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A Message of Positivity

"A Message of Positivity" (2003 Demo)

1. Place Your Fears In Nothing
2. Bound By Blood
3. As Days Fade

1. Place Your Fears In Nothing

You hide your face
Hoping it will never be seen
For fear of what shall be
Broken mirrors and shattered dreams
You use what you know
but have nothing to show
lying awake at night
Knowing that you'll never put up a fight

Why do you feel no need
No need to carry on
When deep inside of you
I know that you are strong

Live out your dreams and goals
It's what you want to do
Open the door to your locked mind
So that sense can make it through
Never ever believe
All your thoughts were wasted
Because you'll never know how good life has tasted

So many people
Have drawn veils over their eyes
Afraid of what they might see
As did those
Who kept hidden inside
Afraid of what they might be

Place your fears in nothing
Fear nothing at all

2. Bound By Blood

To end this life for you
So your death shackles will remove
And to free you from this pain
As I lie here on the floor
Knowing the choices I have made
Effects the outcome of our lives
My blood means love for you
Now adding waves instead of ripples
To this pond that we call life

To you I leave this heart
A memoire of my time here
As it bleeds through you, for you
Two spirits conjoined
From separate entities
by needles and this thread
Let these words be our bond
And remember them well

Hold close the moments shared
But closer the memories
As these tears fall from your face
Hold your head up high
Never say goodbye
For it hurts when we are gone

Never love something so much
So that you never see it die

3. As Days Fade


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