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Reality Check

"Reality Check" (2003)

1. Warmonger
2. The Lions Are Hungry
3. Reality Check
4. Eye Of Horus
5. Hellhound On My Trail
6. Fear Of God
7. The Coming Of (R)Age
8. Grapes Of Wrath
9. Parasite
10. Day Of The Dog
11. Lowlife
12. The Blackest Of Dawns

1. Warmonger

The ironcross, the power of the enemy
The swastika, the symbol of our agony
To break and siege, the axis will fall
When he crumbles it will destroy them all

Winterking will eat your flesh
Break your bones and your guns as well

His soul is cold, his heart is weak
His spirits gone, his future is bleak
So ask yourself where your fuhrer has gone
Too many lies how this war was won

Winterking is eating your flesh
Breaking your bones and your wepons as well
Freeze the oil inside the machines
Frozon all, like nothing I've seen

Flood my brain with the fear of life
Freeze my fingers to the grip of the knife
Take my toes, take my face as well
Just take it all and damn it to hell

2. The Lions Are Hungry

In darkened days, our falling from grace
A bleeding man with something to say
Fulfil this ancient prophecy
Return to our serenity
Mars, Saturn and jupiter
All the power in the universe
Will turn a monkey into god
To rule the earth from above
The last to be the first to go:

And then they bow their heads
To get their just reward
Their soul is saved, their flesh
Will burn in countless of wars

Through the ages the fires burn
The ones in power overturned
Man falls into oblivion
The codes of faith enslave
False prophets to rule our time
The lies cluster the thinking mind
No man escapes our our destined fall
So stand in line, until your number's called

3. Reality Check

When all that's good in life comes crashing down
The pillars crumble with a hellish sound
I don't know what's going on
Dumbfound and without a clue
Is nothing good inside of you?
I spit my name like a fucking curse
And damn it all for getting worse

Someone save me
From this downward speeding
Someone help me
Please stop my soul from bleeding

I can't deal with reality
It's nothing but excruciating agony
I can't deal with my apathy
It's just in my genes and personality

A shroud of amphetamine clouds my mind
A forced solution of the killing kind
Now I know what's going on
It's myself destroying me
There's nothing left there anyway
I spit my name like a fucking curse
And damn it all for getting worse

I don't know what's real or not...
My brain is nothing but a bowl of snot...

4. Eye Of Horus

I am the chosen one
God's one and only son
I rule, you obey
The might of Ra, now hear what I say

Your master is calling
The prophets have spoken
Your kingdom is falling
The spell will be broken

I saw it in a beast, I saw it in a sacrifice
God will cut the veins that carry life
In time your cities fall
Your crusted land can't feed you all
Scores to die by famine, I close my eyes

Power of tyranny
Devours your legacy
The sun has sealed your fate
The might of Ra, you heard what they said:
Your master is calling
The prophets have spoken
Your kingdom is falling
The spell will be broken

Sands will drown
The water will not return
Hunger will strike
No strength left to earth the dead
Sands will drown
Reminiscence of your crown
They will show
The remains will be all we know

5. Hellhound On My Trail

"For far too long there's been a quest for power
That spreads to all and benefits none
Your time on earth is short and the future is coming fast
Revolution is in the genes and noone believes in lies no more"

It's like living in a warzone
Call to arms our friends in need
No opposition, no apparition
The treat is real and so are we
The future springs from today
So you'll let your apathy prevail?
No way, not a chance
Let's make this motherfucker dance

They charge our decadent lifestyle
The challenge our way of life
Our prudence unparalelled, unscarred by Juda's knife
This freedom breeds poverty, by all means to passify
The free, enslaved, inside we're all alike

I am alive, I am free, I am quail
There's a hellhound on my trail

Determined to eradicate, exterminate my kind
They seek us out whereever we would hide
(Mind set on murder)
The reasons are the long forgotten lies
The means of action, taught by peril
Slaves to God, no mercy

No chance for third world countries
Their money ain't green and safe
Spent it all on war and faith
Can't save them, too late
And so you wish me dead
A thousand times inside your head
No soul, no faith
A victim of all your hate

No peace, just talk
Together ill-fated we walk

6. Fear Of God

This motherfucker knows no civilized fear
The menace is for real (His hatred you'll fell)
The bludgeon blows won't heal his twisted soul
But focus his fathomless goal:
The burning of a soul

Fear of God is fear of man
Spread that fear throughout the land
Fear of god cannot withstand
The fear of what you'll never understand

The throes of peace transformed
To the throes of death
The bullits and the sweat
The inherited threat
Fall in sync with throes of power
Your purest thoughts will turn sour

Opression procures the acting on instinct
Nothing will keep us from rising to freedom

Our fear has turned to something stronger
Our hate will keep us burning longer

7. The Coming Of (R)Age

8. Grapes Of Wrath

Is paradise too much? Then cover your eyes
Search for your lost disguise
In here we're all naked
Feeling vain?
Your age will double the pain
And then you start to go insane
Cause you've got nothing left to loose

Seeds of hate, you plant and grow
It seals your fate, in time you'll know
Grapes of wrath will rot
Know who you are cause you can't be who you're not

Walk the earth
Like you're cursed to, ever since birth
Without faith just with fear
Much rather disappear
Got no will to live
For life nothing but wrath
Self sought misery
You know your sin is sloth

Wasted youth
Went looking for a truth
Your beauty's in the past
Nothing can make it last
Got no will to live
For life nothing but wrath
Self sought misery
You know your sin is sloth

9. Parasite

My mind can't break free
My soul can't be released
Those scars remain, those fears restrain
Those feelings maimed, my soul is stained
My soul is unfreed, the fears return
Taught nil by life, my soul will burn

Take a life to save my own
Suck the marrow from the broken bone
Spit it out, who's left to bleed
Suck it in, you need to feed

My mind needs control
My life is not my own
Hatred is what I sow
Hatred is what I grow

There's one cure for my disease
The cure is a 12 gauge shotgun

10. Day Of The Dog

Into the mouth of the devil you walk
- Like a lamb to the slaughter
Terrorized, you are afraid
Of the demonic laughter
The spirits of the dead keep
Watch of the impounding disaster
Terrorized, you are afraid
- It's the...

Day of the dog
The devil flies in the threathening sky
Day of the dog
Demonic laughter as they crumble and fall
Day of the dog
Watchfull eyes seek a throat to slit
Day of the dog
Your ways won't fit

Out from the pits of hell they fly
To torch the sky
Unified in death and faith
So spill out blood, and earn your vengeance
Swift and painful
Unified in death and faith

Some said the final days
Loss for words the deathtoll counting
Everyone out west is frowning
The vengeance is a mighty roar
Won't fix or heal or feed the poor

Feed the poor

The damaging is done, it's begun
The siege of power, subjects to cower
The conflict to spread, count the dead
Reverse the threat with bucket's of lead
Feed the rich, unfertile bitch
With blood of the poor, who is no more
Violence to spread, count the dead
Arising threat, untimely death

11. Lowlife

In your life, all you wanted
Was the making of the right choices
A good life preserved
But you lack the strength to overcome yourself
Life is a battle, yours is a war

What made you this pathetic kind
The kind I can only despise, cannot pity cause you lack
Good qualities, human kindness
There's nowhere for you to turn
You are the lowest, the worst of human kind

An addict, a misfit
White thrash piece of shit
Your life at it's best is misery
You've lost your integrity
Was never meant to be
Your life at it's best is misery

When our paths cross you disgust me
Could never be lead into your temptation
That everhunger
Everhunger, like a vampire
You suck the lifeblood of your dear ones
You're the worst of human kind

12. The Blackest Of Dawns


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