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Lack There Of

"Lack There Of" (2002 Demo)

1. In So Many Words
2. One Man's Demise
3. Drowning Rain
4. Truth Doth Lie

1. In So Many Words

Thoughts cannot express
the feelings from within
speaking in illogical phrases
Rhetoric behind every word
Fear of a voice being heard

Worlds apart, now driven closer
togetherness in nonexistence
Fluent in unintelligble tongues
In so many words lie pain

Answers to the question why
became lost upon this mind
staring into your beautiful eyes
to see the cold reflected truths of a broken spirit

Forbidden fruit from which beauty befalls
longing to taste with your flavour
But with poisons in the tongue
One cannot bring oneself to feast

Sorrow spread throughout the days
Distance between causes heartache
Forbidden Fruit from your limbs
which I so long to Taste

In so many words, I reveal my soul to you

2. One Man's Demise

Satisfaction, a term not often spoken
Searching for the better, never please
Attempts of achieving perfection
steps turn to obstacles along the path

by means of gratification
unfortunate mishaps often occur
the inner conflicts begin to arise
life the gauntlet, continuous pain

Pointed fingers and sudden glimpses
Sighting of one man's demise
Whethered and worn, battered and broken
As he fights the battle known as existence

Knowledge of nothing but survival
As he fades to nothingness
slowly dying by the hours
His hands the only shovel to dig his grave

Wars won and lost
Only to further life's cost

3. Drowning Rain

Rain drops fall
fall from blackened sky
They drench my soul
And wash away what used to be

Swimming the seas of pain
The rain soddens me within
pouring o'er mine eyes
Blinding me from what is real

My mind swims
Yet my soul sinks
it sinks ever deeper
Through the seas the rain has made

Currents force me into the abyss
Pressure compacting my spirits
Emptiness like the black
Where I slowly desend
But the Rain begins to ease

Now the Rain has stopped
I am washed upon the shore
My mind ceases the swim
and my sould will rise once more.

4. Truth Doth Lie


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