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The Kutna Hora Split

"The Kutna Hora Split" (1998 Split album)

1. Love & Loathing
2. S.M.P
3. 7 Minutes
4. Soul of Purity
5. Single Color of Myself
6. Kill Yourself

1. Love & Loathing

I looked the blackbird in the eye
He flew away leaving blackness behind
He leaves me here to deal with her pain
Soil tortured, stench of human waste
I hear her cries as the seasons change
Bringing bitter cold and endless heat
I cry for the children; I cry for myself
I cry for our mother's failing health
you could have given hope;
you could have given faith
So I loathe myself to sleep and dream of better days
Give me hope, give me faith

2. S.M.P

I remember the rolling hills of grass so green
I remember a thick strong forest of trees
I recall the boys and me
Playing in the sun
But that's just memories
'Cause the grass and trees are gone
Progress took it all away
It's all covered now
Beneath concrete
Progress took it all away
I hope they realize
Before it's too late

3. 7 Minutes

Pain feeds the mind's need to strengthen the soul.
Cut deep absorb the heat; deeper still

4. Soul of Purity

Carefree days seem to last forever
But behind the superficial emotions
Lies the soul of purity
Having been positioned in various places
In the pain of irrationality
I doubt
If my own existance is of any value
Never drowned in the flood of alcohol
Never pursuing my soul in the apparent laughter
I, however, comfort myself in the smoke of a ciggarette
Without reason, anyway
Here lies my soul of purity
Everything that I imagine
Is shedding it's beam
On my whole heart, I feel it's up to myself
To catch up with and get ahead of all those things, I wonder
What I see beyond the black glass

5. Single Color of Myself

Eat up dreams one after another
You, living dead
Feel pride, anger and sorrow
At your existence as yourself
Everything was over, you can do nothing anymore
"You are a little bit madder. A little bit madder than others."
Till you get a color of your own
You, be a flower
Still beautiful after withering
"Dream is not what you search out. But will come out in front of you."
"Dream is not what will come out. And you must work hard to make the dream come true."
Yes, that was the last dialogue between you and me
I just wanted a single color of myself

6. Kill Yourself


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