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Lucifer Rising

"Lucifer Rising" (2005)

1. Black Revelation
2. Gnosticon
3. Inaugurating Evil
4. Theriomorphic Pandaemonium
5. Dark Void
6. Lucifer Rising
7. Sacrament In Red
8. Mysterious Reversion
9. Chthonic
10. Ascent

1. Black Revelation

Forgotten Gods,Demonic Breed
Bringers Of Chaos Seed
Beyond Time,Beyond Sparr
Dwellers Of The In-Between

Mighty ones,Sacrilegious
Desserrating Holy Ways
Walk Unseen,Walk Supreme
The Dogs Of Darkness
What Once Whas,Again Shall Be
Yog-Sothoth Is The Key
Ancient Times Come Again
Echoes Of A Haunting Past

Shadows Cast,The Darkest Gates
In The Realm Of Havohei
Depths Of Hell Open Wide
Singing Praise Unto Demise

Black Revelation
Doomsday Incantation
Black Revelation
Solemn Devastation
Black Revelation

Obscure Stellar Gods
Walking The Earth Again
Wickedness Eyalts Itself
Trimphs Through Darkness

2. Gnosticon

Serpent Ophis
Serpent Gnosis
Demiurgus' Poison
Merhesh,the number and the Key
Initiator of Good and Evil
Merhesh,the Spelling of Messiach
Secrets Revealed Unto Thee
Ceremony of Spirit & Fire
Promethean Revolt and Sacrilege
Eucharist Blessed By The Snake
Heresy Takes Its Course
His Might
Ineffable Name of I.A.O.
A Trinity,a Second and a Third

3. Inaugurating Evil

Threatening Constellations
Mocking In Their Radiance
Transmitting Unto Earth
Unearthly Haunting Light
Like Eves In Death
Gazing Blindly Beyond
THe Veils Of Life
To Borders Of Insanity
Outside Countless Aeons
Darkness Is Transmitting
Awaiting To Awaken
From Slumber Into Reign
Resounding Incantations
Disturb Its Shallow Sleep
From Cosmic Tombs of Old
Residing In The Deep
Treshold To Iniquity
Darkness And Heresy
Acherontic Mystery
Inaugurating Evil

Behind The Cross
Lost Its charm

Funest Ones
Unto Time
Chaos Gods
Of The Dead
Now Manifest
Satan - Spawn
Divine In Sin
Terror Born

4. Theriomorphic Pandaemonium

Down there In the shadows
Abominations, Divine in Darkness
Pandaemonium, Abode of Demons
Creations Shunned, Apostate Ones


Down There In the Abyss
Beyond the Light, In the Dark
Sparks Expelled In Chasms Thrive
Unholy Essence, Cryptozoic


Down There In the Depths
Labyrinths of the Black Flame
Shrouded Secrets of Baphomet
Whispered Beyond the Gates


Crowd of Gods, Dripping Poison
On the Mouth of the Holy
Tongue of Fiends Marks the Father
Derides the Son and Holy Ghost


By Spells and Magick
Conjure ye Them
In Tongues of Olde
Enchant ye Them
By Laws that Govern
Evoke ye Them
With Signs of Evil
Greet ye Them

5. Dark Void

Thrones In Darkness, Authorities Of Hell
Awakened & Invoked, The Wicked & Divine
Profound And Dark Hidden Lands Unfold
Abhorrence & Horror, Nightmares Collide
Gateways Being Opened To The Other Side
Eleven-Pointed Star, The Void Of Darkness

Re-Animate The Dead
Atavistic Daemons
An Alkemy Of Death
Of Sheol's Might

Sacred Number Seven Seven Seven
Realms Of Shells, Keepers Of The Name

The Whore In Lust Rides The Devil
Unholy Wedding,The Beast Is Spawned

Re-Animate The Dead
Atavistic Daemons
An Alkemy Of Death
Of Sheol's Might

Unholy Gods, Incense Burns For Them
Forgotten Gods Are Demons Reborn
Unholy Gods, Fires Burn For THem
Forgotten Gods, Primordial Ones

Zagas Zagas Masatanada Zagas

6. Lucifer Rising

A Fall from Grace that is Eternal
Into Endless Maelstrom Chasms
Through Timeless Chaos Aeons
By Virute of Rebellion

Emerged into the Fields of Mythos
Reborn as Beast and thus Received
Heretic Tongue with Words of Fire
Satanic Might in Darkness Shrouded

Dawn of Fire...Son of Flame

Flaming Zenith
Mighty Fiend
Dreadful Light
Infernal Star

Gruesome Grandeur
Crowned As King
By Terror Known
Serve Through Sin

Lepaca Lucifer

7. Sacrament In Red

Into the Mouth
Of Sacred Whore
Worship Adored

States Of Bliss
From Serpent's Kiss
In Depths of Death
An Ecstasy

Of Abomination
Wrathful Lust
Of Fornication

Drink the Blood
Eat My Flesh
A Eucharist

Sacrament in Red
Worship Black
Sanguine Rites

Sacrament in Red
Gods in Flesh
From Sleep Arise

8. Mysterious Reversion

The Face of God
Cast its Light
Unto the Void
Creating Shadow

The Face of Evil
Tortuous Serpent
The Eye of Typhon
Lurks at Forever

Secret Name of Satan
Known as Chavajoh
Formula Reversed

Nocturnal Spirit
Reverse The Flow
Rebellious Act
Creates the Gold

Gaze into the Void
Gaze into the Formless
Behold Ten Hells
In Seven Places

Secret Name of Satan
Known as Chavajoh
Formula Reversed

Mysterious Reversion
Of the Sephiroth

Transcending the Supreme
Creation of Adam...Belial


9. Chthonic

To the Land of No Return
Goes the Daughter of the Moon
To the Land of Kurnugi
Through the Seven Gates of Kur

To the Dwelling of Erkalla's God
Stripped According to Rites
For her Entering and Walking
Sixty Diseases unto Her

Disease of the Eyes to her Eyes
Disease of the Arms to her Arms
Disease of the Heart to her Heart
Disease of the Head to her Head

Chthonic Sleep of the Goddess
By Oath Returned unto her Sister
Anunnaki Seated on their Thrones
The Dead shall Smell the Smoke Offering

Descent of Ishtar
Descent of Inanna
Rites of Passage
Rites of Death

10. Ascent


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