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"Alterations" (1989 Demo)

1. Alterations
2. Occurence Concealed
3. The Persistence From Memorial Chasm
4. Pursuit Of A Rising Necessity

1. Alterations

You've got this weird feeling of fear
That someone's watching you close
You must demean yourself to calm it
Down with some stuff of sickening chill

But an explicit, deceptive effect
Forces you to take more
It's the fictitious world you're dying in
So death is condign!

Please point out the way that's right
Please bring me a nice dream this night
One that can relief my questions
The one of life alterations!

It seems like I am the only one to care
But I'm not the one to blame
Are you just careless concerning your own health?
Or have you just lost your sense?

How can I hide that I'm so tired of
The carefree deaf humanity
When the punishment, decay and disease
Are beyond all your beliefs!


[Lead: Schultz, Hansen, Schultz, Hansen]

Why do I have so many questions
And not one single answer to them?
I am so helpless alone here
And yet it's crowded up

Nobody to call my inner self
And make me wake up
I am dying slowly from deep within
Do you have a space for me?


Why haven't anyone told me all
And everything about life?
Just about the womb from where I was born
Is there anyone to blame?

Is heaven a place for those who prey
And not for some like me?
Why not entomb me in a hole
And I'll just rot in peace?


[Lead: Schultz, Hansen]

2. Occurence Concealed

Is poverty the plague of the new generation?
Economical corruption caused by leaders of oppression
Cheating you with words false and meaningless to them
Fascism and hate is the law they're living for!

Rottenness revealed in the higher men's places
Greed and corruption are shattering the weak
Giving all illusions to their own necessity
If you will survive you must fight on your own!

Putridity revealed - interminable destitution
Occurrence concealed - solicitudes expiration
Putridity revealed - interminable destitution
Occurrence concealed - solicitudes expiration

Ruling governments are taking every chance
To destroy, dispose and none will live it through
Shattered ideas, the population is betrayed
Deceived and displeased, criminal reinforcement!

Born to poverty, is this what you expect
From a government of brains to which we all pay?
All tyrannical leaders are chosen by their own
So you'll never live to see a life without greed!


[Lead: Schultz, Hansen, Schultz, Hansen]

The conditions of life become difficult to see
Will this ever stop or is it just meant to be?
Raging and hating grow fast among the poor
Insurrection of hunger is now a waste of time

Unemployment rises in the lower social life
A scaring, dreadful subject which all are talking about
But who will have the strength and possess the guts it needs
To change this putrid plague and destroy it for lifetime


Behind this painted surface the decay is clear to see
Destroying what they can, no nature left behind
Exploitation, greed, corruption, aren't them an end?
Defalcation, need, oppression, this will never change!

The militant development is wasting big amounts
And you know that your money has gone there too
Leave us in the dirt and take all our bucks
Buy more weapons, is this where it lacks?


3. The Persistence From Memorial Chasm

Back in the days of laughter and fun
We were the perfect to prevent any tears to come
Promising that nothing could ever fail
You weren't ready to receive the final nail
The tiny loss of health would drive someone insane
Fading fast away could only leave some remains
So you meet the fate in which you've never believed
Are you happy now for the things you've achieved?

Now in my mind there's only despair
Could I just go on or did I even care?
Decaying to a world so far from yourself
You're gone by now that's what the rumors tell
The instant kind of pain would drive another insane
Resulted in sending you "The Dying Day"
So you meet the fate in which you've never believed
Are you happy now for the things you've achieved?

The immaterial things you did for me
Reflected in underserved sympathy
Were you certain in the way you acted?
I'm sure it is a brain you lack!
The incessant missing person drove me more insane
Stupidly protecting you from a world of hate
So you meet the fate in which you've never believed
Are you happy now for the things you've achieved?

So my doubt grew fast and more each day
Could I miss one so much or was it meant this way?
Sometimes the chasm of my soul came close
Where were you when I needed you most?
The careless kind of world drove my void insane
But from where should I know that I'd wait in vain?
So I met the fate in which I've never believed
Am I happy now for the things I've achieved?

The anachronism in my carnal thoughts
Gives more depreciation to the dying force
Anxious I prepare the final call
Captious words in my anterior form

[Lead: Schultz]

The cauterized minds of the ethereal need
Makes me forget how much I for you feel
Inveracity hides in your nicest deeds
The persistence of memorial chasm!!!

[Lead: Hansen, Schultz, Hansen]

[Repeat 1st and 2nd verses]

4. Pursuit Of A Rising Necessity

Turn around, look at me
I'll tell you what's bothering me!
Where's responsibility?
Do we have the same ideas?
The abject sense of humour
That you're trying forcing through
Exceed my patience and I'll might
Point you own gun right at you!

Pursuit of a rising necessity
The feelings that nobody believes
Errors in the ways of humanity
Collision of the topics never needed

The intractable attitude
Shows the clear diffidence
Needless talk I can't take
All your so-called friends
Vilification is the symbol of
Your own stupidity
So feel a lot more sensible
When you think you're arguing with me!


[Lead: Hansen, Schultz]

Take your stupid money
Go to hell, turn my back, I don't care
As long as I'm alive
You'll soon be aware of me
Your way to behave
Show a clear affinity to the scum
So just insult me while you can
I think you'll surely regret your mistake!



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