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"Demo" (2002 Demo)

1. Humanity's Last Stand
2. Storm Will Fade
3. Nightmare
4. Poisoned Blood
5. Commander Of Chaos
6. Midgets From Below

1. Humanity's Last Stand

The end of time is near
Collective death is what we fear
We're on a trip down to Hell
Where so many before us fell

Atom bombs are falling down
Kings want each other's crown
Satan will take all of our souls
Our destiny it calls


We're in our final hours
All life on Earth devours
And we can feel the end
Humanity's last stand

Our lives were full of hatred
None of us has ever made it
To deserve a place in Heaven
Even the christians haven't

All of our souls went down the gutter
But does it really matter
Life on Earth was as in Hell
So we might go on as well


2. Storm Will Fade

Looking down the mountain
I gaze at the sea b-low
Wat is that in the distance
The thing that happened ages ago?


What can we do against this force of nature
Let us pray to our ancestors
Let us make a perfect offering
Maybe than this storm will fade

The storm is over our heads
The Gods give us their tears
Please stop! We're already wet
Why won't they hear?


(raindance drums)

Cut him open
Let him die
Eat his heart out
Hear his cry
Feel our sorrows
Tell us why

The Gods must have heard us
For twenty years no more rain
Will they intervene
and release us from our pain


3. Nightmare

Before the altar
A young girl dressed in white
She has to bow down
for the Satanic might

Now the ground is moving, the horned one he comes out
He takes his screaming victim, to Hell deep under ground


Is this a bad dream?
Will she awake in time?
Is this a nightmare?
Will she live or die?

Never ending fire
She now is down in Hell
The Devil he will force her
Her soul she has to sell

She screams and starts to run, but demons follow her
A hunting through the fire, does this have to occur?



Running away was useless
She had no chance in Hell
Satan he moved towards her
That's when virginity fell

Something grew inside her, and it ate its way out
Satan was born a son, mankind will soon find out


This ain't no bad dream
Terror comes over us
This ain't no nightmare
All mankind will be lost (2x)

4. Poisoned Blood

Immortal one, kill for him
Sold your soul to the Devil
Cold blooded, born to be
a faithfull servant of evil
You can't die, don't forget
Evil never can prevail
In the end, you will see
that my soul is not for sale


Can you feel it
Can you feel it
Can you feel it
Evil running through your veins
Can you sense it
Can you sense it
Can you sense it
Poisoned blood comes to your brains

I see your eyes, you want me
But I'm stronger in my heart
To hear you talk, it makes no sense
My will can not be torn apart
Tell you master, he can't win
if he doesn't give me up
Take someone else, to sell his soul
I wish you the best of luck


There was a time, that I was bad
Pentagrams carved in my skin
But I found out, that it was stupid
My evil side could never win
So I decided, to quit with it
Satan was no more in my head
Feel better now, I'm a new-born man
My soul won't suffer when I'm dead


5. Commander Of Chaos

Riding my chariot in the skies of fire
Blood and revenge are what I desire
Reaching my goal, my fist is in the air
Causing a riot of death and despair

Satan my master is still on my side
Forcing the Hydra just to be my bride
Longing for pussy I'm raping some nun
Commanding this bitch to suck my love gun


Commander of chaos, master of Hell
Satanic demon, under a spell (2x)
Under a spell!!!

Killing the priest who just gathered fame
by stealing and raping the kids in my name
Snapping my fingers and all Hell breaks loose
Got hundreds and thousands of victims to choose

Calling my master to kill on this Earth
Slaughter the babies at moment of birth
Hellfire burns when I conquer you all
Commander of chaos causes you to fall


Solo Boudie




6. Midgets From Below

In an unknown place
Miles underground
Preparing for attack
Three feet tall,
armed to the teeth
We're unable to strike back

Making their plans
To take over the Earth
They will kill us all
We cannot fight
the little bastards
They will cause our fall


Going to kill us all
We cannot fight them
We're gonna fall
Midgets From Below
They will take over
although they are small

All we see
is little men
climbing up our legs
All we know is
that we're doomed
Killed by their attacks

The world is doomed
The little men
destroy what we have built
But we'll never
see the horror
because we'll all be killed



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