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"Perspectives" (1995)

1. Words
2. Sanctioned Situations
3. Skin And Nails
4. Tortured
5. Observe...
6. Autodogmatic
7. Back Of Lethargy
8. Perspectives

1. Words

Nailed to a facade
Deny it all
Projection producted
Intense flogging of the mind

I'm shiftless, never moving
Shiftless, no emotion
Shiftless, hoiw can I
Attempt to find your solution

It's not that I can't bear the pain
I just don't want to
I've got my own shit to solve
Why should I care about you too

I'm shiftless, never changing
Shiftless, no emotion left

You can't even begin to understand
Just how I feel
Don't bother to hold the facade of being real

Intimidation, force
My will, lies broken

2. Sanctioned Situations

Open your minds, and listen
Open your eyes to see
Please put a stop to this madness
Os is this the end of society

Sanctioned situations
Bring suffering to humanity
Political powers, incompetence
Destroy's the life in us

Why - Do we live in death
Why - Are we crying in hunger
Why - is life so disposable
Why - does the end seem near
Natural disasters occur
Subconscious minds brought forth
Why must we die in vein
With the end of a million lives

Socialism, Despises enterprise
There's nothing left to gain
Cold war may be over
But the battle for earth begins

Reality, has now sunk in
Fear is what you fear
Day by day, we rot away
The end cometh near

3. Skin And Nails

Say those words that cut right through me
Pass the mallet around
Comment on all you see fit
Grab a fistful and Pound

Now someone new has come along
Time to define again
The need to talk about yourself
Should swiftly be your end

Careless to all on whom you trod
A mental trains, run off the rails
Charging in, take verbal control
Slain a spike in, skin and nails
Contempt arises and my grip fails
Label me, skin and nails

Tack me up on the wall
Another pelt in your wondrous collection
Displayed under microscope
Tagged and used for your function

Tan me
Stretch out
Hung up
To dry

4. Tortured

My pain, your gain, pleasures your when I rot inside
This past, can't be, I've swallowed my foolish pride
Left me, so scarred, you saw things that could not be
Deep in, your mind, your eyes are blind to reality

You left me tortured...

Subliminal, so criminal, your anger cries behind closed doors
Contemp, despair, can't live like we did before
You have, no feelings, you can't accept the way I live
I lose, you win, forced to struggle with a bitch

You left me tortured...

Your dreams, your life
Your soul is mine
Those things I'll take
They have no meaning

Like a flame that slowly fades
Your time has gone
Your time has gone

We've been addicted to your waste
You're sending me to an early grave
You fucked my life beyond despair
Destroyed my soul, laughing all the time

Never has my passion been returned
I thought you loved me, but I was wrong
So alone I sit in a blood red room
Lights out, as I construct my doom

I came, you went, this world around me has no place
I trust, you lie, uyou leave me full of disgrace
My dreams, my screams, my coil it breeds vitality
My body, and soul, are trapped here in imortality
You left me tortured, mentally tortured, you left me tortured

5. Observe...

Take away my eyes
Don't want to see
Shut away my ears
Can't stand to hear the screams

I've become desensitized
Can't sift the truth out of the lies
Don't understand what's happening to me
When will I finally realize

I've become desensitized
Scope of reality decays
I've seen enough
Please turn it off
Lost like an orange
Caught in the works of this clock

This is a disease, you want to dissect
I won't submit to you, full up of the test

My mind is cracking, a ten ton test
I must push upward, never let it rest

Push me ever further, shove, pobe, and prod.
I'm your humbloe servant, hold my life for me lord

Please, shut off the box
I'll hold my breath, 'til I turn blue
A suicide in venin
Blamed on you

6. Autodogmatic

I look at you, you look at me]
What do you see, a man or an interior being
Five hundred years oppression
lives on 'til this day
a fear of misunderstanding
divides us in every way

Can't understand, the way we live
the way we talk
the way we think
we're all the same
Understandment destroys ignorance

Please understand, the way we live
Please understand, the way we talk
Please understand, the way we think
Please understand, we're all the same

30 years ago, one man had a dream
a dream that all man, they lived equally
one day they shot him down in the streets
one man who dreamed of peace

Understandment destroys ignorance

Fighting, blood fighting for rights and oppression lives to kill
and division forms the lines that separate by violent hands

Brought to your world against our will
On lands that others have sown
Born, bred, and raised as slaves
On our backs these lands have grown

7. Back Of Lethargy

Familiarity breeds contempt
Contempt is poison
Poison, brings death
Peace, knocked down to its knees
Fighting overseas
Doing what we please

Hate, easy to relate
Always violate
Never to consummate

Welcome, this is reality

Frustration, in this generation
Different situation
Forgetting past solutions

Society, breeds hostility
Savage hypocrisy
Fucking atrocity

We're down to the lowest, violently cracking the crust
Occasionally I think suicide is the only answer
But then we're commiting it anyway

Destroying ourselves
Drowning in our own mire
Friend, evironment, future
We stick in the shive and by our own violations
We expire, By our own violation, expire

Blackness of corruption spreads
Collapsing the idols to dust
Falsely worshiped material gains
Your end comes in a sadistic rush

8. Perspectives


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