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Kiss The Goat

"Kiss The Goat" (2000)

1. Into Their Shadows
2. Suicide Crusade
3. Selfless
4. Abhorrence Contained
5. On Wings of Death
6. Consume Without Cause
7. True Atheist Faith
8. Expelled From Paradise
9. Karnvapen Attack
10. Abandoned Complex

1. Into Their Shadows

Immersed in dark, closed quarters, restrained
where eyes can't see. Succumb all dreams and
yearnings, forged from within deep sleep.
Their tranquil hymns brought comfort,
Engrossed affinity. Your mind's bereft and
dormant, responds to others needs. Blindside,
Collide. Elusive, digress; Laid out to rest.
Reflections, through the looking glass, does
nothing to reveal the heartaches that were
felt, and soon won't disappear. the edifice
feft standing, A hollowed sacrament. Assembled
to dispose, a life filled with regret.
Blindside, Collide.
Drift off into another world, assume it can't
exist. Intuition defies all logic, emulsified
what made sense. Possession, inoxic;
vulnerability, yet blindly moving forward, head on
impetuously, Blindside, Paralyzed.
Desperate, reach for your idols hand, a prayer
to paradise, Concoct hallucination, affirms new
meaning of life. Mirrors had shattered, and
opened up new sores, addictions left immobile,
and locks up the doors.
Your life once theirs; no more.

2. Suicide Crusade

A feeding frenzy of intemperance and vice.
A glutinous rampage and inexceedable heights.
The crutch that's called pleasure was never
so fit. Predestined conclusions that soon
follow it.
Impervious - Reality fortified
Delirious - impulses override
Ignoring al symptoms as idle filled threats.
Which bare no true meaning or severe
Visions have blurred, hate bred with love.
Unable to see a trail left in blood.
Exorcise self conscious with lies.
Burning bridges sever all ties.
Self-affliction and disdain. Repercussions
never made. Exalt self-destruction, addiction
is blind. Transcending the boundries in minimal
time. Crucified by custom, no efforts were made.
A shining example how memories fade.
Awaken death too late to be born again.

3. Selfless

Maligned by self doctrine and hate,
inimical status replaced. Selfless;
Purgatorial conquest sustained emptiness.
Perspectives now blackened with rage,
efforts left jaded and phased. Selfless;
Purgatorial conquest Visions of emptiness.
Hope once lied unto appreciative eyes.
Further loss of intrests, discomfort
and lies. Marred by indifference,
absolve to resolve. Allured with their
poisons, evolve to dissolve. Darkness,
new found in sight. Blinded, disillusion
Inlight. Hypocrisy shadows betrayal;
Vindictive pride. Despondant acts of
reclusion, to wither and die. Selfless;
insurmountable depths. Filled with

4. Abhorrence Contained

Silence impedes, violence increases.
Structured for misery, constructed for pain.
Enshrouded in fear, unable to tame. Despise
all around you, sincerity's fraud.
Complicity's sacred, consoled within god.
Silence impedes, violence self loathing solitude
Disturbed by the confines of which you create.
Snstilled with corruption, paranoia and hate.
Unwillin to wander past the boundaries of home.
Sit still as you wither away alone.

5. On Wings of Death

6. Consume Without Cause

Raised on hopes and dreams that never
cease to be. No more than mere elusive
reveries. Days have turned to years, and
still nothing achieved. As eyesight
becomes blurred, yet somehow self deceive.
That sometime soon all prayers have been
confirmed. Yet always that road will take
another turn. Quick fix solvents;
artificially devour. Prolonged consumption
as taste buds turn sour. Seeds of promise
won't bloom; they died beneath the soil.
Banality has embraced you. constrained to
excess toil. For nothing but glimmers of
rose coloured clarity. Sit idle, eroding;
pursue mediocrity.

Consumewithout true cause
Subdueddysfunctionally flawed
Exhumeburied in grief
Resummisguided beliefs

The ground once fertile with thirst
Is now reduced to dust. Secured within
grasp, morality is all but crushed. Bloated
from sickness, the earth has swallowed whole

7. True Atheist Faith

Shallow existence laid out since birth
Acumulative waste reflects your true worth
Self righteous destruction and moral conviction
Of pious owned merit and benevolent extinction

To a world you hate kill all that's living
By taking, not giving devourer all by fate.

A creed based on dominance and selfish demise
Emaciated fortunes and prophetic lies

Abandon your dreams tainted short visions
Rears biased owned wisdoms and false prudent

Allegiance is pledged. Ruthless motives
ensconced in your head
Never know when-to-say-"When!"

Inseminated world of synthetic icons
New breed of deities, for the old have all gone
Faith is restored through indulgence and greed
Hope springs eternal for those who believe -
And praise, consume: purchase in passing
For the everlasting or seek imminent doom
White-washed and branded, vulnerability is bare
Conversion is easy when nobody cares
Renounce your god; no fortunes will prosper
And nothing to offer your dogma is fraud!

8. Expelled From Paradise

Somnambulist journey unto the foreground
that's been trampled by a myriad of clones
Who share your minimalist existence, that
denies to address a so called purpose
Unveiling emptiness; Simplistic; charade.
So banal no one dares to escape. Awake the
demons that were sent to protect you from
drowning. Into a shallow oblivion, ride
the waves of nausea. Resurrect a quagmire
of instability and stripped bare. Harsh
sobriety, fractured utopia left suceptible
that nothing's there. No going back to your
heaven of fools as memories fade, so will you.
Long lost alliance, ignoring all ties, expelled
from paradise. Ties that bind; Fade in time.

9. Karnvapen Attack

10. Abandoned Complex

Bask in the sewage, of predeceased dreams
Downtrodden fortunes, no chance to redeem
Hopeless, haphazard inefficient and weak
Bastard of failure, doomed to repeat.
Admonish inside; Demolished inside.
Lineage of blood is Decimated
State of being, Dilapidated
Self assurance no desecrated
Wade in torpid resignation.
Lost indecisive, Recount to recoil
Burn your ambitions, erode your own soil
Long for remittance, scavenger of faith
Hardships are many, another mistake.
Plagued with fear and consternation
Empty hopes no reclamation
Refuse to seek evacuation... Your complex
Sanctity cracks, your left in ruins
Sanity cracks, your left in ruins!!


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