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The Ultimate Destroyer

"The Ultimate Destroyer" (2006)

1. Juggernaut of Metal
2. Behead the Gorgon
3. The Ultimate Destroyer
4. Lord of Butchery
5. Grisly Hound of the Pit
6. Cannibal Massacre
7. Horror
8. Engorged With Unborn Gore
9. The Hydra Coils Upon This Wicked Mountain

1. Juggernaut of Metal

Stand on this hill
My will as law
For meat I kill

Hear demons sing
Bathe yourself in
Blood of the king

Forged metal, from fires of the hearth
Hades hammer, pounds the Earth
Keep my steel, at my side
And my enemies, skinned alive

Bash your brains out
Eat your entrails
Impale your torso

Abrupt of emotion
The Lord of thunder
Son of the ocean

I grip my sword
And advance upon the keep
Sneak upon the resting king
And spill his blood while he sleeps
Juggernaut of metal!!!
Juggernaut of metal!!!

2. Behead the Gorgon

She was a beautiful maiden
Until she lay in the goddess shrine
Athens swore revenge on Medusa
With repugnant tusks of a swine

Locks of snakes drape over her head
Brazen hands and golden wings
Demoness of the grotesque

Into her grave, you feel it in your being, you slave
Eternal pain, your essence fades away, today!

War starved gorgons
Serving death to all
Perseus shall be slayer
Her head will fall...down

Laying waste to the countryside
No living thing can behold her stare
See your last breath in her eyes
Men of stone adorn her lair


3. The Ultimate Destroyer

Altar of devouring fire,
Prepare the rites of Lethe,
Drench the ground below you now,
With the blood of sheep,

Accept these sacred rites tonight,
From your throne of pain,
I summon the ghost of doom,
Where the darkness reigns,

Behold, Magnanimous, The Ultimate Destroyer
Grant me, Avengement and Ghastly Death!!!

Beat upon the ground again,
Scream into my hands,
Call upon the God of Death,
Rise up from your black abyss,

Earth divides beneath my feet,
Smoke begins to swirl about,
Hear the howl of cursed men,
Demons all surround me now,

Behold, Magnanimous, The Ultimate Destroyer
Grant me, Avengement and Ghastly Death!!!

Master Hades, all pale and all enthroned,
Bequest upon, revenge to all my foes,
They shamed my home, during last winters hunt,
Murdered my son, and sliced up my wife’s cunt...

I will live my days for you,
Servant at your feet,
Grant me retribution now,
Slay their precious families,

If thou ever wrought an archfiend,
Monsters fierce and foul of smell,
Bring some gruesome horror forth,
That the sky never beheld,


4. Lord of Butchery

Wrath begat this deformed child
Spawn of witchery
Poseidon enchants Pasiphae
Into bestiality

Head of bull, and frame of man
Shame the family
Carnal rage consumes my mind
Kill everybody!!!


Terror spreads across the land
Corpses line the streets
Mutilate all in my sight
Lord of butchery!

5. Grisly Hound of the Pit

A yawning cave, dark and endless
Swelling barks of frenzied rage
Warder of the gates of Hades
Jailer of the dead

In the shadowed gulf of doom
Beware the cursed Cerberos
Dreaded hound who has no pity
Lies in wait and eats them up
Shakes the ends of the Earth
With barks from his three throats
Bristling snakes upon his necks
The blood of men enshrouds his coat

Lying in the darkened threshold
Reared up with all mouths wide
Scattering bones before him now
Ablaze his blood red eyes

Grisly death God
Hound of the pit

6. Cannibal Massacre

We sailed on, though sick at heart
Heavy rowing broke the slaves
On the sixth day, the sun didn't rise
As we headed from the east
Then we came upon land of th Laistrygones
Horrendous legendary fiends

These residents, an old children's myth
The flesh of human men they eat

Skin reapers
Meat gatherers

The harbors ingress, a narrow precipice
All the boats steer themselves in
I tied my ship to a rock beyond
The entrance to this bordered niche
Three scouts we're sent, on reconnaissance
What abides beyond these cliffs?
At Artakia's stream, they met a giant dame
The daughter of King Antiphates

The towering palace a lofty keep
The gruesome queen stands fifty feet
She called her king to greet his guests
Ripped one in two and ate the rest

The terrifying king cried out!

Arise! Barbaric Laystrigones!
Our meat has come to us. Tonight we gnaw on humans.

Swarms of them came, lawless giant guild
Hurling rocks from the cliffs
A violent roar, from the din of streams
Amid my fleet as men we're killed
Spearing men like fish, to my astonishment
Stacking bodies on a stick
We sailed on, though sick at heart
Barely thwarting perishment

Skin reapers
Meat gatherers

7. Horror

Relentless, the evil battle queen
Ghastly Eris all splattered with gore, so hideously
Sorrow, a desire for blood
Still lurking in the battlefield, wading in the suffering


Destruction, the giver of pain
Clay red, from the blood of the dead
Repulsion, the havoc of death
She stands on a corpse pile of a thousand men


Blasts of fire
Deadly sword
Tortured cry
Strife of war!


8. Engorged With Unborn Gore

Demonic spirit of Cybia
Majestic titan of the horrendous
Defiling cemeteries, haunting tombs
Eating corpses, leaving nothing but bones

Panic spreads as the stories divulge
Sadistic torture in which she indulged
Splitting open their pregnant wives
Devouring children that develop inside

Unleashed, killing brutishly
Soulless barbarian, winged depravity
Witchcraft lures men in her bed
Feel her last kiss as she removed your head

She has me down on my knees
This savage beast, vampyric queen

Bloodstained inhuman whore
Engorged with unborn gore!

9. The Hydra Coils Upon This Wicked Mountain

Where murderers, heretics and thieves
Come for penance, and purifying
Stretching swamplands, out to the sea
Holy place the Hydra's terrorizing

Nine giant, monstrous snake heads
One of them, immortal
In a cave, beneath a dead tree
Lie mass graves, as far as you can see

It won't be taking me...

So venomous, its breath destroys life
I pelt him, with burning knives
I stand up, sword in my hand
The hydra coils upon this wicked mountain

I swing hard and decapitate one head
Two grow in its place
I unsheath my golden blade
What was immortal, I shall see dead

As I bury the head...

I still hear
It hiss
The carcass...


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