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The Age Of Mastery

"The Age Of Mastery" (1998)

1. Iron Eagle
2. Lustful and Free
3. Twilight Years
4. Sworn to Silence
5. False Messiah (Jack Starr cover)
6. The Age of Mastery
7. Viper
8. Displacement
9. Chain of Command
10. Take This Pain Away
11. Burning Heart
12. The Moors

1. Iron Eagle

Throughout the ages war has brought forth change
A promise for our childrenís sake
Tyrants and their visions build us walls of fear
The price of these walls are lives at stake

A change of seasons causes wills to bend
A rising of the populations hand
One glance at freedom begins a raging fire
Uniting every race throughout the land

Forged in fire
Flying free
Itís presence brings forth victory
Forged in fire
Flying free
Itís power commands respect

Condemned to silence a lifetime full of tears
Regrets forever scarring empty souls
Cursed by a past that no man should have to bear
Evict the madman, regain control

One heart, one mind
We leave the past behind
One heart, one voice
We have made our choice to fly

Up from the ashes springs life anew
Shedding the skin of repression and remorse
Renew the vision of union hand in hand
Raise the flags let the IRON EAGLE soar !

2. Lustful and Free

A people of virtue weíre not
Cold blooded metal burns hot
Scratching our way to the top
A wheel once is started no one can stop

With minds full of pleasure
Hands full of greed
Metal hearts burn with fire
We are born to lead


Sporting our leather with pride
So hard to keep it inside
Hot -blooded creatures of sin
No force will halt this wheel once it spins

Living our lives without fear
Metal is the life we adhere
Racing our lives to itís end
A powerful legion with wills that wonít bend

3. Twilight Years

Ticking of time echoing into a memory
Spending our lives on a wheel
Spinning around unaware of itís heading
Unguided course with the future as the keel

Out of the past into the millennium
Mastering life weíre facing our fears
The challenge is ours into the millennium
We live in the twilight of the twilight years

Lessons well learned so many retained
Unless they are used they are lost
Our conscience our guide on a new journey
Historyís blood is the cost

Silently we walk down a corridor of shame
Unseen footsteps lead the way
Finger points to a sea, a sea of voices screaming
Go back, unlock our souls and throw away the key

At our journeys end will hope still survive ?
Who will walk this earth when weíve all gone ?
Time goes on unceasing every second is new hope
Another circle of life another chance to change

A new age is born out of despair
New hope for this world is alive
Our children will lead us on a new journey
Historyís lessons will guide
The future uncertain what dangers await ?
Is the ticking of time on our side ?
In this world so much hatred, sorrow and greed
Only the strong will survive

4. Sworn to Silence

Rise to the order of a supreme society
Strike down rebellion control identity

Enslaved by the memories lost to them
Communication is lost again

Live by our reasons of altruistic style
Four walls impose virtue knowing all the while
That you pledge your allegiance to the united cause for all
Blind faith in the system leads you to a wall

Rise to the order of a supreme identity
Strike down rebellion control society
Advocate we retaliate
We walk against the cause
Dictate (NO) we evaluate
Break down all the laws

5. False Messiah (Jack Starr cover)

Was it written in the book that all would come
To bring PEACE and JOY to the land
Speaking in tongues that all would know
The day of judgement had begun

Follow me said the stranger
Iím the shepherd oh canít you see ?
This kingdom is yours. Eternity awaits
But first you must come to me

Oh beware
You can never tell
Oh beware
Of the false messiahís return

In the final days three lights will shine
In the east and then be gone
And the lamb and the beast will join the host
As the day becomes the night

The dead will rise, the blind will see
And the lame will walk again

6. The Age of Mastery

Since the beginning of time man has ruled the earth
Deemed the principle power over all
As time plodded on mans knowledge grew
Till he was no longer man but a GOD

To be the lord of all
You must first conquer yourself

Pages of time unfold for us all a mystery (The mystery of life)
Ages of time elevate the mind
ours is the age of mastery

Centuries of learning on computer screens
The information age is on
Splitting the atom the power to end all life
Blending of cells gives life reborn

Striving to become creators of the perfect race
The blending of pure strain carbon life
Are we becoming the masters of our own race?
Or racing blindly into the night

7. Viper

A flash of his blade turns your screams into silence
He laughs in your face as your life fades away

King of the night time
Black as the night and colder than steel
Injecting his venom deep inside of your soul

Lord of the night
I ride on air
I will take you down, down

Wicked within turning dreams into nightmares
Nowhere to go when this cat is on the prowl

He laughs in your face as your dreams turn to silence
He laughs in your face as your life fades away, away, away, away, away, away, away

8. Displacement

Circus goes Ďround in my mind
Leaving all logic behind
How can I be living here ?
When I am no where near
Imagination has got the best of me
Turning one man into many
Outside I am silent
Inside Iím so violent !
Iím beside myself
Am I me or someone else ?
Struggle to find a way home
No longer alone
Busy inside all the time
So many live inside my mind
Some have such loving ways
Some need to inflict pain !
My name is legion for I am many
Inside we are all we need
To release myself from this prison
Reborn into flesh again
My friends shall follow leaving no one
A shell of human remains
The many out weight the one
My sacrifice made will be you
Trigger responses to fear
The weak one is no longer near
Impulses that drive me to
Things I donít want to do

9. Chain of Command

They sit in silence as we march into war
There we will fight with our backs to the wall
No end in sight cities one by one they fall
Children screaming in the night as we answer the call

CHAIN OF COMMAND united we stand
Onward to victory the CHAIN OF COMMAND

How will we know if itís worth fighting for ?
They made it a game and we become the pawns
Decisions they make never give us a choice
Why do we stand for the CHAIN OF COMMAND ?

Distant warriors our dreams are so longer seen
Innocent lives shattered in vain. No!
Why are we here ? Do they really care ?
Red skies light the way home

Give them my life is what they believe
Sacrifice our rites to live in peace and liberty
What we believe is we fight to be free
Chaos in nations forming insufficient greed

They sit in silence as we march into war
Together we must stand for the CHAIN OF COMMAND

10. Take This Pain Away

One more night alone
Thereís got to be another way
My love is so strong
Why must we be so far away
Theses feelings inside are
All I have to tide me over
Till we meet again
And take this pain away

Take this pain away (repeat)

Out in the night
So many faces that try and please me
I donít give them a chance
To play around with my heart
I know for sure
Itís you and me against the world
It wonít tear us apart
Till our hearts beat together again

11. Burning Heart

Cries in the night
Shadows move through familiar doorways
History replays
Leading, repeating mistakes we made

Vice in your eyes
Burning black with lost compassion
Cast me away
Desire is gone when all the passion is lost

Burning heart
Bleeding on now forever
Torn apart
Leading on now forever

I hear your voice
Echoes emptying on forever
Silence steals the night
Calling me back miles away

12. The Moors

On the fields of our fathers land
Marsh green pride of ENGLAND
On the moors our fathers rest
Their tales are not forgotten
In the days of kings and honor
knights defended pure hearts
On the fields where our fathers rest
Their tales are boldly spoken (LISTEN)

Bend your ear in amazement
Hear this tale from long ago
Of magic and of madmen
loves tangled web of woe
One shining knight in silver
Intentions pure as gold
One maiden fair as moonlight
Dressed in royal robes

On the fields of our fathers land
Marsh green pride of ENGLAND
On the moors our fathers rest
Their tales are not forgotten
On these fields pure love is sought
Yet vengeance has itís cruelty
The search for truth and honor
Is blinded by a beauty

The lady of the lake holds the power of a nation
A sword of valor held high above all else
A royal maiden cries out her song of longing
Longing for her shining knight to take her to the stars

On these fields of green they lay
Entwined in lovers union
A brave knight knowing nothing more
Than following his heart
When the MOORS sing out their story
A kings heart will be broken
Broken by a lifelong friend
And his bride they call the queen of wales

Hold true to your heart
Hold true to your soul
Hold true to your country men
Hold true and never falter
Love will conquer all
History has proved
Kings and kingdoms crumble
On the soft green MOORS of ENGLAND

Oíer the kings round table
Jealousy rears its head
Honor has no place this night
The kings heart is filled with dread
Excaliber the sword of truth
Penetrates the soul
It leaves a wound that never heals
Now the queen will pay with her very soul

A gallant knight will fight this day
For queen and for honor
Gladly ending all the strife
Between a queen and king
Once Morganaís spell is broken
By this shining knight in silver
Trading lifeís blood for his honor
Is a brave Knights highest deed


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