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Omega Factor

"Omega Factor" (1993)

1. Omega Factor
2. Equating the Trinity
3. Nothing Remains
4. Dehumanized
5. Altered at Birth
6. Global Freezing
7. Necrosphere
8. Impaled

1. Omega Factor

Man, enchanced by time.
Godly, omnipotent – his mind.

Technological diversity,
Self righteous praise of blasphemy.

Evolving into the beyond.
Pretensions of what has become.
Improving the living man.
Extrusions of a neochrist.

Perfecting the dark roots of science,
Recreating man.
Human beings mad with power
Technology is their god.

Intellect destroying faith,
As religion fades.
Where did we lose ourselves to insanity?

The savior, an abandoned deity.

Molded into form,
An intellectual change at its final stage.
Soon we will understand,
The embodiment of our soul’s inner core.
Seek the afterlife as a central step to infinity.
A source to understand the creation of a strain of living gods!

Inconceivable now merging through the core of our minds.

2. Equating the Trinity

Far in my mind, I create thoughts of unknown.
Now he who is God, I equate, the holy ghost.
At last all will see what is real, fact or myth?
Wide open doors as the universe now unfolds.

Formulate a theorem of science and religion.
Seeking comprehension of the ultimate truth.
Precognition of a sacred being.
Let the final mystery now be known.

Find the knowledge to the birth of history.
Hallucinations clutch my mind.
Uncover darkened truths that be.
Open the void to the breath of life.

Living intellects find the untold answers.
Reason what is there, leading the mind into sub consciousness.
Failure to understand looking for signs of creation.
Only guessing what will be learned.

See through the mind, fragments of unwoven time.
At last all will see our control over fate.
Unbind the thoughts that reveal our origin.
Watch as the doors of the universe now unfold.

3. Nothing Remains

Predatory way of life, destroying nature.
Place a price on life, the all-mighty dollar.
Greed is more important, than an animal’s life.
If this is the true earth then we turn our backs on you.

Give or take a life, destroy as you see fit.
The animal kingdom’s wiped from our minds.
Change our way of thought before the earth is doomed.
Give a damn for once in your life.

Countless numbers are gone.
Obliterated by man.
The beginning of the end.
Destruction of the earth.

Watch a species die, the hunters smile.
Genocidal pride, they’ve made their money.
An entire race is gone, to never live again.
No one seems to care, they say life goes on.

Humans taking pride in their slaughter,
Laughing off the numbers that die.
Hunting to the point of extinction,
Kiss another species goodbye.
Money hungry, killing for profit,
But losing more than money can buy.
Narrow-minded puppets of income,
To change your ways you won’t even try.

4. Dehumanized

Lobotomize and tranquilize,
Supreme mind control.
Hypnotic reality,
Involuntary existence.

Brainwash, program – the human mind corroded.
Electrodes and needles pierce your mind.
Diffusion of the soul.

Systematic programming.
Follow the “One World Order.”
If you cannot be controlled,
They will surely kill you.

5. Altered at Birth

Visualize abstract life, mechanize the mind.
Invert the art of surgery, betrayal of mankind.
Freak of nature – mutant, cerebrals subdivide.
Strip away emotion, rearrange your insides.

Dissection, remove the brain. Chemically sustained.
Dilation of the eyes, vocal chords removed.
Hatred – the final image, imbedded deep inside.
Defacement of a human soul, structure of a void.

Rage aggression and hatred, revenge – priority of mind.
Feelings produced by society,
For science the children must die.
Cryptic – the project is secret, eliminate the questioning fools.
Destruction is order for progress, devolution awaits us all.

Raping the mind, will crumble the soul.
As the people we’ve trusted, begin to control.
Operations of lies, deceiving us all.
Erasing the past, and the memories we knew.

6. Global Freezing

A frozen trace of our time preserved.
Destiny of our world.
Extinction comes once again.
History repeats itself.

Fossilized remains,
Elapsing ebb of life.
Predetermined fate,
A planet turned to ice.

Artic wastes expanding.
Forms of life decrease.
We watch our planet freezing.
Nothing can be done.

7. Necrosphere

Chemical seas, poison rain from our skies.
Plant life is gone, mechanical landscapes are formed.
Grey turns the sky, oxygen has become smoke.
We tortured the earth, now we must watch as it dies.

Industrial waste, buried by ignorant men.
The public knows nothing,
What they don’t know won’t hurt them.
Consume the diseases, an innocent victim of lies.
Begging for help, by now it is only too late!

No more, I beg.
The earth, diseased.

8. Impaled

A reign of blood,
Infirmity of mind.
Too late you’ll learn,
My name is Vlad.

Torture of their souls,
Heinously insane.
Frenzied killing lust,
Eventually they die.


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