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Black Scenery Avatar

"Black Scenery Avatar" (2004)

1. The eldritch circle
2. The storm which lies ahead
3. Guidance
4. The ghostly hour
5. Dimensions
6. Black Scenery Avatar

1. The eldritch circle

A pale light blinds the past... Will it fade like a star as a glimpse through unexistence?
Or will perception melt horribly
in such simplicity of chaos?
Only oblivion bares such secrets.
To nothingness. All creation shudders and withers to its end...
Praise death!
I watch His rain, yearning for sombre rivers and
bloody streams gathering down! My discontempt drinks the bloodshed...
The forest of suicide in total grief cannot make me fall into the holy, unnatural crown! Dark which returns to its nightly womb.
Stars cut deep the grievy flesh...
Lost somehow into somewhere...
Unknown to knowledge unknown. The book of life is defied by this infinte bleeding end.

2. The storm which lies ahead

Under the grimness of a pale shining moon
Hate and pride, guiding talented claws for Warcraft
These lonely ones, the strongest ones
The everlasting feared shadows. Our souls - a gift from Darkness
Our art - a gift to Darkness. Pitch black clouds have gathered
The rain just hasn't started falling yet, but there's a storm at hand!

3. Guidance

Wielder of black wings
Foe of the worthless
Through times of War
Is Thy fire strengthened
Master of suffering!
Summoner of eternal
No fear is enough for a
glimpse of his supremacy
This is His aeon of glory
By our art is His paragon
Affirmed and forever
Faceless, Thy hands stir
the heavens
As we watch the debris
take shape
Thou fell to arise,
Master of mine!
To whom I bow
My guide eternal!
And so He dances
on the throne!

4. The ghostly hour

A stir of voices unstables
Melted continuum between past and present times...
The air turned cold in this two worlds' midst
... My blood drops in this circle
I welcome whispered images, graven melodies that surpass imagination...
But nothing reachess the vortex and the wound of anxiety still bleeds.

5. Dimensions

It goes far-off through that dark eternity of cosmos...
Death-veiled scenery sleeping with vast uncomprehended splendour.
I travel with my imagination-eye in these circles of realities...
I haunt those strange constellations of the imprisoned fate, to break beyond.
Yet, the reminiscent of an old dominion grieves in his contempt no longer...
A sense of the much greater and invisible imposingness!
A hand, patient to sweep its own amusement, stretching from the astral gate.
... A vision with no reflex ... The dream that possesses its dreamer.
Our whence and our whither encycled beyond the abased common-sense.

6. Black Scenery Avatar

Leaving the festered entrance where, without absence, I left my coagulated signature in swift movements...
A wicked smile I gave to those who mischiefed such unholy forces ungladly and not in vain!
Fiercly ablaze passion gave birth Death in bloom.
It was born in silence and it dreams within crushed screams.
From shallow bullets' emerged waste now returns against their tide!


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