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Delusive Eyes

"Delusive Eyes" (1997 Demo)

1. War Of Shadows
2. Queen Of Underworld
3. Infernal Storm
4. Blind Faith
5. Magic Night
6. Delusive Eyes
7. The Cult

1. War Of Shadows

2. Queen Of Underworld

Queen Of Underworld

In the end of darkness, in the middle of moras
is forgotten temple, forbidden for all of us
Just who´ll survive the way and finally enter the temple
that can by the altar pray or get the last absolution

I saw a man exhausted, he was bleeding
he was wounded, he gasped for breath
Ready to suffer or die, to abandon his family
so that he´s gonna try to live in harmony

Confessed to the queen, Queen of Underworld
sins or problems are purgated from her words
The queen gave him all what he was looking for
he became free and calm, the wish was fulfilled

3. Infernal Storm

4. Blind Faith

Blind Faith

"Thousands and thousands of victims
thousands and thousands of dead souls
thousands of lost illusions
dead for nothing, just sorrowful end"

They died in pain, in the torture
´cause church knows the truth
how to people abuse, intimidate
how to keep fear or submission

Girl burns slowly and the laughs
in the name of God is world a hell
fear of intelligence and wisdom
kills all disagreeing with them

Blind faith
devil hidden in the cross
Scared face
the world is "Paradise Lost"

Subjugated human race
revolution´s storm is coming on
wars, killing fields and blood
What is done cannot be undone!!!

5. Magic Night

6. Delusive Eyes

Delusive Eyes

Midnight waked all charming might
through the darkness sounds the silence
beasts of prey seek the blood
just the fires pervade the night

Flames surround the castle
and guard the lady of the house
she has a visit tonight
the nightbirds sing the night

Allegory of mysterious feast
delusive sight is mirrored in wine
the guest gave in her smile
and became slave of her desire

"Delusive eyes are lightning green
She is so nice...and you another victim"

Magic look made him blind
all´s shifting in the bed
but he doesn´t know, that
it´s appointed for his death

Passion devours both bodies
when the wail of crying fairies
was the prayer for salvation
her cursed and desperate soul

Delusive eyes´re mirrored in blood
and waiting for another sinful dawn
when she will be born like virgin
to live to sunset, to another victim

7. The Cult

The Cult

"Mortem timere quam mori crudelius est"

Ceremony entrance in the paradise
to escape from the evil and from lies
Ceremony of purgatory of your soul
to get rid of profane roul

"Morte mori melius quam vitam ducere mortis"

The loss of human identity to come into "world"
and be born again for your new lord

"Nunc dimitis servum tuum, inferum"

...My lord !....


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