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The Terrorist Act EP

"The Terrorist Act EP" (2006 EP)

1. A Pig in Every Home
2. Deep Integration

1. A Pig in Every Home

Civil liberties painstakingly fought for and won
Dismantled under a façade of ‘national security
Relinquishing laws that protect our privacy
A disregard for human rights; a failed democracy

Cameras on every street corner to survey the public
City streets under 24 hour surveillance
Police now decide what information may be disclosed
A monopoly of control with no accountability
The media claims people who don’t break laws
Will ‘feel safe’ under scrutiny
The right wing think tanks claim ‘criminals’
Can be identified visually

Employers can now record workers on camera without knowledge or consent
Employee behavior scrutinized by reviewing video documents
Employers can read employees’ emails and listen to phone calls
Employee life is micromanaged by invasive surveillance tactics

Police can now set up roadblocks without just cause or warrant
Immigrants without a license can be screened and deported
Roadblocks veiled as driving safety, pretext for accumulation of information
Regional licenses now reference a central database throughout the nation

Automated surveillance that can search for and identify a specific face
This technology exists and is used on the streets today

Cooperation with ‘security measures’: expanding their powers of control
Video documentation and audio recordings: to supplement corporate data
Electronic mapping devices to confirm a person’s movement
Enforced travel restrictions allowance for complete visual recall

Individual liberty; a concept of the past

Cop entries without warrant or consent
Email tracing, telephone taps
Terrorizing people of foreign descent
Special IDs, deportations and imprisonment

Fascistic initiatives to ensure power to the ruling caste

Infiltration / deportation / more cops / more jails
More lies / more crime / more poverty / more violence
Infiltration / deportation / more cops / more jails

The pigs in every home: a nightmare of control

2. Deep Integration

The Western Empire continues its ongoing holocaust
Military massacres and economics fused into deathlock
Enforcing a “free market” that supports the multinationals
Globalization: a race to ensnare the world’s resources

Using an undefined “terrorist” threat
To justify oppressive law and policy
This is the United Snakes new Cold War
Creating a climate of tension and anxiety

Sovereign nations forced into lockstep
Potential targets for economic structural adjustment
This is how the US threatens Canada and Mexico
As we near the final stages of total assimilation

A Canada-US economic strategy they call “Deep Integration”
The brainchild of that scum who brought Free Trade to this nation
These agents of exploitation advocate a vast rage of new measures
None of which serve the common people, only wealthy investors

The “Big Idea” a “Strategic Bargain”
Promising Canada “economic security”
In trade for Ballistic Missile Defense
And “Canadian Homeland Security”

The final deathblow for Canada, a pathetic puppet nation
Will we be prepared to fight extensive US exploitation?
A massive loss of civil rights and whatever’s left of our “sovereignty”
They'll take our liberty, our lives, our freedom

Ten years of NAFTA and fifteen of the bilateral FTA
Our puppet politicians have sold us all away
Starting with Mulroney and his cronies two decades ago
A money grab for the rich in exchange for US control
The beginning of the end for any progressive programs
The green light for the right and their exploitive institutions

Enhancing capital mobility by hamstringing governments
A necessary step in the transfer of power from workers to management
A transfer of power from public to market; from wages to profit
Under the guise of a “war on the deficit;” a negative social adjustment

Cuts to unemployment insurance, tax breaks for upper income groups
Ensures a rise in poverty, homelessness, prostitution, violent crime and police abuse
Health insurance, hospitals and prisons: all slated for privatization
Sold by the capitalists of this nation to US corporations

The undermining of progressive policies within society
A typical capitalist plan, the usual tactics and strategies
Canada is now for grabs, big business will define our reality
They’ll destroy the environment and have us all live in misery

We’re not patriotic; we’ll spit on the graves of all states
Such issues concern the environment we depend upon anda decent way of life
Under “continentalist” rule we’ll be servants of the Right
Diverse tactics and knowledge are necessary in order to win this fight.


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