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Crawl Beneath Our Shadow

"Crawl Beneath Our Shadow" (2004)

1. Worship Darkness Rising
2. Hasten Inferno's Defiance
3. Feel The Void...
4. A Deep Hate Within
5. Oblivion Shall Overcome
6. Arrogant Nihilism
7. Rapture In Murder
8. Death Claiming For Release

1. Worship Darkness Rising

Drifting unevenly at the light,
waiting the conquest of interwinding chaos.
I am a demon, keeper of darkness,
I yearn to grasp the commands of my horde of slaves.

Misery devours my name,
everything shall be ours
upon remains of wicked and severe angels.
My throne will be the embers of bliss.
It has to dissapear
what has never been worthy to be born.

Souls bewitched at the first strikes of fierce hate,
waters stir with pestilence.
Shit spread all over in the name of virtue.
I shall throttle all meaningless creeds.

May be opened the gates from where damnation spreads,
it will clasp a never-ending distressed dominion
over all and everything,
through mighty lands of frost
against armies of faith and you.

Darkness rising!
Worship the end of the known world, so triumphantly.
Darkness rising!
Celebrate the end of the known world, unworthy humanity.

Mutilate life in all its spheres
so it won't happen again.
End is near and I am its majesty,
the bowels of your inferiority.
Rise darkness, engulf me in awe,
the purest rejoinder of my
dejected human condition.

2. Hasten Inferno's Defiance

Expel fury in the face of your enemies,
unveil on which side is the might of dusk.
In thousands years of punishment
I'll be the slaughterer, proud and bloodthirsty.
Your inner boundaries will be sodomized
by the horns of a demon, drunk and thrilled
with the smell of rancid blood,
with your screams of abhorrence.

There will be a day absent of dawn,
we will reign.
There will be a night without moonlight,
inferno will proceed.
Everything and everyone will surrender or die,
prior to the overwhelming force of evilness.

The ocean quakes in furious anxiety.
Rise tempests, thunders tearing the skies!
Ravines outlined by time become undead,
life begins to wither as looses it's entire meaning.

Unwanted heirs,
I laugh at your debauchery.
I am the prelude of the end.

Trivial deities,
overthrown to incessant hollowness,
forgotten or subjugated.
I am the prelude of the end.

There will be coldness and eternal night,
we will reign.
There will be acrid surroundings,
inferno under our reign.

3. Feel The Void...

4. A Deep Hate Within

A deep hate within
consumes what is left of sanity
avoiding sympathetic gestures
towards life lost before my sight.


So gentle it came,
disgust and hate.
So easily drowned me in a haze
of doubts and wonderings about killing
you and everyone.
You will crawl ahead me
craving to mistreat your flesh.

Through green valleys of sadness
where I am compelled to die,
I cry, exultantly,
as I feel in the profound abyss
dressed in a viciously veil of denial
of whatever may surround me.

5. Oblivion Shall Overcome

And darkness came
soon my name was revealed,
I always wondered
why had the sun to exist!
Why to illuminate and warm
what is not worth of living
or existing in any form?

I wonder if I will have to kill them all alone,
lost in the infinity of my convictions.

This empire of imbecility
called civilization
is preparing its own end,
in ruins and flames.
Ye, despondent humanity,
dormant in its ignorance and wreckage.

Why so many people breathe, not deserving?

They only run away
from what they do not know!
The moon draws in red
the omens of your enslavement.

6. Arrogant Nihilism

Massacres to cleanse my path
of nauseating persons
claiming for the bridled messiah
like filthy pigs congregating
around defeated abortios.
War is the joy of men,
suicide the entire hope of believers.

The demise is only beginning.
I am silent but unquiet
waiting the day to hear thy screams,
the performance of a tragic comedy!

World without end!
Your children's despondency
is reflected in their behaviour
and helpless pleads.
Your inspiring decline is lighten up
by the eloquent fire of wickedness.

All hail a cursed doom
for which I am the leader.
I have bulit the altar
to the sacrifice of humankind.

Blood is as preciuis as a bullet.
One arouses the delights of existing,
the other brings the splendour of death.
And I am the aeon of nothingness.

7. Rapture In Murder

I came from the meaning of suicide.
Shadows drag me to where I have never been before.
I drown in the mirror of decadence
from a reflex of what was supposed to be life.
Past threatens to be what is about to come,
as I am comdemned to live.
I rise my shattered hands and scream
'Oh Lycanthropy, please save me,
bite me from this anger.'

Death lies on my chest,
lurking beneath,
waiting to arrest my breath.
And I breathe...

I will nail you down
as I am enraptured by murder.

I am as damnation from your worst nightmares.
I will offer you as feed to earth,
a feast of flesh for worms.
You must vow before inevitability,
being it a crucifix or a lividinous whore,
spreading disease.

8. Death Claiming For Release

Let its veil wrap the earth
and tremble it like a pendulum.
Time goes beyond, the feeble ones fall down
or are expelled.

Defiant are wrong until the final breath,
codemned to stay watching
the rape of their women (praying whores)
and the buring of their children.

Earnestly using its quintessence,
death sweeps with its jagged scythe
all life worshippers and believers in light.

From the abyss we rise to behold thee.

Destruction of compulsory standards,
the carnage of insignificant individuals.
Will be poised forever
with our stimulating support and actions.
Death scrutinizes in the horizon
of the filthy existence of yours.

I don't know what is going to happen to me
but I do not fear death.
Its grasp is the escape
to when certain Judas brings treason.
The jew pig bleeds on the cross
Each word he said, unspeakable.

Berviage of miracles, of resurrection.
Such things are outrageous.
Once cold death stares at thee,
deeply in your eyes,
in a glace thou belong to eternity.

Dreadfully the present days
are a torrent of nausea and oversight
that death itself cannot seize.
Tur to dust all the disposable ones,
ablaze earth as the buring hell.

Death claims for release war.
Death claims for release woe.
Death claims for release
...with screams that stir the blood.
Death claims for releae
...holding a dark splendour.

I don't know what is going to happen to me
but I defy death.


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