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Riddle Of Steel

"Riddle Of Steel" (2000)

1. Prolog
2. Chariots Of Gods
3. Ubi Sunt...
4. Riddle Of Steel
5. Epilog

1. Prolog

2. Chariots Of Gods

The wind in our banners
Thousand thrones roar
Signals to mortals
The outbreak of war
Now comes the time
To repay for blood
That shed our father
For their ruined homes
Desecrated by christian dogs
The wolf way i'll fight
Eagle sign meaning will give
To offering in battle fulfilled
Bloody glow upon the sky
Steel hooves beat the earth
Here come the chariots of gods
In this battle I am not alone

3. Ubi Sunt...

Can you hear the stories
Told by the melody of horns
Can you see the swords
Shiny like evening stars
Can you see the horses
Running like morning breeze
In the fires of battle
Death called lords and servants
Brave warriors sleeps
The long-lasting sleep
Underneath the earth
Where the great river's bank
Was the colour of mother's tears
Wake up you heroes of forgotten days
Arise you valiant warriors
It's time to fight, the night descends
Saddle your horses
And blow the horns
Ahead Slavonic tribe
Mothers don't waste your tears in vain
As the warrior who's gone was bold
And death he met the noble way
Out on the battlefield
Over his grave far away in the woods
Let women bow down their heads
Cause men are called
By the mighty horns
To go back and fight again

4. Riddle Of Steel

Intently I watch
The sacred fire on my
Weather beaten face
I feel it's glow
My hand gives steel
The shape of the sword
That will turn my son
into a hero
Scops will praise him in
their legends
Bards will praise him in their songs
Eagles will wield it
To high skies
The day has come for
My son to learn
The riddle of steel
The day when his fate is done
When the heritage is
Given to him

I swear by all our gods and by their
Holy laws that I shall obey the
Discipline of steel whose
Secret i've learnt from you your words
Will make me strong should weakness
Or doubt arise I turn my eyes
To the overwhelming majesty
Of the snowy peaks stabbing gloomy
Clouds my fathers sword in my hand

The blood sears in my veins
By my heritage by my legacy to you my father
I swear to guard the secret of steel that
Fills warrior's heart with might
Oh father that called me to this
World should this be your will
I'll obey
This proves how worthy I am
Oh my ancestors glory and fame
Thunder behind me glory ahead
Nothing can drag me away from the gods' path
Shown by my father for I am the man
Whose heart is the heart of steel

5. Epilog


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