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"Reformation" (2006)

1. Race with the Falcons
2. Through the Ice Age
3. The New Chapter
4. Of Ancient Wounds
5. Child of Cimmeria
6. Black Winged Goddess
7. Heart of the Serpent
8. Bleeding Strings
9. Call of the Horns
10. Reformation

1. Race with the Falcons

O Mighty One thou who once reigned the Earth and sky
I call you, come forth from the darkness
Grant me the knowledge to see all
And an engine of war
With it to strike down my foes, to fly across the reformed world

Like the lightning in the night
Slashing through the pitch-black sky, reaching towards a new horizon
Let me rise again and ride with the north wind through the sky
Feel the taste of a new conquest
And race with the falcons

Too long Iíve dwelt in shadows once again
Waging the war inside my head
Now hardened by the cold to be unbroken once and for all
With the gods by my side, armed and ready to strike

2. Through the Ice Age

A cold and icy world lies around me
I journey on with a weapon of might to conquer all
A heart forged out of flame, bearing my name, burning everything that stands in the way
Yearning the world for itself

Born to stride in the cold
Shielded by my guardian demon horde
Led by their flames
Through even the coldest ice age to where my throne awaits

Havenít had much sleep since I canít remember
No time to rest, the path lies ahead
Whipped by the winds of chaos, bit by the frost right through my spine
But still I go on to reach my crowning

3. The New Chapter

Running through the hourglass of time
Another day passes by
Turning into a sleepless night
Yearning for something I donít know
Tension inside me still grows
Until the new chapter unfolds

Seems no matter how hard you try
The thorn still burns in your side
Throughout this test that we call life
We win and lose everyday
Itís like youíve heard the Christians say:
ďThe Lord giveth and taketh awayĒ

Breaking the walls surrounding me
Rising with integrity
Into a new supremacy
Forging dreams into reality
Reaching high into the stars
Beyond what once seemed too far
With the force that lives within
The new chapter shall begin

No scars, no wounds too deep to hide
Yet feeling hollow deep inside
As if something there has died
The restless heart of a child
That keeps visions, dreams alive
Still dwells waiting inside

4. Of Ancient Wounds

Once long ago, guiding them across the open steppe
On their land the Sun God rose and set
They ran and rode like the wind, their hearts and future open wide
As free children of the Earth and sky

Brothers rise and greet the pagan Sun
So long forgotten in the darkness
Now, praise the resurrected gods
Awaken from their age of silence

Then the enemy arrived
Bringing death and plague in their stride
The shadow of the cross spread far and wide
Now the destruction complete
Reign of old cultures obsolete
Waiting for centuries to be reborn

Just like the children of the plains
So long ago, so far away
Our forefathers shared the same forgotten plain
But now the silence will end
As the pagan Sun rises again
Our ancient wounds opened again
Crying to the winds for revenge
A thousand lakes, a thousand tears, unspoken for a thousand years

Our scars have been buried deep inside
Anger took so long to ignite
And wash away the North Starís pain
As the pagan Sun rises again

5. Child of Cimmeria

6. Black Winged Goddess

From far beyond the mountains of Crom
Where the forces of winter spare only the strong
Strides forth a son of the North
Destined to conquer, and die by the sword

And like the sun, he rises with a golden light
Reaching with his rays into the world
But like the sun, each time heís destined to set
And is forced to hide in the dark...

...Where his wounds bleed in silence
Blazing eyes now reduced to dying embers
ďOh, black winged goddess
Youíve struck me again with lust
Please stop the bleeding
Youíve taken enough!Ē

Across the Earth he strides
And when he strikes he always triumphs
Still, he never forgets the shadow of the goddess, haunting his steps

And like the Moon, his restless eyes shine in the night
Joining the orgy of the stars
But like the Moon, his full heart is destined to wane
And is forced to hide in the dark...

7. Heart of the Serpent

Manís old curse Ė the lust for power
Consumes the weak like an infection
Toying with forces they canít comprehend
Their despicable minds never see the deception

A masquerade and a carnival of fools
Dreaming of diabolical powers
They will never learn the source of the true infernal spring

With eyes of the night
Iím staring inside the heart of the serpent
Though itís always disguised I can almost reach the flame

Turn away from the Heavens, the truth is closer to grasp
Forget the dreams of afterlife, the day is here and itís fleeting fast

A masquerade and a carnival of fools
Dreaming of Godís salvation
They will waste their lives never seeing the supreme divinity

With eyes of the night
Iím staring inside the heart of the serpent
Though itís always disguised I can almost reach the flame
With my eyes of the night getting used to the light
Seeing now what Iíve never seen before
I can only smile knowing I still cannot find a way to reach what Iím holding inside.

8. Bleeding Strings

The reigning king, high priest of the sonic fire
Baptizing the world with a roaring flame
Lord of the strings, born to sweep the world like a fifth wind
Now gone, but echoing beyond forever

Burning with passion and with grace, every night you set the world ablaze
Millions who walked with you through the days
Forever will revere your name
Electric fire from your hands
Burned still on the night of your last stand
Breathing life into the world

On the last stage lies a hero with a heart of gold
Now a fallen warrior with wounds too deep to endure the cold
Your strings still weep as youíre taken away too soon
As you bleed on the strings now the strings bleed with you

With pride he dedicated his life
To keeping the spirit and the flame alive
Preserving the craft with the power to light millions of hearts
Leaving behind a legacy Ė countless secrets of an art like sorcery
Now the strings of your followers sing in your honour

9. Call of the Horns

The shadows that keep haunting your soul
Drag you again into the cold
Time to rise! The challenge is being thrown down from the skies

Hear the call of the horns singing the anthems of war
Hear the call to arms
Our futureís been forged somewhere on the anvils of the gods
Time for the first strike to land!

Plagued by the demon of throes, exploiting your weakness
Cast aside your fears, raise your sword!
And laughing sends the demon back into the abyss

10. Reformation

From within the midst of the woods sings a pipe with a mystic tune
Whispering like an echo from beyond the ages
Softly whistles the pipes of Pan, from the golden age before Man
When wine and song flowed through the forest

From a void beyond the stars
Through gateways left unguarded
Now somewhat strange folk arriveth

And of the prophecies once been told
The greatest now unfolds
As the gods of the ancient world unite to reclaim their thrones!

As is told in a book of mine
Constellations shift in the sky
A portal shall open in the Heavens
All lords of heathen might
Will arrive side by side
From Ukko to Chernobog and Ra
Marching through the stars they return to conquer

ďAnd from the depths of the abyss, an order will rise to be carried out by the heathen congregationĒ

ďSoon your powerless gods will be cast aside
As the war drum pounds under a red sky
An ancient chill whispers the coming of a new way
Dark shadows crawl to silence the cries of our easy preyĒ

With the keys to all ancient lore
Riding in on a thousand storms
With wrath they raise the fiercest of armies:
Creatures of a sick diabolical breed
The very spawn of demonís seed
Clad in iron and shimmering steel
Bearing standards of fire
Dressed for war.


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