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Speed Metal Crusher

"Speed Metal Crusher" (2006 Demo)

1. Butcher in love
2. Speed Metal Crusher
3. Headbanger Holocaust
4. V.O.S.
5. Death Factory
6. Jihad

1. Butcher in love

Butcher in love

A certain butcher fell in love for a girl passing by the street

She stared at him and he thought that she’d be the mother of his kids

A certain day he tried to flirt but only got a slap

She laughed at him, he never thought he could ever feel so sad

So he vowed revenge

The bitch he would deadly graze

Dress her for dinner

Eat as eternal bound

When she passed by he fulfilled the vow,

He took her by her hair

Took off her skin as she brashly screamed until her death

He felt sorry ´cause she was dead, and all her meat was sold.

For the Greek barbecue man downtown

The best barbecue ever eaten

Butcher in love, happy ever after.

2. Speed Metal Crusher

Speed metal crusher

Now it’s the time when the horror show starts

To corrupt everyone’s minds

Death, terror, violence without a cause

Souls are being conquered by force

You’re suffering, brutal agony and pain

Are our extreme delight

So now the jackhammer massacre starts

For your skulls to be destroyed

The smell of blood is in the air

Brutal Atrocity´s everywhere

Armed and dangerous, nothing to lose

Among the destruction

You will not be safe anymore

Not even inside your house

This is an omnipotent strike

We’re anywhere we like

There’s no use in holding your faith

Because it’s just not enough

Well take your life, crushing your bones

And disturbing your soul

The power of violence will always prevail

Killing is a huge pleasure we feel

Thrash that’s what we make by our sound

Speed metal crusher is in our veins.

3. Headbanger Holocaust

HeadBanger Holocaust

We’re in war for our ideals

No matter they’re wrong

We have to defend our flag

So we’ll have respect

Against prejudice

We ought to fight

Even if we have to kill


Crushing skulls and destructing corrupted minds

In war

For our ideals

Holding weapons to defend

Ourselves from the oppression

In war

We’ll fight to the end

They try to impose opinions

Saying us that they are right

With their religious speeches

They brainwash the masses

But this just won’t work

We have a strong mind

We’re convict of what we are

Not even death changes us.

4. V.O.S.


Lethal forces, fear and pain

Rain of blood, the hell on earth

Preacher and prophets impaled

Christians and false crucified



Religions refuse

The world won’t scape

The victory of Satan

The warriors of Satan attack

Emerge of sulfur and fire

Devastating the lost empire

Destroying the weak nations

Temples and churches are destroyed

Pentagrams and crosses are inverted

Great disorder and chaos prevail

Devastating the weak nations

5. Death Factory

Death Factory

In a hell of horror and chaos

Among destruction we live

Little by little injuring ourselves

It hurts much more than it seems

In a world of self made scourge

There’s only one choice

Mass – massacre, world desecration

Death is the salvation



The toxic air keeps destroying our lungs

Incinerates with ultra violet rays

Religions and politicians destroying our minds

With their bullshit and lies

I wonder if this will ever end.

The eternal torture and pain

My head is gonna be torn into pieces

Maybe this will set me free

Brutal death


6. Jihad


First came the knights of the cross

The faith and land to be conquered at once

Burning and impaling in the name of god

Innocent women and children

Invading the oriental lands

To watch their power expand

Using the church and the cristian faith

To conquer their filthy purposes

Oh! Holy war bringing blood and pain

Oh! A fool´s game that´s played just in vain

Muslins and jews fight now

For an imaginary line

Sunnis, shias killing themselves

Because of political points made

Protestants and catolics fight until now

Claiming their version os bible is right

While this thousands of innocents die

For all this rudness

Oh! holy war bringing carnificine

Oh! Holy death in the name of the faith

Jihad - 3x

The eternal war

Jihad - 3x

All over the world

Jihad - 3x

Saint battlefield

Jihad - 3x

The eternal war

Never that’s when the conflicts will end

As long as religions exist

Fanatics, imposing laws

Death is face to face to the church

Another war for politics and land

Religion, just one excuse.


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