Head on a platter dinner is served
The feast has now begun
Bring on the dressing a potful of blood
Leatherface as won

6. Malicious Hatred

Hate the word don't fukin' care
Kiss their ass I've had my share
Wish I could blow them up
Kill them all they're so corrupt
Burn the sluts at the stake
Build the fire watch them bake
Businessmen shoot 'em dead
Fukin' fools cut off their heads

Throw the cops in the gutter
Mail Reagan a bomb in a letter
Put dynamite up Khadafi's ass
In his mouth some poison gas

Russia sucks commie fags
Ugly bitches sleazy rags
For poser douchbags with spiked up hair
A shampoo bottle filled with nair

Spandex groupies ass so wide
Day of the uzi mass genocide
Everything sucks
Slimebucket of dirt
Malicious Hatred for all the earth

7. Sewer Rat

Living in the sewers eating fuking shit
I'm tired of this way of life I think I'm gonna quit
Begging change from everyone to buy a fukin' meal
All I know how to do anymore is lie and cheat and steal

My face is aging quickly my clothes are torn to shreds
Goodwill said they won't help you 'cause you'd be better off dead
I lost my job, I lost my house, I lost my fukin' car
My wife left me and took the kids now I can't go to far

Sewer Rat--You ain't nothin' but a Sewer Rat
Sewer Rat--You ain't nothin' but a fukin' Sewer Rat

I remember life when I was young and having fun
Now i'm old and poor, can't even afford a stick of gum
I wish I had a dollar or three so I could get smashed
Everybody's telling me I'm a worthless piece of trash

People look at me and say you're just a stupid bum
I wouldn't give you a single cent you worthless, blind and dumb
It wasn't worth a piece of shit to see my life unfurl
I think that I'll just kill myself so long to this cruel world

8. Unite And Kill

Power to the underground scene is rising fast
We gotta stick together if we're going to make it last
Fast and loud it's total death destructive deadly force
Nothing now stands in our way we'll show them no remorse

A surge of total anarchy our forces will unite
We'll slam together killing all to form a violent reich
Skins and punks, deathbangers too together we are one
We won't conform to all their lies our time has now begun

Crush their skulls with power
Rip them apart with speed
Unite and Kill until the death
We stand for anarchy

Aggressive violence reigns supreme we'll kill all those who pose
Sick and tired of spiked up hair and rancid spandex clothes
Your attitudes and ego trips really make us sick
We hate you all and hope you die you narrow minded dicks

Violence will take its course we're gonna make you learn
Crucify all poser fags and watch you fukers burn
Our battalions are now mighty strong we crush those in our way
Devastation by our hands this time you're gonna pay

We thrash forever until the end of reality
No conforming to the laws of our society
Our legions wearing leather with their bullet belts in hand
Deathcore music spreading like a plague across the land

Breaking down the barriers the final scene is here
Our mission is now finally done all posers live in fear
Remember always stick together bonded by your will
The underground now rules the earth we all Unite and Kill


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