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The Path of the Eternal Years

"The Path of the Eternal Years" (2002)

1. Summon the War
2. Hemisphere in Mortality
3. Black Souls of the Fullmoon
4. The Path of the Eternal Years

1. Summon the War

The cries of darkness begin to be heard,
Warriors burn and their bodies are reborn into ashes.
The Lord knocks on the gates of death
lighting the black candle, he prepares for the judgement of the battle.

This is the beginning of the end!

Chaos has come, and together an insatiable lust for war.
Blood boiling in rancor, their swords get ready for battle!
With a sword in flames cutting through the enemy's heart. Coughing red blood, I am supreme in the battlefield.
I am the ultimate sovereign. And until my body turns to dust.
Is this the end of the world?
Is this our deadly writhe?
Peace was unknown to those fields.
Only a dense cloud of smoke against the moon.
Having survived till the end, I put away my sword in prayer.
Heroes have triumphed and back to the mud returned.
The blood of the battle has forever sunk deep in the ground.
This is the Apocalypse. The last writhe of our death!
I am the ultimate sovereign. And until my body turns to dust, I will rule the battlefield.
It is me who revives teh souls in hell into flames.

2. Hemisphere in Mortality

The chaos starts...they abhors each other.
The earth life progress with degeneration for million hundred years.
The planets rotates and also the moon. But is it forever?
All wild beast and organism keeping their livelihood...the only means of living...
Excited world...Where is going the suffocated world?
Chaos and fall sucked by 21st generation...
Confusion and history continues...air and earth being polluted.
Destruction is in the front of our eyes...the earth ruin upon us.
Mad wild beasts...Blind with their full stomach.
Dirty human being...try reading tehir minds appointing to a nuclear war.
Chaos starts...Disturbing for peace...The last destination...being drained?
Destination reality already degenerated.
Leaving us war and ruins Earth loosing it's gravity
Finally, the earth breaks up...What is the future of the world?
Hell's world flames and all planets is destructed.
All destination now disappeared. All is flowing down...forever...
I saw their last adjustment...It was God's trial.
Wide universe only the left spirits scream.
All destructed parts flowing to destination the last world was doomed.
All destructed parts are flowing to somewhere.
God restores all divided structures...
Until the time of a new era...

3. Black Souls of the Fullmoon

I walk alone in a winter night
It's dark and cold
I scream at teh moon in a black sky
A fox bark and echoes of teh devil
The souls of a viking in his prayer

It's a power of the fullmoon
In a cold winter night
Nothing can stop
The revenge of the souls

THe reality of life
Is dirty brutal scam
The realities are never compromise
I come into the darkness
I hear the sound of death
Filled with souls of devil
Evil and darkness will reign the world

It's a power of the fullmoon
In a cold winter night
Nothing can stop
The revenge of the souls

Black souls of the fullmoon...

You will realize
The satan and the souls of black evil
Comes to reign world
Most of you will be dead and corrupted

I walk eternally
After the ends of world's reality
Through the dark woods
Into the fullmoon

Cries of the dark woods
Wolfs of bark and grays of weep
With unblessed souls I cried
Every human will be die by the souls
And I walk through the dark woods
Into the fullmoon

Black souls of the fullmoon...

4. The Path of the Eternal Years

Wide and large world of darkness, I'm the one here...
My body and my soul born from the reveal of god.
The earth gapes from the explosive lava. All creature is spoiled.
God destroys the world announcing the new era.
All human being dies and I'm the one survived.
God screams my existence and disappears into the heaven. But where?
The soul burns to scream. The final vein of life is received till the world of darkness.
To a eternal path of time. The soul from the darkness never dies.
Time passes and God's life is eternal.
The reveal of the soul blazes. Phoenix's body is blessed.
And finally my body becomes immortal.
Unmemorable times of hundred millions years passes from the real world.
Resurrection becomes again a reveal of God.
To the way of times of unrecoverable life.
I walk in to the path of the eternal years.
Demon: The world and the reality fell a long time ago.
I revived your dead soul and created your body from the earth.
43 millions 2 hundred years has passed after your death.
There is no end in this world...
Gods of Kalpa, you are the ruler of this world. You must survive in this world.
Live and dominate this world for my refuse soul till you die to the earth...
God's invocation has come to end ever...and the time and tide flows forever.
The divine spirit got unknown and the mist taking the nature.
I bear in mind...the last reveal from Spirit.
I'm flying away till the last time and tide come to end...ever
One day when the world goes to ruin and our tomb gets frost...
The endless world and the time flies...
Kalpa's Dominion is eternal and now our soul is flowing to somewhere
To an unknown time eternally...


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