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Prophet Of The End

"Prophet Of The End" (2003 Demo)

1. 2084
2. God´s Hate
3. Here Comes the Circus
4. Homo Sapiens
5. Prophet of the End
6. Villa Vampiria

1. 2084

silent don´t say a word, nod by your head and obey your lord, don´t think it´s the biggest crime, bleat blindly and agree, they never lie, fear from everyone and everything, you never know where informers are watching, hopeless there´s no escape, pleasure of life has changed to hate

so you want to belive the lies, you persuade yourself that lords are wise, courts no official existence, but there is for all capital punishment, pain which your soul feels, enslave is cure that nothing gives, cowardise it´s typical quality, better be save and crush down your sanity

life in the fear, 2084, this time is near, this time time will come

war equal peace, freedom egual enslave, sightless equal power

it has been told but Orwell made fail, 2084, police state will come, from people´s suffering dictators have gain, society´s end will be done

slave or die, slave or die, now you are rightless, your one future is live like monkeys in the cage, now you have the things that you were for, one fucking police state, one killing war, 2084 time like deep middle ages, age full of suffering and total enslave

2. God´s Hate

pray to me! and maybe I will save you, slave me, I created you to slave, cross in the high, symbol of your enslaved, I will comand and you will obey

I love to be a despotic tyrant, I´m on the throne, I´ll be forever, you all belivers are my servants, in my anger I can do whatever

sacrifice your life for me

you are puppets with whom I play, if I want I will kill you, fall to your kness and pray, your life will never be smooth

my name is god I show you my true face, true face of good god full of deep hate, once I will come down with sword in my hand, I won´t bring peace and love but inmense pain

no delight, no delight all delights are sins, better in torment live and belive in shits, you want to slave so do, even so you are fucked, instead of kissing crosses think about true face of god

evil devil, evil devil meaning of all welfare, welfare and satisfaction are to hells gate enter, satan is calling, hell awaits, of all ilusions end, you spent your life by licking shit and god is dead

3. Here Comes the Circus

circus is coming bringing only death, everywhere everytime builts bloody tent, since the birth of mankind has started its tour, is killing everyone and making the poor, like animals in circus you suffer under war, both don´t care about your fate any more

like killing circus wars are rolling, from place to place everything destroing, if you want to see this show nobody asks, you must buy ticket and pay with your life

clawns in uniforms are slaming by whips, driving new victims to arena like pigs, arena is getting full, full of your blood, they say this massacre is in name of god, is only one thing that have been done, millions of dead and circus goes on

war circus of murders

animals with gun are waiting in cages, waiting for comands, comands of death, birds with the bombs, keeped out voliers, keeped out to destroy, destroy all lands, seals with nuclear rockets are swiming in dams, say only the word and they´ll destroy the earth

like killing circus wars are rolling, from place to place everything destroing, you can hear victimses scream by last breath, please only one stop circus of death

4. Homo Sapiens

I grew up from the pain you couse, I fell the tree you cutdown, yes I was born in the woods, but I have no mother and it is your fault

mate, feed, kill

fucking sucking draining the world, and you say that you obey the lord, screaming yelling weeping I hear, you foolish idiots your end is near

homo sapiens, useless human race, homo sapiens, fuck up human race

erasing all kind of living beings, was always your primar goal, this is the only one cure, for the disease you are, cure is death motherfuckers, cure is death

show me your middlefinger, and put it down your troat, get it down as deep as you can, you gotta puke all shit out, see with your own eyes, this stuff you hide inside, and all you see is pain, misery, sickness and it´s your human side

5. Prophet of the End

my words are full of pain, prophecy of final end, but is´t it a true sad reality, death for all humanity

my tongue is a sharp sword, by our ignorace forged, sword which will cleave earth, then you will ask to be saved

try watch your conscience, is it right to belive in human race, we will pay with interest, mankind is catle so no regrets

I´m prophet of the end, I prophesy damnation, I´m not savior, I prophesy termination

air will change to cyanid, watter to deathly acid, nuclear dust will fall from sky, who is to blame, die

6. Villa Vampiria


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