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"Unholy" (2002)

1. Isis Enthroned
2. Queen of the Undead
3. Forbidden Epitaph
4. Berzekir
5. 1390
6. Fear
7. Demonic
8. Bats in the Attic
9. Estuans Interius
10. Moondust
11. Glory
12. In Praise of Lilith

1. Isis Enthroned

Rise, you, Sebenithian godess!
Let us honor your thousand names,
Rise, you, holy mother of Horus,
Your memory will remain the same!

By the power of the snake
You found the secret name of Re,
So let the venom flow through out mortal veins,
Let us know your wisdom, break our chains!

Nephtis gathered your flesh and bones
And on your face she opened your eyes,
Bring Osiris back with your breath,
'Cause you have the power of life and death.

Bless the dark land, Kemi!
Bless your people, queen!

On your knees before Isis enthroned!
Bow your head before Isis enthroned!

In the name of Tefen,
In the name of Toth,
Let us come to you,
Isis enthroned!

For all the pain you've suffered
For Osiris, husband and brother,
You gave birth to Horus
To avenge his father.
We are the ones who worship
Your magic and your word,
Our queen and godess,
Isis enthroned!

2. Queen of the Undead

I've hated this world of lie
And I was trapped inside,
I've looked behind in anger and I died.
I choose this way around
As I'll rise from the ground
And lead this worthless mankind to the otherside.

Demons born in fire, spirits of the damned
Are coming now to win.
Monsters of the night are waiting for their byte
In the name of the darkened queen.

The world is a flock of sheep
And its smell is getting' deep
In the ground where I rest my bones.
There's no chance in changing things
And all the history of kings
Will come and bleed on my tombstone.

Legendary heroes are standing by her side
For the war they were brought back from the dead,
All the living creatures are gathered in the fields
To see how the sky is turning red.
Werewolves and demons slowly bow their heads
To greet the queen of the undead.

3. Forbidden Epitaph

I am the undead, in vain you try to stop me.
In vain you've kill my flash
I hate you cause you hate me
I am the sum of your fears, unholy and always awake
I can smell your thoughts
I can hear your mind. I make no mistakes

Forbidden epitaph, whritten with upside down words!
Forbidden epitaph above an empty tomb
You're soulless and worthless
Nothing can stop you to die
Evil! Godless! Your own life makes you cry

Death and life are twins
So why do you love your life?
While worms will dig your corpse,
Your spirit will arise

I'll died but I'll come
As ghost to trouble your mind
Anger! Fury!
Against what I used to be

Above an empty tomb
The evil takes a look
I read the forbidden words
I call the unholy lords
I've carved the ancient curse on stone.

4. Berzekir

I know the storm is coming, dark clouds cover the sky
And I know I'll never see another day.
The wind keeps saying It's a good day to die,
And together we'll search infinity.

I fight for no one's throne,
Don't fight for justice, don't fight for peace,
I have a blind rage deep in my bones,
I'm the one who brings the devil's kiss.

Hate! Hate is all that I feel!
Fear! The only thing that is real!

I have a single friend in the blade in my hand
And I have a single wish for when I'm dead,
To quench the thirst of every beast around
And to die across the fields, nature red.

I fee; your fear a thousand miles away.
There's no point in running, on your marks I'll stay!
Now I see your lips kissing the mud
And I will feast in your blood!

5. 1390

I left my body down on an altar in flames,
I have to meet my own heaven or hell,
No one can see me, no one can touch me,
I'm waiting now your big mistake.
Before that night I cast a spell on myself,
My spirit will stay here and haunt them.
I'll break the tombstone, I'll feed my hunger
With their dreams, with their regrets.

In the fire a body lays,
The night will shelter the ghoul!
Side by side with the wolves she cries,
She's ready to avenge her soul.

They watch my body burn in flames,
They spread my ashes in the wind.
She is the leader of our secret society.
She will guide our destiny.
They thought she's gone,
But she was sent back from the dead.
Her silent curse, her silent tears haunt them,
Her evil sight in the dead of night,
Her evil voice leave them with no choice
'Cause she was a demon in a human skin...
Eye for an eye and sin for a sin
Is her law.

In 1390 I was condemned
By the unholy inquisition to burn
For all my sins, for my beliefs,
Because I followed the old ways.
With my disciples I was caught in the act,
While we were speaking with the stars,
We've dropped our flesh and from our skins
We've built for us a whole new world.

6. Fear

Centuries ago we were placed on a marble pedestal
By those who searched for us in heaven,
Not thinking that we lived behind their eyes.

We used to die and be reborn,
We spent eternity in ivory thrones,
We always came with the spring
And we tasted the nectar of kings.
But mortals turned the altars into dust,
The old gods were suddenly left to rust
For the promise of the afterlife,
The fear of the afterlife.

Watch them quietly disappear
When all gods asked for volunteers!
Watch them disobey
And the holy rains will have to pay
For their fear!

The rain doesn't fall now as it used to fall once,
At the dawn of times.
Mortals fly hand in hand with angels in their dreams,
They forgot to touch the ground.

7. Demonic

The castle gates are opened,
The hour now has come
And I'm waiting by your grave.
The circle is now broken,
The flames are fading out,
I feel your scent from thousand miles away.

The statues come to life,
The earth reveals the knife
And the trees are screaming what I should not do.
I try to wash with darkness
The stain of blood on my dress
And I'm begging... Take me with you.

She has a way to heal
The cruel truth of life
And time and space collide
To satisfy her will.

I breathe demonic heights
Demonic nights, demonic air.
I taste demonic sins,
Demonic winds play with my hair.

Ride with me in darkness,
Offer me your blood,
Let me guide you into
The sweet afterlife.
Ride with me in sorrow,
Ride with me in sin,
Taste the seed of life,
Laying deep within.

8. Bats in the Attic

The flapping of my wings,
Alone in bed she sings.
Like the king of the night
I fly off reality
And I know
Our souls will stay together
This feeling lives forever
Just like a curse

Flying so low around me
One hundred eyes glow inside me
Draining my blood
Like the bats in my attic.
Like darkness they show around me
One hundred eyes glow inside me!
Bats in the attic

I pierce her tender skin
I'm dragging her in sin.
She's still alive
But she is now in my control
And I know or souls will stay together,
This feeling lives forever
Just like a curse

9. Estuans Interius

Estuans interitus ira vehementi
In amaritudine loquor mee menti
Factus de materia cinis elementi
Similis sum folio de quo ludunt venti

Cum sit erins propriuns viro sapienti
Supra petram panere sedem fundamenti
Sutultus ego comparor fluvio labenti
Sub codem transite nunquam permanenti.
Non me tenent vincula
Non me tenent clavis
Quero mihi similes
El adiunquor pravis.

Whatever Venus commands is a sweet dark duty.
She never dwells. She never hears lazy heart.
I am eager for the pleasures of the flesh
More than for salvation
My soul is dead. So I shall look after the flesh.

Milsi cardis gravitas
Res videtur gravis
Iocis et amabilis
Duliciorque favis.

Quiquid Venus imperal labor est suavis
Que nunquam in cardibus habitat ignavis

Via lata gradiar
More inventutis
Implicor et viliis
Immemor virtutis
Voluptatis avidus
Magis quam salutis
Mortinis in anima curam geno cutis

10. Moondust

The rain is falling down on me
Like the tears of an unborn child
Who knows the universe to come,
But aeons turned to ashes
As you first opened your eyes.
I've searched all the universe for you.

I am the eye of magic,
I am the thought flying too fast.
I am a corner to nowhere,
I am the ocean turned into moondust.

You look inside my heart
And you don't understand the sight.
An endless graveyard marks my soul.
You hide behind the lie
And try to ask me who I am.
But the stars whisper that...

11. Glory

The night was long and the battle hard.
We faced death with courage and pride
We left the best of us behind
But the victory was on our side.

They called themselves crusaders.
The army of some new born god.
They tried to change our tradition
But we drowned their fate in flight.

In to the fire we roam
Straight in to hell and in to the storm.
Just like a curse, just like a sin.
Dragging their souls behind their skin.

For our fate
For our land
For our king,
We're ready to die.
Glory to the blood stained flag.

12. In Praise of Lilith

The deeper I fall,
The higher I fly.
I am the wing of fear,
The incarnation of night.
My rebellion forced God
To see his dark side.
Creation and Creator
Will always collide.

Fruits of anger!

By the force of darkness
You dared to stand tall,
You refused to obey,
Never did you crawl.
With your eyes like blood,
Your wings wide spread,
You denied your father,
Refuse to bow your head.

Nadaria Salomia Cadar Zlie Feti Tia.

Eager to be lost in the night,
Unborn children came into sight.
In a ritual deicide,
They spill the blood of a mourning bride.
So, in praise of Lilith, they dance all the night,
In praise of Lilith they will swallow the light.
A black moon appears to murder the day,
Shining dark, it scares the Sun away.

Banished from Eden,
Deep in the sea,
Hand in hand with monsters,
She spends the eternity.
Take care what you wish for
'Cause it might come true!
So, never call her name.
She might come to you.

In the darkest nights
I spread my wings,
I'm the mistress of shadows,
The priestess of sins.
I fly through your dreams,
I own your soul,
I'm the undead queen,
The eternal ghoul.


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