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Turn Into A Man

"Turn Into A Man" (2003)

1. Turn Into A Man
2. Cancer Of Will
3. Deep-Dyed Tracks
4. Symbol of Salvation
5. Dream Work
7. I Help The Truth To Born
8. Perfection Tame
9. Unfeignet Fear
10. Shambles Remix 6376
11. Of Side

1. Turn Into A Man

A new morning changes dream
rays of the sun to the lattice
a statement of the world-four walls
Truth that screams by repulsive sorrow
why they had to been,
where you have been
they could survive your lust.

Innocent children don´t know the world
they are ravens sweared into the walls
by mirror that reflects blood
you paid attempts to wake up a regret
your effort tends to in the only
to turn the time.

Pictures noble by flash of knife
above bodie of ripped up corpses
capture your resigned conscience
you ripped them up to pieces, they rape you now
they want a revenge, why should you live?
they maltreat you in front of jury´s sentence
they know, you don´t find quiet.

They are ravens carring a cross of madness
a request about the worst revenge.
Looks of the mourners tear your skin
fists to the blood in spasms
pass sentence, by the mistake of justice.

In their dust
and listen to laments of a night
your promises appeals for life
with which you amuse revengefull ones
flowing from mouth of optimists
breaking stick above possibility
to change you in a human.

2. Cancer Of Will

A walk through the hall
where they laugh at anything
convex eyes to the emptiness
the door there, where they aren´t
conversationt with people
who have never been
pavilion of the monstums
and scream from psychiatry
finally to believe
that it goes when the body is heavy
tinge-expiration a longing to stand up
late, you don´t manage to live.

A cancer of will-points which could lead
somewhere else
fucking life-fucking dying

Howing of the sirens
and nurse´s fast move
violent light from the hall
by a sound of lifts
a thirst that etchs bowels

Acoustic and luminous alarm
by the change your condition
screams to the night

You don´t inspect veins
on ragged mattress
filing by blood.

A cancer of will- purulent calfs after dirty needles
compress, ease the pulse has changed in a dream.

3. Deep-Dyed Tracks

ou have written a theme
for this movie
They´ve carried you from the places
where concreted walls a small souls
jackals found you
and took to pieces a child with unwashed needle
you conjure tomorrow´s moods
a suicide in a pain
that change in the only
to tread heroin.

You dance to the night
and the world is cool
you agitate crowd, admired of gang
air don´t smell of hash anymore
a child so in belongs to carcass

Greasy hair in a face
cramps are repeated
you turn round the street
like a rank shit
sucking cocks a dirty uncles
who rattle small change
on another drug
your foots are deep-dyed
to the pavement for the ages.

Fourteen candles of festivecake
you hardly blow down
when you don´t take your breathe shine
it is sweat and your child´s eyes
but with another mouthful you vomit the world

Abandon figure
maybe contracted by chain
remember youth, which left yesterday
abused old woman
with child´s face
crying over death
of pubertal old men puberty
living for the only to rid off someway
prefabricated devils.

4. Symbol of Salvation

A fiery rain burnt all
you called a land for hundreds of years
flashes from today´s black sky
Illuminate a waste land-flooded with blood
crying mothers - are devoted only to you
from hate they threaten to the heavens.

The almighty who forgot on you
today hasn´t a visit day.

Why did they ask you, lord
the proud warriours in the war for your order
poor sheep atomized in the time
in a pleasent assistance
of victorious nations
They decay in their collective graves.

An atomic scythe hurled down your cross
from worshiped buildings remained only shadow

A sick herd of irradiated rats
don´t scream „Intercede for us“ a long time ago
they´re waiting for last supply of infication extinct foods
on porch pegging out
it´s too late to rid of fanaticism

Burn mouth already don´t scream
last words of needless prayers.

Where have you been, when they pulled your weights
They asked for help the symbols of savation
The disrupted carcasses below the belts of machines
they believed in awakening the mercy
they staring to the sky
from which rained the hundreds of atomic absolutions.

5. Dream Work

You wanted more, you wanted to go there
where mountains are opened
but cunt is changed in golden mine
with intellect of animal provocative expression
a dog on sports ground learned by whip
a stroke to the face, which can´t anything
in rank mattress rotten filth
changed promised hollywood.

I can see you in scraps
in dirty tallons
buzzed and abused
selled for a shit
beatten and used.

A cure from chronic laziness
swallowing the seed filthy deviants
you haven´t anything, not even honour
you gave it with credentials
to nice uncle who will take care
to prince who will bring you to the heaven
four for vomited table
turkish Leonardo
who fucks your ass
he forgot about laws of gentlemen.


Near to devastation
losing all my patience
cannot make this kit fly
muscular contraction
out for satisfaction
mere intoxication
from down under.

Faster, much faster.
Deeper, much deeper.

Headless - pulling the machine down
coming to the low sound
feeling like a real man
flesh and blood and thunder.

Faster, much faster.
Deeper, much deeper.

Trembling wheel in cold hand
not a human speed disaster
on thru the void I cust´er
of my intimate machine.

Nightride, it´s nightride
try to catch my tail lights
so sad, I´m so sad,
but you won´t ever
suck my steel bride
I´m a steel tormentor
and I speed ´round

Faster, much faster.
Deeper, much deeper.

7. I Help The Truth To Born

Through your instructions I perceive a reality
can I agree still with my own suffering?
I help the truth to come into the world
I can recognize myself in birth throes
dirty hands touch a foetus
Father´s pleasure is great

The first contact with the world
I don´t dare to look at you, I am too much cowardly
the feeling of well achieved work didn´t show up.
I got a right
to dispose of my life according to my consideration
I have already decided!

A bullet honours a brain its visit
senses escape a hole in a head
I won´t see the sun tomorrow
in last years it didn´t shine as once
I saw it, it made a strange face
It hasn´t pleasure from my coming strange?!

March under tunnel didn´t do
I have been waiting for it , it can rid me of fear
I close my conscience ahead of public
sterilized thinking engendered a poor man
it was right decision
finally the first right decision.

8. Perfection Tame

She became a part of my thought
Perfectly gained control of my brain
I can´t give it back
I´m too far, I cross over threshold.

Longing became unbearable
feeling of death overcame all
love hysteria in my head
I´m looking for answers at her side.

I confess, I became her slave
Perfectly tamed I will realize every her wish
She doesn´t love me, but I her do
In love embrace I´m dying for her.

We play a strange game of pain
still fleeced
I´m longing and she is smiling
she is aware of where she can go beyond.

I still wish to finish it
and still wish to go it on
Confused ideas march to an abyss
I need a help to overpower it

I can´t make it myself
there are things I can´t understand
I ask her for liberation
and she: Endless suffering.

9. Unfeignet Fear

You swore to sky by grey morning
the sirens scream for alarm
for sharp symphonies of sullets
beneath a force of steel fists.
The walls crackled and fountains
of fear flown away.
They splash your clothing sticked
by your sweat grotesque
- the scene didn´t find an applause.

Welcome to the garted of meat
grinding by the machine-guns
the meat in which you dance solo
Welcome to the kingdom of cripples
confused by splinters
the cripples who became crazy for admiration.

You have seen a house -stable
for the first appearance
it dispersed on pieces of useless dust
from the whole property remains the only
this rotten cellar
the children groaned here around
who played here in the park.

Having no anticipation that of power,
storm of war.
You got deaf of fear
you got blind of horror
you got blunt of belief
you saw to die what is immortal.

The dust turned round and itched your lungs
troat covering of fear.
Crash of machine - guns
falls of outlines
they killed for a place for a shelter.

Like greasy spots of war
flew their parts by air
you could feel how they
decayed on your face.

10. Shambles Remix 6376

11. Of Side


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