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Unmercyful Extermination

"Unmercyful Extermination" (2001 EP)

1. Unmercyful Extermination
2. Dominating Thunderous Force
3. Breeders of Chaos
4. Outside Dwellers (New Hyper Brutally Improved version)
5. Catacombs Devourer
6. Decapitation of the Weak

1. Unmercyful Extermination

Defeaning hellish roars
Pounding blasting drums
Terrible inhuman yells
Relentless powerful attack

Outrageous evil horde
Paroxysm of aberration
Hybrid creatures emerging
Crawling, growling
Causing havoc, killing
& exterminating all forms of life

Blood - Flowing all over the plain
Nature - Completely desolated
Believers - Brutally mutilated
Vultures - Disgorging their rotted corpses

Black force devastating
Everything that lays in its path
Bloody revenge of the
Mighty Ancient Ones

Human Race - Totally annihilated
Weak Ones - Crushed & Destroyed
Elder Gods - Finally Dethroned
Chaos & Destruction - Reign once more

2. Dominating Thunderous Force

Oh, Spirit of Fire! Formed by the powerful force falling over these lands,
destroying all the ignorant contamination created by man.

Your arcane secrets reveal us

Secrets that milleniums ago others have trusted to the mighty ones
when the human race unhabitated the earth and now are hidden behind you

Dominating sorcerers of magical, daemonic powers strenghtened your terrible flames in their rites
as into the dark flamed forests raised their hands and summoned powerful cosmic forces

I've deepened those endless forests & I've had shattered visions,
malignant deities hailing from other dimensions have been in front of me

Oh, Spirit of Fire! You've let discovered terrible entities
give me the power to confront them

Azagthoth, the blind and idiot God with his derisory face and monstrous appearance
surrounded by his starving hordes showed his image to me.

Nobody will ever know what lurked behind that being.

I saw him, drowned in the deepest despair, I felt at the madness edge

Oh, Spirit of Fire!

The Fire formed by the fury of the nameless Gods from their red thrones, reveal me the secrets to cross to the Outside

3. Breeders of Chaos

The Ancient Ones emissaries are already here
Demons and Beasts have established
Strategic Places they·ve pointed out
In order to begin the Invasion

Battlefields have been built up
Where human beings lay hungry
Torture Places
In which their disgusting bodies
Are torn apart bloodly
Gas chambers were created
To annihilate thousands of people

Humanity have been enslaved
By the most evil minds
Lots of dead bodies
Became into reanimated beings
Used for sinister purposes

Sent to create violent battles
Where thousands of humans are skinned
Their heads decapitated - brains suctioned
Internal Organs dissected

Their principal objective is to
Exterminate the damned christian race
Extirpate it from its womb
And destroy its creator

4. Outside Dwellers (New Hyper Brutally Improved version)

The hour was night... when the star called my attention
I hadn·t seen it before... since it was covered by a large rug
Finally, I saw it was a star of five points of big size
Decorated with ornamental designs... kind of cabalistic drawing!

Then, I took a chalk and copied carefully the whole design
I sat within it and expected something to happened...
So I recalled invocation rituals but nothing took place...
...several minutes later I remembered the words and spoke them gravely...:


Instantly, the most astonishing phenomenon occurred...:

·I found myself looking upon a nocturnal landscape...
...desert vegetation... sandy rocks... the place was spare-of caverns... snow capped mountains
...a landscape that couldn·t have been found anywhere...·

Life seemed to be going on within this weird aliens world...

Rattlesnake crawling...
Sharp-eyed hawk soaring overhead...
The Gila monster!

In the meanwhile, bats came out of the caverns· mouth
... then, a kind of human being made its appearance...:

·Rough of skin - emaciated...
abnormally eyes and ears...
ribs showing through its skin..
Outside Dwellers!!!...·

Little by little an enormous creature appeared... at first a tentacle, then another - half a dozen!
An eldritch head showed dimly...:

Horror!...ghastly travesty head
Neckless body... mass of jelly flesh!

Horror!...ghastly travesty head
Neckless body... mass of jelly flesh!

·I realised the thing had a great perception
for it saw me from the beginning, fixed its eyes
upon me and began to move rapidly towards me
through the darkening landscape... total paralysis...
was this the ultimate illusion...?·

...Little by little an enormous creature appeared... at first a tentacle, then another - half a dozen!
An eldritch head showed dimly...

Horror!...ghastly travesty head
Neckless body... mass of jelly flesh!

5. Catacombs Devourer

From the catacombs, from the murky deserted place
the abominable monstrosity has appeared
extending its wickedness all over the planet
strange entity, unmercyful destroyer
ambushing in the dark to devour humans

Pestilent hideous presence
Immense and powerful
Huge reptile scale
Big animal snout
Horrible, monstrous

For a long time remained into the dense forest
none of the animal species survived
since they were its prey
now human blood makes it stronger
and feeds on their flesh

Entire nations exterminated
in their search for salvation
but their lives are other god's own
and have began to send their hordes

There's no escape, beg for your life
the monster's footprints have remained
the ancient god's order has been acomplished
the abominable beast's been saciated
the world is theirs, and now
returns to the Catacombs

6. Decapitation of the Weak

Fucking idiot believers
You deserve nothing
but to be killed unmercifuly
All your non-existing idols
Are just the only thing
You have in your senseless lives

One by one - decapitated with our axes
All your weakness - finally exterminated

There's no place for you here - die!
Your irrational existence - ends now!

Decapitation of the weak - There·ll be none left
Decapitation of the weak - cease to exist!

Evil hordes, cutting off your heads
While vultures devour your putrid bodies
The time has come for your ·Saviour·
Who happened to be just a fuckin· lie!

Beg for your life - stupid servants of Christ
Kneel on your knees - bastards of the light
Decapitated slowly - infernal suffering
Ancient Ones - ready to take your soul apart

Decapitation of the weak - Brutality & chaos rule
Decapitation of the weak - We shall reign supreme!


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