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"Libertarian" (2003)

1. Hellas
2. Headbangers
3. Nietzsche's Message
4. Antireligion Songs
5. Demasked Face
6. After The Love of My Time
7. In The Garden of Red Roses
8. Give Thousand Kisses

1. Hellas

The beatiful age of greek heroes.
The golden age of olympic gods.
Divine children, nice and fair,
rush to battle for world´s declare.

And how far there shines the fame,
obtained in race of olympic games.
Where power, courage and quickness,
fight for a great aim.
To fame can lead so many ways,
but only kings take highest goals.
And you have already arrived to them,
higher accent nobody can.

2. Headbangers

They stepped during the shadow,
for the night with no rest.
Walk in the dawn of stars,
to the mystic burning place.

Welcome true metalfans.
Raise the torches and flags now!
Aim your steps now here!
Just the music hard sound.

We just play rough music,
that wakes up Mother Earth.
You don´t die with her,
during the metal sound.
Victory is necessary,
although it impossible seems.

Who are you? Headbangers!
Who´s the best? Metalheads!

Shout from full lungs.
Metal is the only law!
Forged, forged red - hot metal,
it rings under our hands,
when you raise your strong fist,
it will adorn your wrist.

3. Nietzsche's Message

Under the face of rocks, in mountain lonelyness,
withount prejudices returning back to myself.
Depths of my consciousness, I will research you all
and new horizons will open up their door.
Come to me, grant me!
The empire is not trifling for me!
I will wait for you ten years and more
and my will becomes yours.
Live in my world!

In this world, that I have made for you,
I will become your master!

After few years I won´t be here,
but what will stay here is my work,
inspirating mass of people forever!
Come to me, grant me!
I am preaching the overman.
Hurry up because life isn´t long
and you, come and keep your desires...

4. Antireligion Songs

After they wanted to master the predator,
said, that belief was needed?
Overthrow the truth upside.
Said, that lies was needed?

Falsehood, she loves the mysteries,
artificial and slippery is.
Going for gain used to is,
for thoughts shackles is preparing.

If I could just threw them from the rock,
shut up their presuptive laugh!
I created new being,
that had enough energy for living.

Why don´t we believe in God?
Human became scientific!
End for priests and popes,
they won´t rule through sins.

5. Demasked Face

My dream revive in you,
I gave you in strong hand my heart.
Know, my mind is too proud,
and paradox thoughts I have.

King I will go through the world,
hand in hand failthfully with you.

We just sail to the other shore,
he run from me away.
Ideals become last,
he waved me in the bend.

And suddenly I am walking alone,
new reality is so cruel for me.
There are some promises that wouldn´t achieve,
I was betrayed by someone else.

6. After The Love of My Time

Night full of bizzare notes,
you gallop through our vale.
Through darkness wind howls and soars,
again rushing after chimera?

With my nostrils full of flames,
under castle in the meadows.
I´m urging through placid haze,
always after the dearest maid.

Gallop after gallop, never back,
despite the grim time.
Gallop after gallop and still forth,
after the love of my time.

And I never, never return again,
still dreaming about victories.
The only love - life - I have
, just in myself once it burries.

I know well about your resistance.
After crazy dream on the horizon.
On night colonade just spills,
the starry ocean...

7. In The Garden of Red Roses

I had a dream last night,
you were there.
Beatifull dream penetrate my soul,
I can´t stop thinking about you.

In the garden full of roses
you have flammes in your eyes,
I´m blazing in that fire.
In the garden of red roses,
you smell dazinger,
I enter you as man.
In the garden of blossom roses,
I want you every time,
Which magician teached you your craft?

Now alas your blame,
the corpse´s instead of love,
I can´t still loving you,
although you best were.

8. Give Thousand Kisses


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