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The Force Within

"The Force Within" (2004)

1. Mother Serbia
2. Alienation
3. The Dark One
4. Temple of Desire
5. Buried Memories
6. S' Druge Strane Svjetla
7. The Lightbringer
8. Dark Saga (Iced Earth Cover)
9. Na Krilima Noci

1. Mother Serbia

"Jedna kao srce sto u grudima bije
Jedna kao sunce sto sa istoka sija
Jedna kao krv sto u meni vrije
Jedna je sveta MAJKA SRBIJA ! "

And as I walk this sacred ground
My heart it rings with joy inside
The dark mountains and ancient forests
And all the beauty that lies inside

Glorious land of blood and pain
We fought and died for your pride
Centuries of war, ashes, blood and steel
Forever your honour we'll defend

Oh Mother Serbia where are you now
Is this the faith of the empire so old?
Your western lands are beyond the reach
And the south is closing in

Oh Mother Serbia raise your head
Hear our cries is this the end?
For you we fight for you we die
Let two-headed eagle forever fly


2. Alienation

Alienated from this world
Disconnected from my mind
Comfort my decomposed soul
You almighty, mercyless God

Dehumanized in your highness
Projected into subreal
Embodyed through the weakness
Is this world what you call weal?

Structureless life's pieces
Tearing my inside
My blood burns your churches
Alienated from the fake God

Structureless life's pieces
I cannot remember the whole
My thoughts my only weapons
Alienated freedom calls

3. The Dark One

Darkpath walker shrouded in the mist
Red eyes burning, blazing the night
Hellborn, devilspawn, bringer of the hate
Representing Hell on Earth, collecting the souls

Burning, Raging, Killing
The Dark One is coming

Heavens are screaming, crying out in pain
Terror's coming, evil is its name
Land is schorched, cities dissapear
New order now is here, hail its name

Burning, Raging, Killing
The Dark One is coming

"Sing a song of death and fire, nothing to remain
Only a path of decay, mankind to face
A flame of his devours everything in path
To establish the kingdom of grief and hate".

4. Temple of Desire

Come to me, be my friend
Step into my world
Into my fears, world's misbelieves
I'll help you to understand
Inevitable nature of the place
Which passes before your eyes
Leads us to death, the only path
You'll never walk by

Sceneries from the past
Nights sang in blood
Pictures that will last
Only in the eyes of the dead

Let me be your guide
I will help you die
I lust for your eyes
Mirrors of past times
Now I see the sign
You are ready to die
Welcome to my
Temple of desire

And I die, and my soul is my cage
When I die my love will still rage
If I see your love on my way
I'll die happy and the smile will stay

5. Buried Memories

Inner voice that breaks the silence
Tells the same old story again
Years have passed, but standing still
Frozen time reveals the pain

That seemed passed away
A long time ago
The same words I say
I don't want to be said

Buried memories came to life
Same moment transcended through time
I close my eyes and live it again
Search the answers that cannot be found

In past where dark shadows
Won't reveal mistakes being made
Vacancy brought by the future
Will end this life again

...and I recall the past
Ancient grief echoes again
...and the echo will last
Through words never written
...but said
Once, but too much

...and I recall the past
Abyssus abyssum invocat
...and I wait for the rest
Aequat omnia cinis
Aeternum vale...

6. S' Druge Strane Svjetla

You said you will be with me
You said I won't cry
You said time will heal the wounds
You left me to die

Otvaram oci, slusam tisinu
Podsjecam sebe da nisam ziv
Ostaje pogled u proslost, u tminu
Ugasao pogled tmuran i siv

Uskrsla proslosti, buducnosti mracna sjeno
Volim tvoj dah, hladan vazduh mrtvi
K'o poslednji put tad osjecam ja
Prirodu svoju grijeh taj smrtni

Tamu sad dodirujem
Hladan vjetar usne cjeliva
U dubok san tijelo smirujem
Pocinje dan S' druge strane svjetla !

Why this life
Why here
Why you
Why me
U san tonem
I unazad zivim
Zelim da sam nijem
Da rijeci ne krivim

7. The Lightbringer

Heaven it burns scattered are stars
And reign of lament in catharsis dies
Luminate the night for my fiend kind
Arcane worlds fall as I long for the dawn

Sadness and sorrow they grabbed my soul
In realms beyond I killed the love
The symphony of night, lurked me down
To doom of my kin, of divine light

Anger, hate, scorn and despair
Finally dark alliance is made
I raise the army, the kings are marching
I spit my wrath on the world of lies

Powers gather as I prepare for war
To purify the mankind, I'm macabre foe
Children of darkness, heed the black tide
The lands and stars, the dominion is mine

I've burned my wings
I despised the hope
Poisoned the essence
Of divinity that's gone
I brought the chaos
On this foged shores
Remember my sins
For I regret them not

The darkchoirs sing repention forbidden
The Lightbringer waves, I cross the diminished plains

There in the forest, there she stands and greets me
And there beneath her angelic wings white as snow
I've seen the path for cursed to walk
Forshadowed the events of nighttime to come

The darkchoirs sing repention forbidden
The Lightbringer waves, I cross the diminished plains...

8. Dark Saga (Iced Earth Cover)

Originally recorded by ICED EARTH (The Dark Saga, 1996.) for Century Media

9. Na Krilima Noci

I poletjecemo na krilima noci
Vodjeni nadom i ocajanjem
Na putu posutom tamom prokletstva
Vjetar hladni nas pozdravlja

Olujni oblaci se nadvijaju crni
Gromovi oznacavaju dolazak nas
I sumrak se spusta nad pustom zemljom
Da obgrli sjenke sto postaju duze

I kada se mjesec uzdigne
Kao krv crven i zlokoban
I hladni vjetar svoju pjesmu zapoje
Sto nekada davno zaboravljena bi
U sjenci proslosti daleke
I tad dodir obasja ljepote nocne uzvisene

I poletjecemo na krilima noci
Pod zastitom Crnog bozanstva
U susret nepoznatom bez straha u srcu
Bez stanice igdje na putu beskrajnom...


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