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Undressed Momento

"Undressed Momento" (2003)

1. _
2. Pale song
3. Parade of adolescence
4. We don't need no music
5. Undressed momento
6. That girl
7. Naif watercolour
8. If only you could see me now
9. Stalingrad theme

1. _

2. Pale song

Giddy stars, Legends tell
Ceasing their hymns
Falastin attends you now
Israfel is your name
So legends guess
Despisest all pale song

No one sings so wildly well
As angel that trods skies
And red loving moon
We move:
And they say
He fades in our eyes
We sing now
Of freedom and rain
But she is gone
Brown eyes can't rain no more
Just marble skin
Where sun grew up us

In Heaven, a spirit dwell
Whose heart-strings are a lute
Her lyre was, a little gun
It sang like freedom calls

I touch the mud
So sweet
So warm
It's inside me
I touch the mud
You see
So warm
It's inside me
We touch our mud
A dream
Our will
It's a grave in filth
I touch the mud
Your eyes
Your hand
It's inside you

No one sings so hardly well
As poor man that loose
Love and red loving fear
As soldier that
Swim in the fields of bodies
He holds a lyre of doom
The doom of earth & wish
The wish Israphel

3. Parade of adolescence

Speaking the mourning
Your breathe on my mouth
And lightbulb hole
For you I'll find my name.
Winter is gone we just fly in the dust
In the warm flat plaid
When you call my name,
When I see your smile again

And now.
There are no more walls
In your room
No bed no clothes
We need just teen's like times

Wake up
And open wide the hymns to hide
Today you take we by the hands to stay

And maybe it's just a dream
The dream that smells
Like winter's night
We can't

Oh we can't believe
Tone of grey on mouth so close
Is it just a spell
Is it just your smell
Why I saw your smile again?

Oh girl
We fear the sounds of time
We tear our bad shaped lies
No we won't believe

Oh day
We lead a simple life
We pay a common price
No dubt,
We need just teen's like lies.

4. We don't need no music

Ti vedo
Assurgere imprecisa
Chiara in volto
Le lacrime ti fanno ancora male
Sul viso marzo, inconcludente fine
But now the sun shine cold
And we don't care about
Our deep blue lips
And we'don't need thin words, yes
To celebrate my love stand still
You, just drop your sand
Brown eyes and pray
To hear me say:
To many days I spent for you,
I cried for us

Turn on
The files
They stand in your room
Gramophone tells of a cry

Your mouth
Your breathe
They week on glass pain
Spring time comes in darkness you name

Shout up
Dream on
No I feel no gain o girl
Touch my feverish brown

For you
For you
No music, no pain, o love
Sever the line that divides

Still need a music
Nobody knows it

5. Undressed momento

Drops of light on naked lies
Don't you understand?
We believe in calm of march

I'm taking my time to dress and leave
Words on the wall
You don't have to explain

Now help me pray for teenage lie
You said you would, right?
Wahrheit* it is deaf, Wahrheit it is done
You said you could, right?

I'm searching the right words to remain
Don't you understand?
We are pregnant with all this...

*Note: Wahrheit means "truth" in german.

6. That girl

Far in the street with no name
Under a lie in bloom
I fail to see her tend with my cry again
Until the end of her time
She sews a dress of blame
Thread is a vein
Of her smile drowned in time...

...The light, the night of role
The body dressedof guilty rain
That girl
That girl...

7. Naif watercolour

Shot bird's fallen in a painted love
Oh she took it, dead bird drowned in love
And she went to the sea
Oh she though of a cry
Then the mood of love
The gloom of life
"Why I trust in you?"
She asked me in vain...

8. If only you could see me now

...If only you could see me now
I'm the one who set the shapes
And if you think I'm inhumane
I could destroy the useless world...

9. Stalingrad theme

And this is my four leaf clover
Gift of love of mine
Fear of meadow's fall
Scent in coldest snow...

...Please don't leave me upset
My pale drowning time
Don't forget to promit
You will never die...


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