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The Rehearsal Room Demo

"The Rehearsal Room Demo" (2006 Demo)

1. Self Confidence
2. Warlock Of The Fire Mountain
3. Evil Spell
4. Lure Of Gain

1. Self Confidence

Don't forget life is a bitch
Sometimes deep down into your heart
You feel so broken hearted
Don't let bastards wear you down

Think about the good times
That can't be erased
Draw from the best of yourself
Your strength is in your nature

Don't doubt yourself
You're stronger than that
So just be proud of yourself
And keep the faith

Influenced by moroseness
Bad thoughts are surfacing
You gotta kick 'em out
And let your hatred set off

You're better than you think
Take it into your head
Your natural wish
Just equals your will to live

Ne regarde pas le passé
Ne suis pas les préjugés
Ta vie est entre tes mains
Pas dans les leurs

2. Warlock Of The Fire Mountain

Deep down in the Fire Mountain
Alone with his mind and his soul
Ruling creatures with spells and magic
He slays everyone to control

Machinery is his asset
Power is his objective
These years of incantations
Have just intensified him

The warlock of the Fire Mountain
Planning to conquer the land
Warlock of the Fire Mountain
The world's now at his hands

Hiding in a dark labyrinth
He tries to protect all of his owns
Sorcerer with terrible plan
He's ready to arise

Pay attention to his insanity
Coz it could bring you down
Pay attention to his killing spree
Coz it could make you succumb

3. Evil Spell

You think you can fool the world
And play with our lives
Taking and spreading lies
Put an end it can't last
Take care of your intentions
Different of those of the nation
With your greed and hypocrisy
You provoke human destruction

You belong to this kind of people
On which I spit
I hate them 'cause

They cast
An evil spell
To rule the land
An evil spell
We shall make a stand

You can be proud of yourself
You've enslaved populace
You continue to think
That the world is a playground
The earth is now in your hands
We must put an end to your reign

4. Lure Of Gain

You spend your time
And your life
To envy the others
But finally
What can you get ?

You neglect your family
And doesn't see that
But finally
What can you feel ?

There's never enough

Your existence is absorbed
By what you own
You run behind your

You only seek your fortune
And live for the lure of gain
Your material pleasure is gonna
Lead you to your grave


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