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Perfect Crime

"Perfect Crime" (2005 Demo)

1. Rise of the Dawn
2. Maybe Next Time
3. Perfect Crime
4. Time has Come

1. Rise of the Dawn

Filled our cups with pain
All my love is in vain
Our ending stands by the way
By the fields of gold
To the greyness of cold
We're still on the road
Wait another day
All I need is to pray
To pray for the future gone
With a heart of stone
I've been fighting alone
I'm longing for home

All my life I've been waiting for you
But no longer I'll be so blind
Carry my spirit away
It's time for a rise

Tonight my eyes are open wide
And for eternity
Live for the moment
Leavin' my past behind
To watch the rise
The rise of the dawn

Rule my golden age
Slave my heart in a cage
Darkness is calling you
No more time to waste
I've been payin' for the rest
Payin' for the rest

2. Maybe Next Time

Eye for an eye
You’ve been the one to save my life
Now a witness of a crime
I’m wasting time
It’s not to late
‘cause I have got to find a way
To get soon out of the waves
To get away

Gone through the lines
With my hands to the sky
Now I want dream for a while

I see my mind’s falling down
Like an overflowing cry
Filled with teardrops from the sky, lady
You say my heart’s blown away
From the cradle to the grave
By the loneliness of pain, maybe

Maybe one day
When we’ll be taken by surprise
By the rumours of the night
We’ll find a light
Maybe next time
I’ll be the saviour of our kind
Of a world you call sublime
But it’s a lie

I can’t be near you
But I can’t stay without you
The smell of your life
Makes me strong
While the world falls down

3. Perfect Crime

Cannot stop the fever burning in our mind
World is yours today
Everytime I need you, will be right on time
Can’t you see it in my eyes
Walking on the edge of fire
Hear my anger screaming
See all the angels on the other side
Will not fall again
Everything will drop on, you’ll be by my side
Do you feel it in my words
Searching shadows on the wall
See my hate exploding

I hear your calling
I can’t stop crawling
‘Cause it means a waste of time
Deceit is my delight
This weird sensation
Of dark affection
In a moment has become my perfect crime
Holds ‘round and ‘round

In your arms
My soul lies
Let’s make this happen here today
Before the daylight's coming
For your lies
My heart dies
The more I reach, the more I take
Let’s make this be our getaway

Callin’ out the devil now is in my head
Don’t belong to you
Take me to the river where my heart is up to rule
I believe my force inside
Is more then just a fadin’ night
See my love mistreated

4. Time has Come

Days I’ve spent away from home
Days that I’ll give back to you
Fire across the liar sea
My day is just begun
In the haven of my mind
I’m free and so’s my pride again
We’ll see, see the day unfold
Anytime you want

Silver from my eyes is all that I can see
Everything in my life’s wasted
Everyday the sun I’m waiting

Oh! I’m afraid but I have to go that way
Tryin’ hard to be safe
‘Cause tomorrow never waits

Listen to the voices from down under
Time has come to break the chains of life
I have seen the rising
Of a crossroad that led
My spirit out of hell

Hell…point of no return
Take me in your arms again
Hear echo of my name
A thousand miles away
Taste, taste of blackened souls
I’m headin’ for that door again
Time has come to say goodbye
To all those broken lies


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