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Shambles Of Mind

"Shambles Of Mind" (2000 Demo)

1. Intro
2. The Way To Draw Attention
3. Voices From The Paradise
4. Crippled Souls
5. Promise Of Pain
6. Battle II
7. The Center Of Epidemic
8. Shambles Of Mind - bonus

1. Intro

2. The Way To Draw Attention

They are dying for your pleasure
the lighting in the fog, youíre getting a human being
the stampings in the far, nirvana of the pleasure
the crowd behind the hero starting to count
shiny blurs on the walls.
You are a saviour of humanity
the machine getting blood of the innocent
thereís to clap on the shoulders
left you managed to kill,
weíre members of your club
youíre the king, you can come between us
respected humanists.

The lord of the cult without scruple
is getting mad and doing fun for everybody arround
the hunger after your bullet thatís what we want
the aversion.

They are crying, they are on their knees
they are vibrating of the templation
the todayís age is getting oportunities
to become famous televisionís entertainer
to be darling of the black notes

To get the smoke from the hot barret
the madness you have made note for everlasting
the weak horse died without fame
by stronger pursued your success to the skyes
they are waiting for another reason for scandal.

Orgasm over rotten corpse
record that! itís will be a show
we hack monument - not for victim
they are pay us for see die
aim is calm you before sleeping.

3. Voices From The Paradise

I am your lord
I am what you want
I am unpicking you in the pieces
to make you langhting
Come and live with me
as I want you to live
Pray to us
to make yourself standing up.
The trips to the paradise
I let you touch
there, at the end of border of the dreams
I am your victory
Stop to look for the end
I am the merciful
a picture of your addiction to drugs
a victim of my friendship.

The last fly
I know you want it so much
Come with me in the bright of the stars
Where the servants are welcoming you
Iím your God
I get your conscience
So do not be afraid of shadows
They have all pleasures.

You do not know how go on in madness
So ask me
I help you and get right
your crying face
Come to bottom of a pit of a loneliness
where we find life
stroke his stalks
Iím writing a script for your dreaming book.

Get away your will to stop
that unnecessary thing
the extase of unknowing
what can amaze their world
Scream to your morning
modest pleasure
Iím able to accoplish everything
what you want
watering a flower is enough.

4. Crippled Souls

The modern resignation of consciousness
The funny symposium of unthinkables
The dire for enslaving of mind
The aim today Ė hideous personality.

The fanatic of childrenís trust
get away the rest of present intellect.

The crowded madness without limits
The murder in name of unknown
getting soul away for mercy of alternative doctor
The given life over in name of the duller.
The reference to crowded subject
thousands of humiliating controling sheeps
The exhumation of primeval orders
The hatred hided with love.

The sensitive rubbishes of superior lords
who gets the germ of madness of the time.

The denying of real things
The denying from real life.

5. Promise Of Pain

The shadows of terror are dancig
in darkness of the white walls
To forget in the way
between life and death
I can hear ravens far away
They scream with helpless
to help me to leave.
Convited person in hope
that she will come soon
teribble pains
and their getting over
The hope in a victory
leave the world behind
what hurts and stays.

Without moving
get close down in superfluos box
vained requests
to persons in white dresses
The screams to vacuu
The silenz lips are desire
to get apparatus off.

The figures, who are close to mine
are behive me
To stop my suffering
are my last words
Give them the possibility
get pale faces away
leave in their oblivion.

6. Battle II

7. The Center Of Epidemic

Get damaged flower off
Bacteriums ignoring pills
Scream in the street tainted infection
Bodie leaved to fate of rotting
Panic fear to touch death people.
The polemics of world intelligence
about tops of food chain
Donít be threaten of primal generation
be caten with microscoping virus.

The desire to escape behid border of death
is global extension of infection
Resdution of bowels of cripples
is mirror of the future of blue planet.

Preventing of extension of infection
is massive attack these infections by virus
Wipping off habits certifed metods
Smell of firing crowded graves.

The reward for ignoration of immunity of laws
Ridicule to calculations about world ending
Biological murder of yourself of the main creature
Get damaged in name of vaniters in black blood.

8. Shambles Of Mind - bonus


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