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Within the Asylum

"Within the Asylum" (1994)

1. Shattered Worlds
2. Asylum
3. Hate
4. Internal Subversion
5. Kruppt
6. Nocturnal Nomad
7. Evolution and Creation
8. Forsaken Race
9. Protect and Serve
10. Womb of Decay

1. Shattered Worlds

Primitive tribes forced to flee
the forests they call home.
Forget peace and harmony
when stripped of all they've known.
Thriving in the realm of
beasts existing hand in hand.
Humbled just before the feast
they bless their giving land.
Provided with their every
need unpoisoned by progress.
Reveal to us the path they
lead ensures endless happiness.

Their way of life we once
knew but chose to leave behind.
Offers us a final clue
the last hope for all mankind.

Shattered worlds exterminate
all cultures young and old.
When they're gone we'll see
that fate was meant to shape not hold.

Tribal laws passed down through time.
Sacred teachings sung in rhyme.
Preserved to enrich and define.
The threatened future of their kind.

We can't turn back we've come too far
exploitation our main goal.
Ashamed of who we really are
we relinquish our control.
Modern man devours land
to please his growing appetite.
Our future rests within his hand
our destruction in his sights.
We could learn a thing or two
from our untamed tribes of man.
Who demand that everything they do
enhance the earth before the clan.
If we could only turn back time
and return our planet's youth.
She'd make us pay for all our crimes
by keeping us from the truth.

Shattered worlds exterminate
all cultures young and old.
When they're gone we'll see
that fate was meant to shape not hold.

Tribal laws passed down through time.
Sacred teachings sung in rhyme.
Preserved to enrich and define.
The threatened future of their kind ...

2. Asylum

With-in the pit where madmen sit,
While hideous thoughts are born.
Insanity screams from lurid dreams,
as minds are twisted and torn.

Crooked shapes in shadows crouch,
for it's here the spirits of wicked play.
And who can tell from what red hell,
their sightless souls may stray.

Through a tangled maze the whiteless gaze,
from their tomb of brick and steel.
That hides the lame crippled brain,
and hearts that never feel.

Who can guess what haunted schemes,
dwell in the depths of hallow minds.
Or what horror from the darkness stalks,
what terror creeps behind.

Through each brain in a surging strain,
spreads the cancer of decay.
It eats the brittle bone by night,
and eats soft flesh by day.
It eats their flesh in turn
until it eats their lives away.
So with downcast head,
these living dead,
breath in their stagnant air,
with tortured groans they gasp and moan,
like lepers in their lair.

As molten lead their tears are shed,
from agony strangled soul,
and what seems real illusions steal,
to comfort and console ...

3. Hate

I hate my job, I hate my life.
I hate my car, I hate my wife.
I hate you, you hate me too.
So why don't you just stop
sucking on my cock
and eat my dick
and eat my dick
and eat my dick
you fucking prick.
Eat my dick
and eat my duck
and eat my dick
you fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking prick ...

4. Internal Subversion

The system created to govern this land,
emerged from suppression,
united we stand.
Asserting our rights,
we deman self-control
and intend to distribute
the freedom that we stole.
For independence many men gave their lives,
without hesitation they fought for their prize.
Laws wrote to establish equality for all,
now only help to influence our nation's downfall.

Born in upheaval, and civil unrest.
Our nation is tarnished by men that we detest.
Men whose governing hand will only caress.
Their wealthy supporters, to hell with the rest.

over thrown from within,
This new world order,
who see only skin.
Eternal submersion,
in a sea of despair.
Breaks out will to fight,
as we struggle for air.

From out of bondage will
come the chosen one.
Uniting an army who refuse to run.
America once again thrust into Civil War,
is finally forced to ackknowledge
the freedom of the poor.
Class separation helped to segregate,
A pitiful nation taught only hate.
This inherent right to pursue happiness
is no longer withheld from the penniless.

(repeat) Pre-Chorus

(repeat) Chorus

5. Kruppt

KR'UPPT was the angel that fell from above.
To steal innocence and leave greed in its place.
Extermination morals and distorting love,
Here to contaminate the human race.
Deadly are those who control our destiny,
thriving on the manipulation of our minds.
A waste of wealth alters everything we see,
Blinded by lies, the truth is hard to find.

Forbidden fruit lures Eve to bite.
The jealousy of Cain robbed Abel of life.
Peter, fearing death, thrice denied his Lord.
Judas delivered Jesus to the Roman Horde.
Spanish Inquisition lays Christians to waste.
Another Samurai takes his life to save face.
England's lust for land takes them far and wide.
Natives fought for life and land only to die.
Adolph Hitler's evil wrath slayed Jews in place.
Ivan the Terrible impaled men in haste.
People living out their lives through Communist rule,
are left a life without rights in their prison of fools.

KR'UPPT ..... through time.
KR'UPPT ..... my mind.
KR'UPPT ..... we'll be.
KR'UPPT ..... legacy.

A massive deviation infects our population.
Flagrant manipulation of our education.
A total violation of the constitution.
Insiduous infection taints every generation.
We're led into temptation in every situation.
A constant infiltration afflicting every nation.

KR'UPPT souls have prospered
since the dawn of time.
KR'UPPT are the fools who pollute man-kind.
Watergate and the Contra Scam
helped shed a little light.
On the actions of our Presidents
when they're out of sight.
Go before a judge and know
your fate is governed by his mood,
Regardless of your innocence,
he may have you subdued.


KR'UPPT plague I see.
KR'UPPT methods set free.
KR'UPPT people and ways,

Don't think those of us are
few who've had a run in with the man,
His power, he'll blatantly abuse,
stop him if you can.
Men of cloth demand contributions
and covert cash for personal gain.
Concealing an insatiable lust for wealth,
they cover up in vain.

(repeat Chorus)

KR'UPPT is the plague that I fucken see.

6. Nocturnal Nomad

I come with the night,
An ednless search for prey,
Your struggle to fight,
Each step of the way.
In shadows I hide,
To cover my trail,
I search every night,
For a new place to dwell.

(pre chorus)

Living with death,
Surrounded by pain,
A hatred of life,
Soon flows through my veins.
I take what I need,
To keep me alive,
I do what I must,
So that I may survive.


Always on the run,
Never see the sun,
Another night's begun,
Nocturnal nomad has won.
Always out of sight,
Lurking in the night,
Prepare yourself to fight.
Nocturnal nomad,
comes around tonight!

In darkness I roam,
Down alleys or streets.
I search for the heat,
Or something to eat.
I prey on the weak,
For in them I see,
A way to exploit,
From their stupidity.

(pre chorus)


7. Evolution and Creation

Genesis tells of a black haze.
Without the sun's life-giving rays.
A sphere of water drifts in space,
Not yet knowing the light of day.
The devout say that a path of sand,
Will lead us to the promised land.
And to deviate in any way,
Would deprive us of our father's hand.

(pre chorus)
Was I created to evolve,
Am I evolving to create.
I'm sure the answer must revolve,
Around the post at Heaven's gate.
Displayed in view for all to see.
The answer comes as no surprise.
Oh Ye, of little faith believe,
To find your way, open your eyes.

Creation...and Evolution...
At some time will blend,
An endless quest for solutions,
With desire for the end.
Creation...and Evolution...
Are folded in time,
To higher plains of existence.
Search and you shall find.
Science awaits as we applaud,
To molest our belief in God,
unveiling events on this earth,
That will lead some to suggest fraud.
What's the life of dinosaurs worth,
The ones who roamed about the earth.
And flourished in their existence,
But were long gone upon man's birth.


Evolution and Creation.
How we ponder their relation.
An inbred fear of condemnation.
The puzzle of infinity calls,
Impossible for you to solve,
Did creation form life we know,
Or from one cell did we evolve.

8. Forsaken Race

Chosen ones left to dominate,
A planet destined to detonate.
Our ecosystem dying of mutation,
Gives life to a destructive population.

Light shines no more upon our planet's face,
There's no life left for the forsaken race.

Sucking life,
From mother earth,
Instead of insuring,
her rebirth.
In decay,
Our lives to pay,
Relentless desecration 'till our dying day.

(ultra chorus)
We're the ones who have sealed our fate,
Forseeing destruction,
We lie and wait.
At this critical point in time,
Will we continue to walk the line,
End of time,
No more rhyme.

Nature cries out for compensation,
In her need for rejuvenation.
Ignoring sigs of overkill,
Our forests cleared and burned,
Ill will.

(ultra chorus)

9. Protect and Serve

Who makes accountable,
The enforcer of the law?
When he himself is guilty,
Of all that we appall.
He clings tight to the badge,
That grants him lives to control.
Blinded by power,
He sees no wrong in his goals.
Above reproach,
They exalt their immunity.
Power mad man in blue,
Points his pistol right at me.


Exempt from discipline,
Unleashed on the streets,
With no one to monitor,
Their notorious feats.
A question of ethics,
Who's really in control?
The man with the badge,
or the man with the soul.


To protect,
To protect myself from you.
And serve,
Serve me to the man in blue.
To protect,
To protect God-given rights.
And serve,
Serve a vigilante fight.

When crime has run rampant,
All throughout the force.
And unethical indulgence,
Has taken it's course,
A new law will emerge,
And we'll all have a part,
In the decline of the man,
Whose played out his part,
Once you've been pushed too far,
You need only arise,
And gather friend and foe,
And teach them to be wise.


10. Womb of Decay


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