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"Iskra" (2004)

1. Insurgence
2. Prisoners of Conscience
3. Acceptance Not Tolerance
4. Antisect
5. Face of Capital
6. Masters of War
7. Culmine
8. Ash and Ruin
9. Massacre
10. Threat Inflation
11. Culture of Cowardice

1. Insurgence

A violent clash with the oppressor class
A war forced upon the common people all across the lands
Perpetrated by the leaders and administrators of a criminal shitstem
The time has come to turn our hearts and minds to war.

Targeting the metropoles of capitalist empires
Develop strategies which feed insurrectionary fires.
Its the leaders final race to enslave the populations
Any tactic is justified to maintain revolutionary stations.

With the system.
Participation of populations
Seditious deconstruction.

With the system.
Federated cells of resistance
Subvert and destroy.

Assault and expropriation; Seizures and Occupation
Demoralize the government w/ strikes and disruption.
Construct barricades; cause confusion and diversion
Everyday sabotage and resistance to grind down the system.

Developing methods of opposition with strong security and defense
Long periods of silence then sudden attacks
Keep the enemy nervous, unaware of your next hit
Clandestine aggression to loosen their grip.

Work illegitimate jobs, evade any tax
All the money sucked from us supports the ruling class.
Expropriation from the system is a dignified career
An independent and unified under class is their greatest fear.

Houses in the city can act as collective cells
Pockets of community within an urban hell.
Communication between environments to build autonomy
Networks of conscience working people is a way to be free.

At war against the system
Seek out and identify structures of authority.
At war with the system
Challenge domination, challenge hierarchy

The power of the people is the force of life
No idealistic vanguard, we’ll lead ourselves in the fight.
Organizational forms must develop from our own situations
Any tactic is justified to maintain revolutionary stations.

2. Prisoners of Conscience

Remember those people who live inside cages
Denied basic rights and no hope for parole.
Prisoners who gave their lives for revolution
Surrounded in silence, does anybody know?

Their family is gone, their friends are dead
Forced to concede they have no control.
They’re given no respect, their dignity stripped
Does anybody know?
In moral innocence, will they die alone?
will anybody know?

They’d seen the sign of truth out there
They let the people know
of mindless terror everywhere
does anybody know?

A body bound,A body dragged
Broken skin, broken bones
Tortured inside a cement cell
Where Nobody will know.
A stolen life, a living hell
Does anybody know?

The Black Panthers, A.I.M, and MOVE
Struggling for dignity, fighting racial oppression
Black Liberation Army, FALN, and RATF
Working towards autonomy, against imperialist expansion
Earth Liberation Front, Animal Liberation Front
Fighting to stop the continued destruction of life on this planet
When a so-called democratic systems ignore the voices of conscience
Direct action is the only recourse for developing opposition.

The New York 3, The Move 9, The Panther 21, Adolpho
Matos , Alberto Rodriguez,Alejandrina Valentin, Bill
Dunne, Larry Giddings, David Gilbert, Mutulu Shakur,
Dylcia Pagan, Edwin Cortes, Alicia Rodriguez, Tom
Manning, Anthony Bottom, Bashir Hameed, Hanif Bey,
Leonard Peletier, Laura Whitehorn, Marshal Conway,
Linda Evans, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Luis Rosa, Mark Cook,
Pat Moloney, Juan Segarra Palmer, Ida Luz Rodriguez,
Jihad Abdul Mumit, Ray Luc Levasseur, Shaka
Shakur,Pavel Koupa, Eric Wildcat Hall, Ted Kaczynski,
Helen Woodson:

These people are currently serving sentences for their conscious political activities, they have sacrificed their
freedom to build a revolutionary movement in support of a free existence based on mutual aid, justice, and respect.

They’re in a cage this very night
A life sentence or a death sentence.
Their spirits live while their body’s bound
Does anybody know?
Everyone remember that they’re still there
Everyone should know.

3. Acceptance Not Tolerance

Canada has taken steps to redefine the laws of marriage
Same sex unions are now possible throughout the nation.
Yet popular anti-gay sentiment exists on our streets to this day
One third of lesbians and gays are victims of violent aggression.

why are you threatened
by one’s choice of lover?
You say it is morally inferior
for the same sex to love another.

Your hatred affirms your values
Taught by faith-based institutions.
Your hatred is the result
Of myths and illusions.

Many have eyes but cannot see
Bigotry is a product of our society.
Prejudiced value systems
Imposed by religious orthodoxy.

The right wing openly denounce queer
Creating a culture of distrust and fear.
State parties sanctioning xenophobia
Promoting their supremacist utopia.

Gays and lesbians are a ‘threat to innocent children’
Gays and lesbians are ‘rampant with disease’
Gays and lesbians are ‘corrupting society’
Gays and lesbians are ‘the same as murderers and

The Bush administration
Spearheading a campaign of hate
Derailing progressive ideas
Promoting a tyrannical state.

Issuing regulations
Furthering discrimination
Constitutional amendments
Making queer illegal throughout the nation.

Benefits stripped from workers
Involved in same sex unions
Anti gay propaganda in the schools
More deranged conclusions

Who gave these bastards power?
Why do they control our lives?
What gives them the right to judge?
How long do we tolerate their lies?

Decent human beings must put a stop to this misery.
Equality and respect is crucial to our vision of a
future society.

No tolerance for the bigotry of homophobes.
No tolerance for the violence they uphold.

No peace for those who will perpetuate cycles of hate
Its time to take a stand against the offenses they

Freedom to love.
Freedom to live.

Irrational suspicion or hatred is the threat to innocent children.
Extreme hostility via ignorance is the rampant disease.
Discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity is morally corrupt.
Those who promote homophobia are the murderers and thieves

4. Antisect

“Thy will oh Lord
not mine be done”
blind submission
To myth and illusion.

“Be ye perfect
as your father in Heaven”
Guilt is the weapon
To gain psychological ascendence.

Vulnerable populations
Mystified by religion.
Ideologies of confusion
Obfuscation of the real.
Contradictory dogmas
Unquestioningly swallowed
At the root of our society
Sick doctrines of fantasy.

Faith is the faulty tool
For those with no explanation.
“All is for the greater good”
Rape, torture, and starvation.

Rhetoric of kindness
Rhetoric of nonviolence
Yet prohibit sexuality
Prohibit gender equality
Prohibit alternative existence
Prohibit liberation
And he who does not take the cross
Is unworthy of salvation

Action is what we need
Towards respectful coexistence
We do not require religion
To understand moral issues.

All is part of God’s “heavenly plan”
So rejoice in bloody war, all across the lands.
Keep the western world in a “religious frame of mind”
“Turn the other cheek” to the suffering of humankind.
Blind faith in a father-god tyrant in heaven
Is the best excuse for blind faith in a tyrant on

A disbelief in Gods
Is an affirmation of life.
A disbelief in Gods
Is an affirmation of purpose.
No authority in heaven
No authority on earth
Cast aside the Gods
Freedom from this curse.

5. Face of Capital

One fact concerning capitalism which could be held as true
It has sold the mass of people a deep belief in its values
Americans defend state policy, regardless of cost or of peril
A million lives, a million lies to preserve their false ideals

Capitalism for most Americans is synonymous with democracy
Yet the bitter fight for civil-rights is written in our history
Any freedom we might enjoy was fought against brutal opposition
The men who opposed liberty are those who built this system
The wealthy population protects and nurtures its own class
Refusing to react responsibly: a historical habit of this caste
Far from defending America’s few hard-won rights
They threaten democratic process and freedom’s still out of sight

If capitalism was all that its defenders claim it to be
We would expect to find a truthful, moral, and ethical society
Far from that it’s cursed, with a blood-soaked history
Europe took an unspoiled continent and ravished without mercy

Methodical and deliberate destruction of first nations
Is still the haunting price of American ‘Civilization’’
The first slaves from Africa arrived in 1619
150 years before America became an independent colony
500 thousand slaves for a 3 million population
Multi generational slavery is how our forefathers built the nation
Exploitation, crime, and violence: the fabric of our society
Creating distrust, hate, and fear with a warped sense of morality

America spends billions forcing economic stations worldwide
Yet refuses to pay attention to the problems on their side
Vast sums of money channeled into a destructive war machine
Destroying lives in other countries: the mark of boundless greed

When material advantage lies at the heart of our philosophy
How can we expect anything different from what we see?
America holds 7 percent of the world’s population
America consumes 40 percent of the world’s production

No country has medical costs as high as those in the USA
No public health insurance in the richest country of the day
Why invest in slum clearing and decent housing for the poor
Accumulating wealth through exploitation can get the rich so much more
A fight against this system is no longer a choice we have to make
It’s us against them with the world’s future at stake.
A growing concern for our position in a future yet to be
Is the hope for radical change towards direct democracy.

6. Masters of War

7. Culmine

A call to all those people who say we are free
Let your blinders fall a moment, tell me what do you see?
Is this really the way you want your world to be?
It’s no wonder your children stopped listening.

Nightsticks, plastic bullets,tear gas and locks
Behind every curtain: Molotov cocktails and rocks.
False-hearted judges dying in the webs that they spin
Only a matter of time before night comes stepping in.

Free enterprise and success, we know that's a lie
Your labor pays so little one can barely survive.
Hopeless eyes only stare, sealed lips make no sound
This society is a corpse rotting into the ground.

Nightsticks, plastic bullets,tear gas, and locks
Behind every curtain: molotov cocktails and rocks.
False-hearted judges dying in the webs that they spin
Only a matter of time before night comes stepping in.

We’ll refuse to be a part of a system we didn’t choose
For those of you in power the next move is up to you.
You’ve lost our trust, no allegiance nor vows
Without the support of the people your system falls to
the ground.

Your ill bred castle has begun to erode.
Constant class war causing systems to corrode.

Sure we are scared, Sure we may fall
But a lack of choices back us up against the wall.
Look into the fiery furnace not far beneath your feet
see your own children dying in the streets.

Its a shadowy world as the sun sets in the sky
Do we choose violent ignorance or penetrate their lies?
We can end their reign of blood if we openly criticize
If they refuse to listen they’ll pay the hard way for
their crimes.

Nightsticks, plastic bullets,tear gas, and locks
Behind every curtain: molotov cocktails and rocks.
False-hearted judges dying in the webs that they spin
Only a matter of time before night comes stepping in.

8. Ash and Ruin

Our forces dressed in black
descend upon the site
dismantling the engines of ecocide
Earth Liberation every night.

Planting ceramic stakes
deep inside the trees
to save the last old growth stands
bringing companies their knees.

People linking arms
in the line of machines
human shields of protection
risking life for a belief.

Our earth is in danger
from wanton corporate destruction
take control of the situation
fight back with direct action

Before the forests become ash and ruin.

The private sector runs amok
undermining environmental laws
breaking protection rights
earth’s resources in their claws.

devoid of care or thought
the general mass: a walking dead
distracted by a consumer paradise
we are willingly led.

Consume and forget
the capitalists slash and burn
life depends upon nature
when will they ever learn?

what will it finally take?
burning riots in the street?
peaceful protest has become rhetoric
violent upheaval is what we need.

ash and ruin

Corporate laws are constructed
and enforced by the state.
attenuating public voice
another S.L.A.P.P. in the face.

a corporate funded firing squad
disguised as cops and lawyers
destroying people’s lives
to protect the private sector.

State and corporate complicity
a crime cartel which we allow
all life is bound to suffer
the time to act now.

ash and ruin

9. Massacre

Blood-red banners united over the fields
Where a thousand innocent victims grieve.
Desperate populations, divided and conquered
A million graves hidden, beneath the fallen leaves

Step forth from the shadows to this cursed place
Bankers and thieves hungry for power.
Blood soaked soil, where you were born
Since the bastards set foot: filth, stench and war.

Their leaders wait above the celebration
Sending their thoughts to the dispossessed.
Who’s ivory face is beyond communication
With a corpse laden smile they accept his caress.

As parasites and worms uphold a social peace
We ride past decay and destruction in the ditches.
Their sweet pretty flowers have corrupted the mass
While disease reeks from their rotting stitches.

Torn between servitude and eruption
A messenger arrives with a black nightingale.
Critical eyes trained on the palace of mirrors
Where cruel men construct our fairy tales.

The leaders smiling behind closed doors
Turning deaf ears to the outraged cries.
They’ve betrayed their cause, turned their backs
Their death carrion rule from western skies.

The bones of the massacre
Are forever on their dinner plates
The violence of a resistant culture
Will be the terror they create.

That iron cross around their necks
Will drag the social order to its fate.
Burning fires, winds of change
Will blast their halls and clean the slate.

Dog soldiers will fetch their scraps
Down the bloody road of imperialist crime.
In empty halls where memory is protected
Ghost voices whisper from ancient times.

At twelve midnight the sun is breaking
Broken chains and fallen walls.
What measures will be taken?
When the graves are exposed and justice calls.

Tranquility and splendor on wheels of fire
Will bring us reward when the false idols fall.
Cruel death will rise and their pale ghosts retreat
When the vultures they’ve roosted come home to call.

We don’t need your organization
We’ve moved your mountains and marked your cards
Now our hearts must have the courage
For the burning of the guards.

10. Threat Inflation

US imperial systems and the corporate media
Inflating threats posed by imperial targets
Attacking hapless countries is good for big business
Imperial managers issue warnings to misinform the

Media is complicit, forming a poisoned view of the world
Creating mass attention towards otherwise ignored countries
Escalated lies, pressuring the public
Manufacturing fanaticism to annihilate the enemy
Remember Guatemala, Nicaragua, Kosovo
The public cheered for victory, a “triumph for democracy”
Foreign economic resources the US needed to control
Mass slaughtering hidden from the eye of the world.

US forces in the region, proxy armies invade
Yet the media is unwilling to speak of the US as a
The immanent victim awaits its own destruction
Any actions to defend itself are portrayed as

The official view-the media’s view
Unidirectional information, whitewashing the US
We live under control, a totalitarian society
disguised as the “good guy”, disguised as democracy.
Individual words such as “threat” or “aggression”
Are never applied to our leaders language or behavior
The resultants of a media ideologically subservient
The resultants of a media serving a state terrorist

And the bodies are hidden from the camera to create the illusion
“Surgical strikes”, “Collateral damage”; all these linguistic diversions
Descend into the inferno of a world ruled by hypocritical psychopaths
Ethnic slaughter, endless war, perpetual damnation.

The year 2003; another violent firestorm
US officials convey Iraq as a threat to our existence
A country starved to death by US sanctions
Iraq poses no threat, its children dying by the millions.

The United Snakes of Amerikkka and their dwindling alliance
Are the real masters and distributors of Mass Destructive Weapons
With their lapdog media, they’ll rain a storm of lies
The world’s leading terrorist state, no retribution for their crimes.

Will we openly analyze, will we openly criticize?
To ensure our friends and families don’t fall victim to their lies.
Take the time to analyze, take the time to criticize
To ensure our friends and families don’t fall victim to their lies.

Despite all that is portrayed on your local TV news
We are witnessing a major change in the population’s attitude.
Resisting the “virtual parliament” of the private sector
Turning the tide against the Western aggressor.

Protest around the world with no historical precedent
Populations beginning to see the true meaning of the system
Anti-Invasion resolution by 50 City Councils of the USA
Anti-Invasion protests by millions around the globe today.

Public opposition-80% in Spain and Italy
regardless of state allegiance, people thinking for themselves.
Public opposition-90% in Britain and Portugal
People waking up, taking back their minds.
Canaduh regards the US as the greatest threat to world peace
When people search out information, awareness will increase.
Millions joining the ranks of those opposing globalization
Developing pressure against United States Aggression.

11. Culture of Cowardice

A culture of cowardice
Our ugliness unveiled
Portrayed as a savior
Whitewashing our crimes

We are the heroes
Crowned in our halos
Policing the world
Passing our judgment

Our so-called enemies
Are the victims of siege
Bathed in our infamy
A dark imposing spectrum

This war turned system
A means to monetary gain
Taking control of countries
Leaving famine and waste

Canadian and American society has long used the corporate media to propagate its own self-righteousness. From
emphasizing the divide between social classes to manufacturing scapegoats for political and economic gain. Psychological
conditioning over a long period of time has led to two economically separated, yet ultimately conservative, sections of
society. The first section: a small percentage of wealthy individuals who run the private sector and maintain influence over
local politicians. This class pushes to undermine and control weakened third world countries through proxy regimes and
hit squads which support their capitalist structures; fashioning governments into corporate assets while openly neglecting
the everyday needs of the people. At the same time they’ll shamelessly blame the poor and underprivileged whenever any of
their so-called ‘economic crises’ arise. The second strata is comprised of the middle and lower classes who are often
manipulated into believing that our problems stem from loose immigration laws, foreign countries, and liberal political views.
Confused, scared, tired and frustrated they often label any criticism as ‘terrorist’ in accordance with the Bush
administration’s openly racist agenda. This sociopolitical/pathological climate is leading to our downfall, creating an egotistical
and cowardly culture which believes itself righteous and therefore free to brutally coerce the rest of the world. Global cop, global

A million dead
Without a trace
Genocide and destruction
Hidden from our face
Any depiction of real war
Not ‘appropriate’ for broadcast
If CNN showed the real story
Support for war would never last

Delivered propaganda
We are mislead to believe
In a brutal foreign policy
Which supports corporate greed

Molded and sedated
Trapped in a web of lies
Living under a blanket of fear
They play with our minds.
Answering the prayers of the rich
The world trade center fell

Initiating invasions and repression
The rich will bury us all

Increased state suppression
TV influence, false connections
We’re not allowed to criticize
As we bomb countries into recession

False leads and hidden agendas
To support corrupt institutions
Uncovering the truth is the key
To any possible solutions.


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