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Tales of Sorrow

"Tales of Sorrow" (2003 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Day of Reckoning
3. It's only a Dream
4. I hate my Life
5. Dracula
6. Life after Death
7. Biker
8. Angel of my Heart
9. Eternal War
10. The old Voices
11. At Night

1. Intro

2. Day of Reckoning

I always stand
behind you
I'm your shadow
I follow you
I'm the sin
I'm your judge
you'll forget all
with one touch.

I'm the darkness
I live in hell
you must obey
just with a spell
I'm your sorrow
I'm your misery
I will kill you
you can't flee.

Everyone knows me
but no one has seen me
everyone fears me
no one can stop me


I'm a beast
I'm a king
I'm the poison
I'm the sting
you ignore me
but you are my slaves
you can't escape
not even in deep caves

I'm a rat
I'm the plague
I'm your death
I'm your blade
I'm your misfortune
I'm your hate
you can't oppose
it's too late

You are the next ones
on my blacklist
Your black souls are mine

You know me
You damn fool
You belong to me
You are my tool.
Hail me
or say goodbye
do what I say
or you must die.

Day of reckoning will come!!!

3. It's only a Dream

4. I hate my Life

All I can feel is madness
my heart is full of sadness
But no one cares!

My life is a nightmare
I can't sleep from despair!
I'm broken down and I cry
I'm not afraid to die!

No improvement in sight
I just wanna hide!
I'm so all alone
What do I own?



I'm nothing
I'm a fool
My life is aimless
My life is cruel!
No joy, no friends,
no love, no luck
Why do I feel so rotten

No laughter, no smile
for quite a long while
My life is just a lie
I wanna die!

This is the end!!!


So many dreams
so far away!
Fuck off God!
I hate to pray!
So many dreams
so far away!
Fuck off God!
I will never pray!

Who am I?
Why am I here?
Who am I?
Why do I live?

What's the meaning of my life?
I don't know that!
Nobody knows that!
??? Why ???
What's the meaning of my life?
Who knows the answer?
I need the answer!
!!! Or I die !!!

Am Schluss:
!!! I hate my life !!!

5. Dracula

He's the king of darkness
and the time of the children
from the dark forests
is also his time.
He's a shadow
in a full moon night
when you sleep he awakes in his casket
the master of fright.


Many sagas about the king of vampires
but who knows the truth about him?
The lust for blood
drives him into intoxication.
He tries to get his victim
a beautiful girl
who will also become a vampire
after the thrill of his bite.


through the eternal night
with every bite
he gets more might.
In a castle
far from humans life
he lives alone but the children of the night
make him satisfied.
Unholy wisdom,
eternal damnation
pain, pain, pain
no way out
Midnight is the time of his lust
where the shadows begin to live
and all christians creep inside their homes.
No one will stop it at all!

Taste the sin on your tongue and lips
then you will know what he needs: Blood
Broken mirrors pay his way
the moments in darkness gave him pleasure
Dracula the king of darkness
immortal blackness, endless pain!!!

Forbidden but...

6. Life after Death

7. Biker

I'm going outside
sitting on my bike
doing what I really like
ready to ride.

the engine is running
the tyres are squealing
what a great feeling.

See the burning trail behind me
feel the wind, feel the speed
I feel immortal, I feel free
that is all I need.

Feel the power of the engine
see the fire coming out of the exhaust pipe
I was born on the road
I was born to ride.

I swear the oath:

My bike is my babe
the road is my home
this is my life
I'm the master of my own

I'm a fighter
I'm rider
I'm a biker

8. Angel of my Heart

I'm sitting here
far away from you
What are you doing?
This painful feeling is new!

Not a day went by
and I miss you
as if I haven�t seen you
for so many years.
I'm looking outside
the sun is shining
but my heart is crying
a thousand tears.

Why isn't it raining?


My carrier pigeons
are on their way to tell you
how sad I am
and how much I miss you!

I think of the time
I'm gonna be away
I've got
no other choice.
I wanna sleep
and even wake up
when I hear
your lovely voice.

Why didn't I ask you for a


Why didn't I kiss you
before I went away?

The clouds and birds
fly in the same direction
in your direction
I hope they find you.
Give them your smile
and send them back
so that
I won't forget you!

Angel, angel of my heart
Angel, angel
Angel, angel of my heart
Angel, angel
Angel of my heart
Angel of my heart

9. Eternal War

Since the beginning of time
the powers of light
and the powers of darkness
have fought against each other.
At the end of all days
there can be only one
who will win and will get
the whole creation.

The eternal war
the big conflict between the two powers.
The eternal war
the fields are covered
with the ashes of the fallen warriors
the morning plunges into darkness.

There is only one aim:
�to win the war�
Angels of war are brave
and they serve their god
it's a holy war
for the god believers
and all together hope for forgiveness
to fulfill their life.

The eternal war
the big conflict between the two powers.
The eternal war
the towns are burning
the sky is filled with the ashes
of the dying ones.

The demons of evil
sacrifice the believers
to get the power of the bright side
and Lucifer is the king
of the big conflict.
In space and time.
The mourning world
feels the pain of a loser

The eternal war
the big conflict between the two powers.
The eternal war
the losers are burning on the battlefield
now they can serve
their fucking god.

10. The old Voices

Standing in an old cupboard
inside the old walls of a museum.
With their old faces
they look like mystical shapes
behind their pane
they aren't alive you think
but when all people are gone
they begin to live
playing old songs from an old age
they are all bards
from the distant forest.
Haze hangs in the wood
and all the glamorous melodies
are echos in the dark.
Black creatures behind the trees
they are all coming
to hear the bards� singing.


See the bards sitting round in a circle
far away
singing songs from a world far beyond
All the dreams returned to the night
with the songs from the old voices
cruel voices whisper their names
shadows are rising through the night
and spread fear and fright
but have no fear
listen to the songs
of the bards


Through the night
to a secret place
we follow them
a journey through space
to a world of trolls and gnomes
a world of phantasy
Can you hear them singing
with their old rough voices?
They are like candles of the forest
the wind blows out their flames
and takes them back home
when people return to see them
they are just dusty old figures,
without any meaning
left alone, dead,
no feelings.

Do you know the place
where the old men singing
the old voices are whispering
in the wind from far away.
Nobody pays
attention to them
and the moon is standing high
in the dark sky.
The old voices
hear them singing
deep in the heart
of the forest.

And only their songs will remain.

11. At Night


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