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Triumph of the Will

"Triumph of the Will" (2006 EP)

1. Glory to the War
2. Pure Aryan Blood
3. Cuchulainn´s War Chariot
4. Triumph of the Will

1. Glory to the War

From the very Beginning of Human
Existence Prowess have been
Proud only in Fight only that Way
Warrior follows the path which
Leads to the true Aristocracy primeval
Sense of Duty and sacrifice Resulting
From honor and Heritage transferable in
A pure Blood is his Aim and Destiny

2. Pure Aryan Blood

Because Body and Blood are all
Essence of out existence with the
Highest Care we should Faster their
Purity with the Barbarian Firmness
Aim to the Perfection to become truly
Immortal us a Medieval Aryan Union
Everything Which was and is on the
Earth was enliven by Blood so our
Duty is to Keep Faithfullness to this Firm
Value because only by pure Blood we
Are able to the highest arts

3. Cuchulainn´s War Chariot

In a Flickering Bright of Thousands Torches
We are going to Fight Material Chariots of
Former Heroes in Uncontrollable Power we
Are Unifying our Troops we are Looking of
Death´s Face without Fear we are United in
Fight with the eldest of Enemies only our
Untorched Attitude and Toughness Heart
Us a Granite Doesn´t Hesitate But
Unconditionally Makes us Follow
The Rules given by Former Gods

4. Triumph of the Will

Triumph is our Aim Which we are
Seeking by Spreading a Pagan
Outlook we Sacrified our Lives to the
Necessity of Fight for this Ideal to
Assure an Eternal Existence of our
Ancestors and to Point the Way the
Future Generation in the Everlasting
Chain Legacy of our culture According
To the Ancient Knowledge and Science
We pay Honor to those Highest Values


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