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Prophecy Of Doom

"Prophecy Of Doom" (2003)

1. The Prophecy
2. Prophecy of Doom
3. Dawn of Awakening
4. Forever Damned
5. Blasphemy
6. The Revelation
7. The Fallen
8. Invocation
9. Apocalypse
10. The Cult

1. The Prophecy

2. Prophecy of Doom

And the skies turned red with the foul blood
Of a thousand angels... Assail them all
Their essence freely flowing through the tired
Gates of heaven... no longer will they stand

Liberate tutemet ex infernis

Let the fires of rebellion burn down the sky asunder

Liberate tutemet ex infernis

They will drown in their own life

Hear the Pounding of the hooves
It is the sound of the dead dragging your hearse
Give way to the second war
And welcome this storm of chaos
That will tear at the very essence of your being

The bitter harvest of souls begun
The signs from the book of Enoch have come to pass

Stand or die

We are on the verge of an epic battle long foretold
Only one thing is certain.... this is death

Liberate tutemet ex infernis

Visions of doom, sights of eternity
Heed my words of gore
Hear the unholy prophecy of doom

3. Dawn of Awakening

Unbowed have we entered our tomb
Our conviction still unfaltered
We are the bastion of resistance
They blinded our fury
And now shall feel our wrath

7 nights of infernal mayhem have announced
The arrival of the spirits of old.... Awaken us

Too long this slumber.... Too long this death
At last to be again

We have travelled from beyond the empire of the dead
From the eternal damnation that is hell
Mercy and compassion
Are ground to dust beneath our heels

The gates of hell lie broken
Free the angels of the abyss
Heed the clarion call
Lead us back into darkness

And gather in Babylon
We are the dark blooded
The bringers of the drifting tides
We abhor and detest your light

Unter den ewigen schwarzen Himmel
Sind wir gefluechtet
Um unsere suenden abzusahlen

4. Forever Damned

I am alone in this darkness
Damned be thy name

The night shall be my path
Damned be thy being

Blinded by unjust fear
Damned be thy light

Seven by seven.... Hand and knee
In this moment... I curse thee

Contaminated by black
Damned is my life

Quieting my pain... Silencing my anguish
Abandoning my earthly bonds

The last essence of life has fled
Cursed by the heritage of blood

To be the desirous martyr
To scorching sore yet unseen

Seven by seven.... Hand and knee
In this moment... I curse thee

My curse is thine... Die, Die, I damn you all
Let me enter eternal bliss

Grant me escape from this refuge
End this horror, this suffering

Bound by darkness... I shall be.... never again

5. Blasphemy

I walk in constant shadow
Blocking light and dark
Bow down before me
I recall your soul

I am the path
My traditions covenant

For I am the only god that is
Extinguish these mishappen abominations

I will undo creation
Taste the fire in my eyes
My faith ignites your life

Forsake your mortal ethics
Unchain the inner beast
Hierarchies of sin

I will bend this earth to my will
Relinquish all power to me
To renounce me is to renounce all life... all hope

We are not akin
I stand above this mass of humanity

I am not drawn to darkness
It is drawn to me

6. The Revelation

7. The Fallen

To return my halo to the hands of traitors
The disgrace
Cast aside, betrayed, how I hate him

He who allies with my enemy
Shall burn in the flames of vengeance
Let this fire burn down the pearly gates

My brothers have come the meek... the cowards
Foolish once and all
How can they be so blind

If in the eternal fire I am cast
I will make it my throne to reign from
Their so called life will become
The inferno they think awaits them

Once more I wield the sword of retribution
No mere mortal shall be without sin
I condemn you all to certain death

If this soul is what he has given
It will be mine to corrupt

8. Invocation

Invocation of the dead

Hear me ancients
Answer my call
Do my bidding
For now and all

Invocation of the damned

I speak to thee in lifeless tongues
By worse unspoken my will be done

By my will it is done

Through right or our bloodline
I call upon thee
To spite the name of our father
Awake from reverie

Invocation of the dead

At last, spirits of the fallen
Rise from your sleep
Eternal bonds are no longer
I set you free

Invocation of the damned

Return unto me the divine and defeated
From the abyss

9. Apocalypse

Fear me for I am ripe with death
I am the last disease

The world returns to black
The final night is here

I have returned to guide the ones without a soul

Dark elohim, gather
We are the last dawn

Unleash the flood

There is no time to spare
No tomorrows to which your hopes may be delayed


The undying are reborn once more
The heralds of the storm
Have risen to dominance

To sift through the bitter ashes

Finding nothing of worth
Hence we devote forever
To destroy the lands of faith
And bring the lands of the dead

We are hunger.... we are death
We are pestilence
We are war.... we are destroyers of life....
We are the apocalypse

10. The Cult


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