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Just Swallow

"Just Swallow" (2006 Demo)

1. Cryin'
2. Hidden Fear
3. Die

1. Cryin'


No one knows my fears
I’m drowning in my tears
I try to do my best
But maybe I should rest

My love for you was always true
I never know you felt so too

I’m playing with fire
For the sake of desire
I don’t know who wouldn’t
I know that I shouldn’t

The pain inside is killing me
Why is this happening to me?
I can’t stop because I want you
I think I shouldn’t get you

2. Hidden Fear


I'm hurt again
Broken and down
You did it
You've take the prawn

Although we're together
It doesn't seem so

Don’t you know how it feels?
Like in the middle of my dreams

Tell me what I've done wrong
Cause I'm crying inside
It's been going on for so long
You can't see but it’s all hidden in me

3. Die


I want you to die
So I don't have to question why
No more words just goodbye
And you won't have to lie

I'd rather see you don't speak
Then I won't be forced to start to weep
Better be quiet
As you see me getting weak

I know we have to talk
Sure, we can do that
But I just wanna walk
With you all the way – NO WAY!!

It's always the same
Only you and you and your facking fame
And you never think of me
Searching for your hidden key

I know that life is tough
I think that's finally enough
So end it
With you all the way (no way)
That's all for now
That's all I have to say

Not just you – although you think so
You gotta work them out
That's what life is all about


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