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Dying To Live

"Dying To Live" (1995)

1. Dying To Live
2. Kristendom
3. Shattered Self
4. King In A World Of Fools
5. Search
6. South Of No North
7. Living Is Ltd.
8. Astray
9. For A While
10. Hole

1. Dying To Live

a thousand questions strap a
leash around your neck
restricting your every move
assuring you no regrets

if I can't be me
release myself I would
choose not to be

im just dying to live
were all just dying to live
I see reason why

what do you think
dedication to the world that
they spoke wich took
all and never gave you
anything but


you reject my hand think you
earned some pride
think you understand just
when time is right

passion supreme
as we collide the moment
you ever stop to ride

2. Kristendom

manipulated history altered
values built
your tyranny nature waas
your biggest fear
not living ife while its

human instinct natures
guilt, 2000 years our
bloods been spilled

the resurrection ethernal life
pointless exsistence
your bible made life serve
the purpose
of living for no reason

I wonder how much. human
waste it took
and still will take before
you realize the deception
of the holy
book that love is real and
and god is telling lies

truth aint spoken
he went lost
the jews. themselves put
jesus on the cross

I give praise to life
itself and nothing else
all there is

3. Shattered Self

a parasite in my veins an
insect in a
storm your fall becomes my

pathetic fuckin creep you
justify your own little
shattered self through

the way you play yourself
just like a fool the way
youd die for respect
when youre just a fool

your words are falling
like flies to shit man
and that is
why each mans hell
is in a different place
yours are
behind that ruined broken

I want to see you fall
apart your end shall be
my start

4. King In A World Of Fools

what you see is not me
see only what you
wanna see
what I like you despise just
like everything thats not
like you

king in a world of fools

I wonder whats behind that
shell you wear
not that I care it just
seems strange to
me that there's a
scared little fuck inside
the one who tries to
frighten me
you sicken me

and all this time you spent on
hurting me you've
only been killing yourself
for me thank you bitch

jokes on you nothing new
just you never noticed
did you

king in a world of fools

5. Search

my existence the godless above
your twisted values I
breathe released from
the chains the indoctrine
of my brain

the seeds of man
misplaced its all inside
me spit forth this feeling
in me expelled from my
within the fields
you walk in you die in

weakened man cries out for god to help him
find his way, searching led astray
until his his dying day

living life on the esasy path
sucking air you never had
not meant to serve your
breed the wait for
heaven ill never need

the air we share has too many worlds
life hypnotized since birth

your existence the shackled
inside your hopeless world
you breathe never free from your
seliinflicted misery

6. South Of No North

know you would hate this if
you were here
told me about it while
you were here

all you had you gave while
you were here
id have a chance to repay
if you'd been here

just when you think
you're there the most you
find out then your
doors are closed

I could have been there I
could have been there I
could have died girl with you there

one thing that I learned
don't expect a thing so you
won't get burned
leaving something

loveed you in life
hate you in death the
south of no north you left

7. Living Is Ltd.

no time for taking shit
from anyone my day is now
tomorrows still to come

all I have all I trust
is right here right now

no matter how fucked up
things will ever get
there's always one fact
I shall not forget
this is my only chance

all that is real all that I

right here right now
still can we share the gift
of life I won't resist

8. Astray

rolling with the flow but I
don't know just where the fuck the heading to
no I seek no forgiveness the sins were on
my chest take all the blame myself

been led astray again
I thought I had a friend

alone I whisper the words
I never got to say
I know there's never
gonna be a way no things
aint always that they used to be
the tears of yesterday are filling me

life is a holiday cannot change
my ways this one way
trip to reality what I love
today I might hate the next
love those who deserve and
fuck the rest

no I wont ever let you keep me
down no longer
pushing me the fuck around
I wont let you lead
me all astray again

9. For A While

losing power hating
gaining power loving gaining
power loving
losing power hating

love is what makes us all
keep carrying on what
frees us from all our
sorrows later on it throws
everything back
to you and builds up your
hate for tomorrow

here today gone tomorrow

you heal the wounds I carrry
and make me feel alive
you help me find the spirit
for a while

you possess the power you
possess the power you possess

I find myself struggling for
confidence alone with
batterd feelings this
love was bound to turn to
hate seems our only defence

if you know how will you
show how to beeing you
would leave now if
you cared enough for me

lost your power lost it gave
it all away lost your power
lost it gave it all away

you can't balieve the words I
say somehow you heard it all
before you lost your faith
long time ago you don't
really care no more

I heal the wounds you carry
and make you feel alive I
help you find the spirit
for a while

10. Hole

in a one way make you're
running high blind never
stopped to reality wonder why
the key is yours in the palm of your
hand but where would you go
if you never understand

no one can tell
destiny forms itself with
or without your help
no one can know the pain in
your soul you choose to
live down that hole

weak in spirit waek in mind
in the maze you're running
scared forever blind
to all the things in life
you'd never find

I see myself in you frightened
by the view I can't save you
the demons got you

you choose to die down in that hole


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