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"Athanasia" (2003)

1. Prelude
2. Visions of a Dying Sun
3. The Flight from the Southern Wastelands
4. Ensconce the Beauty of Eons
5. Upon Her Return
6. Bloodsoaked Wings
7. Tempest Beckoning
8. Remember
9. Terminus

1. Prelude

Residual memories of a life months enveloped by stranger coasts
The haze of the blood lights of the north glimmer in remembrance of my lost beauty
An atmospheric phenomenon cast down mockingly by my gods, the gods that I curse
And the gods that I praise
An equilibrium born in joy and lost in tears
My love, return to me not as the Aurora
For she offers me not the permanence of your warmth, only a fleeting glance
Of unequaled radiance across the frostbitten horizon

2. Visions of a Dying Sun

Upon a crag of pouring dusk
Gazing at the death of our sun
Inhaling sanguinious skies
And at once I felt complete

The splendour of misery was extinguished
Unforgotten perplexions of years once shrouded in sunbirth mist
Carried away by the cleansing tide of our unity
Embracing the sunset as one in this unconscious portent

On a journey through an unknown expanse
This path yet untread, by the North Star led
To my home in the north where the white birch are bled

3. The Flight from the Southern Wastelands

The aura of sanctified flesh bathes my face
A fleeting kiss of farewell (if only I had known?)
Across the breathless earth she strides
The amethyst field of fireweed at peak of bloom
What windswept auburn hair trailing in her midst

A journey from the southern wastelands led me here
She had appeared silhouetting a horizon of flame in my dream
An insatiable desire for a being so perfect
From the straths of coastal rivers to the towering continental peaks
Through the perpetual mists of fir along the great western ocean
The North Star and I never faltered

At long last, I have reached closure
She my unction for timeless years of untold anguish
Never have I experienced such a desire to continue
Never had I cared to live until now

4. Ensconce the Beauty of Eons

Many months have passed since my arrival in the north
I have witnessed autumn's colour bled from the leaves and ground
Hues of life are now replaced by the shades of winter bleakness
We clamor for warmth, together melting in our wooded haven sublime

All life suspended in ice
Freedom ungranted by the flame of the closest star

Spectral visions of crimson permeate consciousness
My fever peaked, and I arose from the crystalized earth to find her gone
The peals of thunder along the endless sky harboured a prophetic song
An essence in the wind led in a direction unbeknownst to myself

A prayer to benevolent gods I utter
Ensconce the beauty of eons within your whispering arms
During this spell all life is suspended in ice
The rays of the closest star are shrouded by the welkin

5. Upon Her Return

One beautiful sound traverses the fading atmosphereDrawn to incessant tearsCalling me to step from the brink of chaosAs wanderlust grips my soul
And I have lost my way
And with unprecedented clarity,I see the error of his waysWhen?
When will this life revisitThat essential transformation,The primary drive of existence?When will this life revisit worth?When?

6. Bloodsoaked Wings

I peer at my wingless simulacrum in flesh
She is ignorant of her impending fate in this frost
Boreas whispers of my impending fate in these heavens

Misguided footsteps mark the path that he will follow
The treeline beckons me to the circle of life
Fear ushers silence from her supple lips
A last forlorn plea to her gods cannot help her (or me)
The creatures of Luna have found their sustenance on this winter's eve

Asunder she is torn, asunder I am torn
Her wounds I receive with an inhuman indignation
Her pain I suffer tenfold
These bloodsoaked wings cannot loft me any longer

This destiny faced on a arctic grey sky
My last look at the beauty that is the northern earth
A glimpse at the tattered remnants of my pride
Lost eternally for the pale flesh I so loathed
Drifting with the snow to the hoarfrost belowIn a macabre dance of beauty

Her wounds she received with disgust
Her pain she suffered tenfold

7. Tempest Beckoning

Forever tears fall from the heavens like the violent ebullition of the tempest
Coalescing with the tears that fall from thawing eyes
The tempest is beckoning me to bear witness to pure tragedy
A request by my gods that cannot be denied

On the dark wintry sky her fate is now written
Under the wings of thunder I now cry
A sadistic red beauty
Outlines her body lithe

No longer have I the fortitude of her strength
Nor the youthful caress of divine pale beauty
In the depths of winter I abandoned the creature that made me complete
Under this heavenly expanse of cosmic tapestry
I hereby relinquish my spirit to the wind
To the earth
To my gods
To eternity

8. Remember

She had flashburned my soul
With the deepest eyes of dead earth
And left me longing for more than a glance
I was left in the arms of a midwinter's evening
With naught but the wind as my companion

Faithlessness was the harbinger
I shall ascend the boundaries of heaven
None shall weep with my passing
The only lamented shred of existence
Is that nobody will remember

9. Terminus


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