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Disease called Mankind

"Disease called Mankind" (2006)

1. Intro
2. To a Failure
3. Traitor
4. God is dead
5. Lamagra
6. Dem Todgeweihten
7. Through Life and Death
8. Lies
9. Disease called Mankind
10. The Bomb
11. Outro

1. Intro

2. To a Failure

I trusted you
But you deceived me
I don't believe in you anymore
Where are you when I need you?
I just see a closed door
So many times
I prayed to you
But you didn't care
When I cried.
I never felt
That you were there
So I banish you
From my heart inside

Creep away!
Hide away!
We don't need you!
We don't know you!
Creep away!
Hide away!
We don't need you motherfucker!
We don't know you motherfucker!

I see wars and hungry children
So many people die
But you keep closed your eyes
Now I know
I realized
All the words of the bible
Are fucking lies!

Why shall I believe in something
Which hasn't been here
For so many years?
Why shall I believe in someone
Who ignores our fears

Creep away...

3. Traitor

You left me behind
In sorrow and pain
Now I'll hunt for you
And you'll cling to your life in vain
You destroyed my life
Now you are under my spell
You deceived me
Now I'll let you down as well

You don't deserve to be trusted
You don't deserve to be called a friend
Before I will believe in you
I will hack off my hand
I'll bring disaster upon you
You will die a thousand deaths
I will curse you
Soon you'll do your last breath

Go to the devil!
Go to hell!
I hate you!
You damn traitor!
Die motherfucker!
I'll give you hell!
Fuck you!
You damn traitor!

Run as fast as you can
I'll catch you anyway
You will lie at my feet
And I'll make you pay
You'll go down on bended knees to me
And you will beg
But I will be cold as ice
And I will break your neck

You make me want to puke
You make me sick and mad
You don't exist as far as I'm concerned
You might as well be dead
If your existence is dear to you
Then never turn your back on me
I'll burn down all your houses
I'll be your end you'll see!!!

Go to the devil�

4. God is dead

5. Lamagra

It's written
in bloody letters
on the skin of humans
that he will come.
When the time is right
he will appear
and the world
will never be the same again.


The spirit of the twelve
with their clear blood
to wake up the one
who slept so long
3000 years.
He will show us
the way into darkness
where the souls
of the others will die.


The daywalker's blood
will be the key
to wake him up
to set him free.
Speak the words
call them loud
the time has come
lead us now!


He will come
he will win
to rule as our king.
Horror and fear
you should feel!
Your pain, yes it's real!

He will come
he will come
The bloodgod of vampires

He will come
he will come
The Demon of darkness

And the blood will run out in rivers
to soak them all

6. Dem Todgeweihten

Getäuscht, verarscht, belogen,
hintergangen und betrogen.

Mein Herz zerquetscht in deinen Händen
ein Traum, zerbrochen wie aus Glas
verloren, was so viel bedeutet
Gefühle, zerrissen wie totes Aas.

Niemals werd ich dir vergeben
nicht einmal in 1000 Leben.

Einst warst du einmal mein/ein Freund
Freunde lässt man nicht im Stich
ich bin so enttäuscht von dir
und ich scheiß auf dich!


Deine langen Haare brennen
jetzt lernst du mich (erst) richtig kennen!

Nadeln stech ich in deine Augen
blende dich mit goldner Glut
keiner hört hier deine Schreie
trösten kann mich nur dein Blut!

Dir fällt das Lachen aus dem Gesicht
wenn es unter meinem Stiefel zerbricht

Deine Qual ist mein Vergnügen
Jetzt spürst du endlich meinen Schmerz
splitternd brechen deine Knochen
genauso wie einst mein Herz.


Ich spüre wie mein Hass dich frisst
Mitleid, weiß nicht was das ist!

Mein Messer dringt tief in dein Fleisch
Es tiefe Schluchten in dich zieht
dein Blut es schießt aus allen Löchern
bis dein Leben von dir flieht!

ich hasse dich
mein Fluch kommt über dich!
Stich um Stich
dringt mein Stahl in dich!

Dem Todgeweihten sei gesagt:
Du zahlst deine Schuld mit Blut!!!

7. Through Life and Death

Lonely streets
Never ending
On the road to nowhere
Always searching
for you
But you are not there
but where!?

Wasted time
Too many fears
I have been wasting
so many (fucking) years!


Where to search?
Where to find?
I am lost in despair
Haven't seen you
but I remember you
and I know you're there
I can feel you (so close)!
so close�so close�so close)

In my eyes
a thousand tears
My heart has been crying
for so many (fucking) years


I'm (so) afraid
to meet my fait
I feel my growing hate
(I'm sorry) it's too late

Dying from a bleeding heart
Dying from a broken heart

My heart is crying
My heart is dying
I take my very last breath
I'm crying
I'm dying
I follow you through life and death

8. Lies

The warmth
Of their hearts died
A long, long time ago
Turned into dark, dark night
The smile on their faces
Went away
This world is full of evil
No reason to stay

They are people
Who kill each other
And even
Their own brother.
They kidnap and rape little children
But those aren't long in jail
They come out, you think they are healed
But then they fail

They snatch
They snatch
Others' life
They snatch
They snatch
Others' life�

My heart cries
All I see are tears in my eyes
The world would be so nice
But there are only lies!!!...

They snatch�

My heart cries�

Wars kill thousands of thousands
Blood lies on the ground
Can you hear the victims' cries
But no one notices that agonizing sound
You can't trust
Anyone anywhere. Anymore
Everywhere you look
There is cruel war

They cheat, injure,
Hurt and kill
They didn't recognize others� will
Racism, rape, drugs and crime
The evil has reigned the world
Since the beginning of time�

They snatch�

My heart cries�

9. Disease called Mankind

Your only aim
Is a good stroke of business
That's the only thing you wanna see
All what you do
Requires consideration
Nothing is free!

You're just interested
In your own weal and wealth
While people are dying
Right next to you.
You close your eyes
You're too blind to see
That the one who's dying
Could be you

Mankind you're lost
you are declining
You are wanted
Dead or alive
You fucking fools
you kill the host
that gives you life

There are no friends
Just enemies
Misuse of trust
No trust just distrust.
You fall in love
With little children
To satisfy
Your carnal lust

You color the world
Just not to see
That she is dying
You lie to yourselves
And you're still denying the truth:
That you are slowly dying with her!

Mankind you're lost�

You mess around, you muck around
You take the piss out of me
You exploit, defraud and lie
You cheat and betray

You all deserve to be terminated
You destroy, kill and crusade
You all deserve to be eradicated
I wanna leave you to your fucking fate

A hell filled with billions of devils!
The earth is sick, seized with a disease
Called mankind�

10. The Bomb

Billions of years!
Billions of tears!

Just illusion
Once blessing
Now just confusion.
Activated and armed
It's too late
The time is running short
Now you�ll meet your fate

Time will come!
Your end is near!

Doomed to destroy yourselves
You deserve a thousand hells
I will laugh at you
You don't deserve anything else!...

Look into the flash
If you wanna get blind
At least you can't see the fire
That is the end of the whole of mankind
The mushroom cloud
Is growing high
Shock waves are rushing up
Soon you will die!

I can see you burning!

Doomed to destroy yourselves�

So easy
Just one command
What once was green
Now is desert land
Explosion and destruction
To blot out life forever
Never restorable forever and ever

End of all existence!
End of all life!

Billions of years!
Billions of tears!

Doomed to destroy yourselves�

11. Outro


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