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"Life" (2004)

1. No Answer
2. A Trip
3. Blasted (History of a Dive)
4. Destiny ?
5. Labyrinth
6. I Want to Kill Some... (Part 4)
7. Sickness is the Law
8. Sons of Earth
9. The Fight
10. For Lust
11. N.D.S.
12. The Scorpion
13. Thank You
14. Rage
15. One Day
16. Life ?

1. No Answer

Here is life full of movements
There's such a great heat
And so brilliant colors ?
But what will I find
On the opposite side ?
Will it be darkness and coldness
And the fucking stillness ?

How will I die ? (x3)
Who can tell me ?
How will I die ? (x3)
Is it written ?


What will be my end ?
Will it be gentle and soft ?
Or so fucking violent
That I'll suffer like hell ?

How will I die ? (x3)
Will I die youg ?
How will I die ? (x3)
Will I die old ?

Will I grow old ?
Will I be grand-pa ?
And if you tell me,
Would I really listen to you ?

I'm not sure of it !
The only certainty in life
It is the end !


Be sure of one thing !
As we don't know
How much time we have left
I simply think that : Carpe Diem !

How will I die ? (x3)
I don't know it !
How will I die ? (x3)
I don't want it ! I don't want to know !
But the question remains

2. A Trip

Early in the morning
At the rehearsal room
We greet us
And prepare the instruments
The whole stuff in the cars
We're so fucking tired
But so excited !
Heading to the highway !
And we drive on this earth ! (x2)
Discussing about all
DIscussing about nothing
Just laughing
Or having a row
Laughing again
Stupid jokes
Oh ! A gas station !
Let's have a break...
We laugh
We joke
We rest
On the road again...



Oh ! Shit ! Oh ! Fuck ! Where is this fucking place ? (x2)

This town is so big
Another rmote village
Do you speak the language ?
Nobody's around...
At least, here it is !
Hi everyone
What's your band ?
What are you doing tonight ?
We have to find
A place for the stand
To sell CDs
And t-shirts

We watch
We eat
We wait
We play


Sickness is the law !
Grind inc. !

And after the gig,
We discuss with people
We meet cool bands
We share the addresses...
We talk
And again we talk
But it is late !
Time to sleep...
Early in the morning
We thank and drive
Bacj to hometown
Fucked up but so happy...

3. Blasted (History of a Dive)

Now we are both trapped in
This damned place,
Surrounded by flames,
Is it our last day ?

The metal becomes red,
Our feelings bow,
(Creating) a cathedral structure
Our love's a holy place !
-- Pray that we'll escape
-- Pray that we'll run
-- Pray that we'll stay
-- Pray that we'll die

Blasted ! (x2)

To escape the fire,
We'll choose the air !
If we shall die together,
Give me your hand, my love, we'll jump !
As we can't have the water,
We'll choose the earth !
If we shall die together,
Give me your hand, my love, we'll jump !

So we're flying, together, our way !
And we're falling, dying our way !
So we're flying, flying our way !
And we're falling, dying our way !
So we're flying, dying our way !
And we're falling, dying our way !


4. Destiny ?

A few men
Are world famous
'Cause they achieved
One great work

This work a lifework
They belong to each other
Other things they did
Are known to but a few

A whole part of their life denied !
A whole part of their work disparaged !

Could it be
That what they've done
Was a kind of impulse
Towards the masterpiece ?

As if those men
And those women
Were born to
Fulfil a mission.

A mission !

But here we are
Facing destiny !
Is this notion
Or reality ?

Is this mere coincidence
'Cause destiny
Works with
The mastermind

A creator !

Do you believe ?
Or are you son of earth ?
Doesn't matter anyway
We shall all walk our own way !

5. Labyrinth

All the surrounds me
Is so red and warm
Man expulses me
Can see a light
I'm so cold
What is this world ?

I'm at the entry, but where am I ?
I make my first steps, where am I going ?
I make my first choices, what shall I do ?
I get my first injuries, how to avoid them ?

Right ? Left ? Or is it straight on ?
Maybe this way ? Another wall !

Step by step, surrounded by walls,
In quest of the exit...

Labyrinth (x3)
Is this my life ?


I go on, alone,
In quest of the exit...

Stop it now ! Please show me the way !

Dead-ends or traps !
And the worse to come :
'Cause in the labyrinth
There's the minotaur
He seeks and hunts you
You can run but one day
You'll have to fight him !
Where can be this darn exit ?
Who can build such a terrible maze ?
What'll we find outside of it ?
Who'll be able to find the answer ?

Right ? Left ? Or is it straight on ?
Maybe this way ? I hate you, darn walls !

6. I Want to Kill Some... (Part 4)

7. Sickness is the Law

Face your urges !

We are the Air, we're the Earth
(we are) Fire and Water
We're Sagittarius, we're Lion
(we're) Scorpion and Libra
Just read the key, feel the trance
(we'll) Grind you to the core !
We're new Karamazov
Direct in your face !!!

Go ! Stage-dive and slam !
Throw yourself in the air !
We will grind your souls !
We're the skullcrushers !

Skullcrushers (x4)

Face your urges !

Inside of you there is a beast
Now sickness is the law !
Let it get out just for a while
'Cause sickness is the law !
The apex point of our odyssey !
Don't you know (that)
Sickness is the law ?
Just accept who you are and get sick
'Cause sickness is the law !

8. Sons of Earth

Do have believers respect towards
Other men just 'cause they fear god ?
Or is it because they see them like
Other human beings living around them ?
Is the reason of their consideration
Just the fear of hell after life ?

The answer is not obvious
Many of them fear god
And his holy judgement !
Selfish behaviour !
The idea of a post-mortem judge
Is easier to accept
Than to believe in nothing !
Such a human pretension !
Man can't accept being just
A piece of meat ! His ego
Cannot stand the thought !
A supreme being has to watch over him.

The atheists have accepted
The idea of being nothing
Acting on their own will
He's also the only responsible

Good or evil ?
Matter of conscience !


Mankind wants to rise and touch the sky
As its young roots try to dig the ground !

Man is the son of earth
Yet we want to leave it !
Man is the son of earth
But his dreams are of air !

9. The Fight

And the clock starts its way
Here is the warm matter
In this cold universe
The mineral appears
Stable but not alive and so slow
Then vegetal, alive and faster
And at least animal, alive
Warm and moving fast, oh ! so fast !
Air, earth, atmosphere
Water, fire, and life grows
Days, years, centuries,
Milleniums, times passing by...
A being rises
And starts his reign
The human is here
He is intelligent !
No fang, no fur
Tools, creativity
Humanity propers
Civilisation, thanks to the brain
But the beast's still here
Deep inside his mind
He doesn't control it
And the fight starts

Wrath and violence
Weapons of the beast
Desire and envy
Weakness of man


The fight goes on
But the beast is so strong !
The fight goes on
But man is so weak !

But the beast
Is in you
Accept it
And control it
Experience it
And tame it
Learn to free it
When you nedd to
The instinct
And the reason
Instinct's strong
What about reason ?
Which to win ?
Which to know ?


The fight goes on
But the beast is so strong !
The fight goes on
But man is so weak !
But the human brain just goes on
Progressing until it equals god
Man knows how to create humans
But manipulated, copyrighted !

The copyrighted human
Is programmed
He is logic, mechanical
No more beast !
The ultimate brain !

Has the brain
Reach its
Last stage
Is it the last step ?
Could it be ?
A simple stage
Like all the rest ?


Will human give its place up to the machine ?
Will the machine keep the human species ?

Which to win
Which to know
The instinct
The reason

10. For Lust

When I see them girls
Know what ? I'm hopeless
It's beyond my control
I must win their heart

I stare at their lovely breast
And gaze at their long legs
Lust is within me
Guiding my life, Can't do without it !

I love tits, huge or small
They're so sweet and warm !
And I love their butts
And Doktor K.'s conferences !

For Lust ! (x2)

Oh ! My god ! Oh ! What won't I do

For Lust ! (x4)

This fire in me !
It's satyriasis
I love it sweaty !
I love it warm !

For Lust ! (x3)

11. N.D.S.

Tard le soir, tourbillons d'air
La peau se hérisse
Le regard vers la flèche
Et tous ses songes
Digne vaisseau de pierre
Les yeux se plissent
Ces questions qui ébrechent
Ces doutes qui rongent...

Un humain fabriqué
Contre un vaisseau de pierre étonné

Termite du minéral
L'homme creuse dans la pierre
Il dresse des cathédrales
Mais ne sait quitter la terre

Ah ! Mais qu'est-il
Ah ! Ce presqu'humain ?
Ah ! Mais qu'est-il
Ah ! Un vaisseau de chair ?

L'histoire du monde gravée dans la pierre
L'histoire de l'espèce inscrite dans la chair
Dans la pierre se cherche l'immortalité
Dans la chair se trouve la continuité
Les phobies des hommes inscrites dans la pierre
Les folies humaines gravées dans la chair
Mais la pierre est empreinte de respect
Mais la chair est en quête de fierté

Mais voilà
Des humains
Ils s'unissent
Devant les portes
Puis l'aube paraît
Et la pierre accueille la chair
Et le presqu'homme cherche la foi
La cathédrale cherche pourquoi
La triste chair veut quitter la terre...

Ce n'est pas la bonne question ! (x2)
Notre Dame de Strasbourg ! (x2)

Donnez-moi une réponse ! (x4)

[ Late at night, whirlwinds
Skin bristles up
The glance at the spire
And all its dreams
Dignified stone vessel
Eyes wrinkle
Those questions which chip
Those doubts which fret...

A manufactured human
Versus a surprised stone vessel

Termite of mineral
The man dig into stone
He erects cathedrals
But cannot leave earth

Ah ! But what is he ?
Ah ! that almost'human ?
Ah ! But what is he ?
Ah ! A flesh vessel ?

The world history carved in stone
The species history written in flesh
In stone is sought immortality
In flesh is found continuity
Human phobias carved in flesh
But the stone is tinged with respect
But the flesh is in search of pride

But here are
They unite
In front of the doors
Then dawn appears
And the stone welcome the flesh
And the almost'human seeks for faith
The cathedral seeks why
The sad flesh wants to leave earth...

That's not the right question ! (x2)
Notre Dame de Strasbourg ! (x2)

Give me an answer ! (x4) ]

12. The Scorpion

I'll tell you something :
In south of France
There's a cruel game
Played by kids !
They take burning coal
Dispose it in circle
The put in the center
Right in the middle a noble creature.
That is the scorpion, with its mortal sting
Here in its prison, the water sign
In a circle of fire, laughed at by the kids.

And then they watch
Kids are fascinated
The scorpion stands still
Until the heat is too high
It the tries to escape !

Ah ! Ah ! The children guffaw
Ah ! Ah ! How funny !
Look ! Look ! Scream the children
Look ! Look ! It tries to escape

The animal hang around,
Looking for a way out
Meticulously, but there's none.
Kids laugh as it returns at the center
He awaits, enduring its torture.
But the fire burns so strong !
It is so desperate
That its terrible sting rises up
And the noble scorpion strikes to death !

Kids are fascinated
The scorpion is motionless
The heat was too high
It choose the last escape !

Ah ! Ah ! The children guffaw
Ah ! Ah ! How funny !
Look ! Look ! Scream the children
Look ! Look ! How it dies !

13. Thank You

A drum, a bass, a guitar and a voice
Four instruments held by four men

No women, as usual
Metal's a masculine world
Please find here an homage
To the few courageous grinding women !

Thank you for your support !!!!

Without women, we men live only at half
One of our quest is to find
The one that'll support us

That's why we want to thank Our companions
Passed, especially present, maybe future
Who help us in our sonical debauchery
You're our ground, that
Makes us keep the creative fire !

Joy, pleasure, growth,
Maturity but also pain, which
Gives the taste and value
To all the rest
All the things do belong
To life we owe it to you, so please
Let us thank you !

14. Rage

I vomit you !
I'll crush you !
I hate you so !
You're nothing !
Even not shit !
Out of my way !
You don't even exist !

Ah ! Sometimes...
If only I could...
So attractive...
Oh Yes ! Just one time !

Scratch the head off
With an axe
Or with a mace
Blow up your face
Plunge a chain saw
In the middle of your brain
Or, great vision, see
Your face hammer smashed !

Hit it until it
Becomes completely flabby
Beat it to a pulp
And hear your fucking groans
Smash everything to bits
Destroy the nose and even tooth
Et sentir tes effluves *

Ah ! I hate you so !
Ah ! Just one time !
Ah ! I hate you so !

I'll kill you !!!

[ * : and smell your exhalations ]

15. One Day

Day after day, little Barney
Goes to school with his friends
He studies because he has to
His parents must be proud of him
Barney grows up, as his knowledge
He learned abstraction
Thought process and questioning

Time's passing by
His studies go on
But now Barney
Think about the world
And, at least, end of studies
Must now find a job
To earn his own money
In order to feed his family
Then he is questioning
What is this world ?
I don't understand !
No one applies
What we learned

Stupid !
You're so stupid !
I don't understand !
I can't believe what I see !
I can't accept what I see !
Oh ! How could I live
By knowing all this...
All these years of studies
To realize that...

So Barney
Wants to change the world
But he can't, not enough power
Life must go on
In this universe
He accepts its absurdities
So it is
To be
And lucid
Or to be
Stupid and
Blind ?
is a bless
In this damn world
And lucidity,
What a paradox,
Seems to be
Malediction !
Day after day, the old Barney
Keeps on living
And raising his kids
So they become lucid.
One of them will have
Enough power
To, at least, change this reality !

16. Life ?


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