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"Carnage" (2004)

1. Carnage Fucking Carnage
2. The Wolf
3. Lion Killer
4. Caravan of Blood Soaked Kentauroi
5. Enemy of Gods
6. Warlord
7. Demon Serpent
8. Burning Temple

1. Carnage Fucking Carnage

I writhe in this coiled cage, the crooked labyrinth
My life has no escape, from this violence
Hybrid the mingled form, a monstrous shape
Beware all thee who dare, to enter this maze

7 sons and 7 maids, offered to the best
Skinnde corpses lay in wait, for the demon's feast
We all had wandered here, hopelessly lost,
Lair of the Minotaur, you'll bare his cross,

I count the days as they pass
In convoluted flexion,
My eyes have seen, the end...

We all had wandered here, hopelessly lost,
Lair of the Minotaur, you'll bare his cross!

2. The Wolf

Zeus walks the Earth as man,
To relate evil deeds,
Firghtful with hiding beasts,
Lycaon tests deity,

Throne of the hostile king,
A shadowed offering,
Knife slits the servant child,
Served as a dish of flesh,

Avenging thunderbolts,
His wrath destroyed all men,
Punish deformity,
The wolf possessed Lycaon,

A lust for butchery,
Pleasure in the pools of blood
He howls at the night he bleeds,

Bring down society,
Slaughter eternity,
Defect obliterate,
Design a sect of hate

Bring forth the blood of nine,
Chanting unholy priests,
At Mount Lycaeus' peak,
Prepare cannibal feast,

Feel how I pierce your Earth,
Sacrifice mortal dirt,
Revel Arcadia now,
The oxen death will plow,

End time, Rise
New life, spine,
Evil curse, cries
You must die!

Blood of nine,
Feed the beast,
Human meat,

Cult of the wolf!

3. Lion Killer

Ferocious, roaming Argolis,
The Nemean lion,
Enormous beast, slaughter of the priest,
Blood fills the land,

Sworn death by the hand of Heracles,
Strangled to death,
Skinned beast, torn apart by the witches tree,
Adorns my breast,

Hideous, the bile spills on the earth,
Reaping the sickness,
Of Hades law...
By lion claw...

4. Caravan of Blood Soaked Kentauroi

Here we ride once again,
With the pain and dust left behind,
Toward the caves of Mt. Pholoe,
I say...

Last night the blood did spill,
Upon the ground of nuptial rite,
In the house of Ixion's son,
I say...


The spirits sank in our veins,
Insolence from too much wine,
At the sight of that fair dame,
I say...

The drink was in command,
Doubled by the fire of lust,
As I seize the hair of the bride,
I say...


Caravan through the night,
With the north wind at our manes,
Cry out to the Gods,
Give me thes trength to ride once again,

Theseus charged Eurytus,
Champion with jagged steel,
Smashed his brains in battle lust,
Crunching bones beneath his heel,

Mt. Pholoe is where I ride,
Slaying all the passerby
Plundering the moutnain side,
Ravenous until I die...

My brothers all grabed a dame,
To do with them as they will,
What became such violent rape,
I say...

4 lay in pools of blood,
Fallen to the spoils of war,
With hte bride's milk on my lips,
I say...

We ride!
Caravan through the night,
With the north wind at our manes,
Cry out to the Gods,
Give me the strength to ride once again.

5. Enemy of Gods

Void of emptiness,
Within the universe,
The fearful offspring,
Son of Gaia,
Born from chaos,
100 viper heads,
Dripping sea of venom,
From evil eyes of fire

Hissing like 100 snakes,
Roaring like 100 lions,
Boiled lava pouring out,
Gaping mouths fire storms,
Rip up the mountains,
Throw them at the Gods,
Screaming the war cry,
World massacre,

Sphinx / Nemean - Lion / Cerberus / Ladon / Chimera / Hydra

Precious Echidna,
Head of a nymph,
Body of a serpent,
My hideous mate,
Annihilate the throne Olympus,
Sadistic carnage devastates,
Spitting forth terror,
THe battle rages on,

Hardly a living creature,
Was left on Earth,
Typhon ripped up Mount Aetna,
To hurl at the Gods

6. Warlord

After Kronos dethroned his father,
By castration while he slept,
He threw his genitals,
Deep into the sea,
The twelve Titans ruled the heavens,
Ouranos told him of the prophecy,

You'll be overthrown,
By your own son,
He'll defeat you,
As you defeated me,

To thwart his impending doom,
All his children he would eat,

Because they're alli mmortal,
They remained alive,
Trapped inside his gut,
A prison for all five,

Rhea was enraged,
A mother with no child,
The sixth conception came,
She went to Crete to hide,

When Kronos came to Crete,
Making sure the child is dead,
She gave him a stone in cloths,
He swallowed that instead,

In a year the child matured,
He waged a war on his father,
The mighty Zeus prepared,
For the battle,
Of the Titans.


He forced Kronos,
To spit up his kin,
After his refusal,
Of restoring justice

So begins the Titanomachy,

The Gods fought from Mt. Olympus,
The Titans from Mt. Othrys,
After ten years of fighting,
The war hung balanced even

Gaia prophesized, victory for Zeus
If he aligned, fathers' prisoners,

3 Cyclopes and 3 Hecatoncheires,
He freed them from Tartarus,

The Cyclopes gave Zeus thunder,
And blessed him with fierce lightning,
Hecatoncheires' one hundred arms,
Hurling boulders at the Titans,

The sea rang up,
The heavens shook,
The earth crashed,
Olympus reeled

Flame rose up into the sky,
Thunderstone blinded eyes,
Titans fell at their feet,
See the end, Titanomachy

They were chained there,
In gloomy Tartarus,
Behind the bronze wall,
Pit of evil,
Beneath the Earth


7. Demon Serpent

As I looked out,
I beheld a virgin chained to a rock,
Pale and motionless,
Except for flowing tears,
I asked her then,
"Why are you thus bound"?
Nymph plague, the seam onster,
Pride of beauty,
Human sacrifices

She shrieks out,
As the demon serpent approaches the coast,
I seize it by the neck and pierce between the scales,
Spouting from its nostrils,
Water mixed with blood,
Stab the open wound,
Final death stroke,
Dying by my hand

8. Burning Temple

Lord of,
Dead meat
Black throne,
Blood lust,
Gorge fear,

Black sheep,
Blood pits,
Bang heads,
Praise me,




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