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"Growth" (2000)

1. I Want to Kill Some... (Part III)
2. Underground
3. Copyright
4. The Fright
5. Clock
6. Grind God
7. Time
8. The Golden Cage
9. Vanité ?
10. N.S.C.
11. Urges !
12. Karamazov
13. Grind to the Core
14. Satyriasis
15. Bread and Games
16. Muensterturm
17. D.I.Y.F.

1. I Want to Kill Some... (Part III)

2. Underground

Hail to you, Brothers of all countries !
You all support the underground !
We're the new way, the altrnative
To Father Dollar and its drifts.

United !!
Strong !!
Free !!
Alive !!

Dieses Lied is für Euch, Ihr seit alle Nachen !
Dieser Krach ist für Euch, weil ihr geil sind !
Ja ! Wir danken Euch alle
Weil Ihr Underground unterstützen !

Allez mes Frères ! Rejoignez-nous !
Un coeur, une foi, une raison de vivre,
Voilà ce qu'est pour nous ce monde souterrain
Mine de diamant insondable et richissime.

Hey Brothers ! We all love you !
Hey Brudern ! Wir lieben Euch alle !
Hé ! Frères ! On vous aime tous !
Ensembe ! Zusammen ! Together !

3. Copyright

The year 2000 has been celebrated
For several decades now
And I, the first of my species,
Copyrighted human,
Am still here
To serve You Ô Human.

My reason to be
Is to second You
Never I could be able to
Hurt one of You

Yes, I'm your master !
Yes, you must obey !
Yes, number 01 !
You have to serve us !

So that we better serve You
You gave us feelings
So that we better understand You,
You gave us reflection
So that we help You to progress,
You taught us to grow
So taht we better relieve You,
You gave us compassion

But I can suffer !
I can understand You !
I'm like You !
Am I not human somehow ?

So that we cannot attack You,
You gave us submission
So that we cannot hurt You,
You didn't teach us anger
So that we cannot offend You,
You gave us respect
So that we cannot be like You,
You didn't teach us arrogance

- But reflection engenders consciousness
- You are just like a machine
- And consciousness engenders pain
- You are just like a machine
- And pain engenders questioning
- You are just like a machine
- And questioning engenders madness
- You are just like a machine


But I know that You are good
And that one day perhaps
You'll see in us Your equals
And You'll free us.

Yes, You're the master !
Yes, we shall obey !
Yes, Ô Great Creator !
Yes, I owe You life !

4. The Fright

- Groping, seeking, responses are escaping me.
Which is the way, how to do it ?
Crush the doubt to defeat te fright,
The ultimate certainty for the absolute rest.

- Such a wish, desired with such a strength !
Is it still possible ?
Doesn't he know that he's seeking what he doesn't want to ?
But why should I tell him and shatter such a dream ?

- A whole life isn't enough !
Time, damned enemy !
I have to find another way,
Break these barriers but for Christ's sake, I need help !

- Poor little man, calm down and listen to me
I can make your dream come true,
But in return I need your signature.
No ! Not with this ink but with this one !

- Ah !

- And one (more) again !
All your wishes are fulfilled now,
So tell me, are you pleased ?

- Oh, God ! What is this horror ?
Where is the mystery, Spirit of life ?

- But isn't it what you were looking for ?
''The ultimate certainty for the absolute rest'' Ah ! Ah !

- Certainty is just Fright and I'm dying of
(A life of) boredom and terror !

5. Clock

... Bang Bang Bang
Now It is
The movement starts
First second is passed

<i>Time</i> :
The light is... Substance gathers...
The Wheel rolls faster and faster...
The First KIngdom will appear to be...
The fourth dimension will take wing
As the three others appear at least !
Enjoy the First Day !

<i>Mineral</i> :
Heavy and massive,
It begins its slow movement.
It has to economize itself 'cause it has to be
Last but one and be stable for the next.
Enjoy the Second Kingdom !

<i>Vegetal</i> :
The stability reigns, I can finally spring up...
I propagate myself on my whole predecessor...
My duration is shorter so my path is quicker...
But here comes already my successor, let him be consumed !

<i>Animal</i> :
I am here now ! The ultimate state of creation !
This world is mine now ! I'm full of life, let me feel it !
I am immortal ! I'm burning like a glowing fire !
I am alive !

Time's passing by...
Life consumes itself...

<i>Animal</i> :
Holy God !
Is it already the end ?
Please Give me some more time to live !
Please Let me rise to Your status !

<i>Vegetal</i> :
He burned his life out...
And now it is my turn...
My course is ending now...
Enjoy my Last Day !

<i>Mineral</i> :
Its slow movement
Stops at last.
The heat... is gone...
Ther stone... is still...

<i>Time</i> :
The hourglass is almost empty...
The last grains are slipping away slower and slower...
The dimensions are falling in...
As the void and the darkness rise !

Game is over
'till the next Bang...

6. Grind God

Once upon a time, in the near England,
Young people who pushed music to its extreme limits.
They gathered to create their sounds
The most famous from them are known by you.

It was after that their vibrations
Have been immortalized that I began to exist.
My spirit spreads over the world, delivering
A macabre or satirical vision of your universe...

Tolerance, openmindedness or fanatical fundamentalism
Or a clever mix of both

I'm presenting you ideas that I convey
And as for the sounds, listen to the following...

Come to me Energy, source of everything
I feel it growing in me
And with it, Speed and Brutality
Here is the Holy Trinity

Grind God (x2)

From here results my power
A sonorous storm
An instinctual flood
The Apocalypse at each note

The voice has to be bestial or completely crazy
From the lowest to the highest tones
It is the Voice of the Speaking God
There is no Holy Books but Holy Sounds

To worship Me, all my Followers gather
Around a few bands celebrating me
And here comes Madness, Sweat, Energy

I am the Grind God !
Come to me my Children !

7. Time

Ô Temps, vil mensonge, souffre notre conscience !
Ô Art, violent éveil, souffre notre obédience !

[ O Time, vile lie, suffer our consciousness !
O Art, violent awakening, suffer our allegiance ! ]

8. The Golden Cage

I know that I can trust you
That you love me
But for all that...
You know that I understand you,
That I love you
So understand me...
I know that it's hard, that it's painful
But for all that...
You know that I love you
That I understand you
So understand me...

One of them could...
And you could too...
Yes, one of them could...
And if you, you...
What would I do if you...

What have you said ?
Tell me the truth !
I know that you hide me things !
Aren't you lying again ?
But you'll tell me the truth !
You have to tell me the truth !

Shut up ! You're lying !
I know ! Stop lying !
Shut up ! You have to stop lying !
Stop it ! It drives me crazy !
Stop it ! It drives me mad !

So you cannot see, all the others who are rounding you ?
So you don't want to see that your beauty attract them all !

I know that you're crying,
That it's hurting you so
But for all that...
You know that I understand you,
That I love you
I know that you want to escape, stop screaming
Because in spite of that...
You know that I love you
That I understand you
That's why I can't...

'Cause you belong to me.

9. Vanité ?

I close my book and put it down
I turn off the music
'Cause it's late
Here comes drowsiness, the little death...

Huge books, illustrated with beautiful paintings
In halls with wonderful outlines
Dancing statues, intoxicated by music
God Himself is here
Delightful visions where are mixed
Arts of Time and Space...

But, alas ! God draws aside and let His place
To a river of sand and its glass dam.

Here comes Time which everything erases
Books, paintings, even walls are cracking
Statues are falling, they break and stop
Music becomes silent, God has gone
The light drops, vision becomes cloudy
As the Sand river sweeps everything along

And then appear
What we all fear...

The vile skull with its hideous orbits
Here is Death
Human things seem to be really vain

My eyes suddenly open
And my mind shrieks in response
That if man cannot stop the hour-glass
His creations can slow down its stream

10. N.S.C.

To mislead them, to lie to them
So that one day I'll be a part of the N.S.C. !

To join the N.S.C. ! (x2)

Play with their illusions, make them believe in it
So that one day I'll be a part of the N.S.C. !

Nonsense Committee !
To join the N.S.C. !

The N.S.C. !

11. Urges !

Bursting out of the boiling guts
The need to kill
The pleasure to kill with the hands
The need to kill

Blind science faces psycho killer
The need to kill
Quartered on the urges cross
The need to kill

Urges of death from the balls to the heart
Urges of death from the heart to the hands


Uncontrollable desire ripping my guts... need to kill
Uncontrollable desire ripping my guts... need to fuck
Uncontrollable desire ripping my guts... need to live

Here it's back, I feel it, you feel them
Flash in front of my eyes, a sadistic slaughter
Swimming in blood, smelling the sweat
Where death and sex are one, I bein to live


Uncontrollable desire ripping your guts... need to kill
Uncontrollable desire ripping your guts... need to fuck
Need to live...

Death (x3)
Sex (x3)
Life (x3)
I'm an animal

12. Karamazov

Face your urges !

- I faced them and I won.
- I faced them and I won too !
- I must admit them !
- I'm the revelator !

- I'm not afraid.
- I'm not afraid neither !
- They lea my whole life !
- I make them explode !

We're new KARAMAZOV (x4)

Urges take control
Smerdiakov, Ivan
Aliocha, Dmitri
Four brothers linked by
Their Internal Life

Ex-Pulsion of their urges
Make them become what they are.
Reflection, introspection
In a single word : Growth
Reflection, introspection
Means for us De Vita
Four members linked by
Our Internal Life

But what means Maturity,
Wisdom, Death ?
Does all that lead us to the
Eternal Life ?

Exploration cannot stop
'Cause we feel that we are truth.

We're new KARAMAZOV.

13. Grind to the Core

Power, at last !
The tympanum frail guardian, vibrates,
becomes taut and twisted.
The external auditory canal is trembling,
blood vessels rupture and the eardrum tears.
The hammer cracks and breaks the anvil,
the stirrup shatters and the cilias are torn out.


The blood and the liquid,
fluids of life and sound
Are seeping out.
Bloody hell, is this good !?

Eyelids are opening
Pupils dilating
Crystalline lenses are cracking
The pierced corneas let the aqueous humor...
and the blood flow.


Sweat attacks nostrils,
olfactory receptors are inflamed,
Blood vessels weep
blood flows and, with it, the mucus.


Skin ! It deforms under the blows !
The epidermis, the dermis are saturated with blood.
Tongue's out, the dribble flows,
the sweat deposits salt.
The muscle is dissolved, corrosion.
Bloody hell ! Is this a gig !?


14. Satyriasis

My hand goes up and down
I feel I come
It is my first lonely pleasure
It's nice but it must be better !
It's my first real date
We will mix together
Yes this way it's good
But by this one it must be better !

I love to break taboos
From behind it's forbidden
It hurts, she likes it
But it must be better !

Cum in her mouth
After a sodomy
I'm sure she likes it
But it must be better !
Tie her, humiliate her
She must love it
She's my thing
But it must be better !

Ah ! The golden shower
On her body, her face
Ah ! It makes me cum
But it must be better !

I shit on its face
Spread in on its body
Drive my arms
In its orifices

Ah ! There is better
Medor ! Come here !

Oh ! Bitch ! I know that you love it ! (x2)

Your face ! I will smash it !
Your body is just meat !
I'll beat it to death !
I'll feel its your last breath !

Now it is dead !
I still can fuck it !
I can make what I want !
But the little girl there is surely better...

15. Bread and Games

How can a government keep the population still ?
How ?
Tell me !

How can they avoid people to think by themselves ?
How ?
I'll tell you !

People don't think
when they have enough bread and games !

Don't let the others think for you !
Don't let the others act for you !

Think by yourself !

Reflection and watchfulness
Prevent you from being abused !

Stay aware
And keep on watching !
Keep on GRINDING !!

16. Muensterturm

Pierre après pierre, je grandis, je m'élève
Je m'orne de visages de saints et de démons
C'est dans mon coeur qu'ils mendient leurs rêves
La taille du temple importe-t-elle donc ?
A mes portes, sur la place, des gibets, ils vont les pendre
Ils observent, jugent, rient...
Puis mes cloches résonnent, ils communient pour célébrer leur Dieu
Ils observent, jugent, prient...

Bien plus tard, un homme
S'attarde plus longtemps que ses semblables
Son coeur semble bien lour
A pleurer du haut de ma Tour

Les larmes coulent de son visage
Son regard tombe à mes pieds
Sa main m'étreint puis me lâche
Le voilà qui sombre dans la nuit qui agonise

Le temps passe
Ils naissent, vivent et meurent
Le temps passe
Et enfin deux qui s'aiment

La nuit les voile
Ils s'unissent devant mes portes
Enfin des humains
Jusqu'à ce que le matin les emporte

Puis vint prier
L'humain fabriqué
Tant d'amour en lui
Et si finalement c'était lui
Le seul et véritable humain ?

17. D.I.Y.F.

A tree at 200 km/hour full frontal without seat-belt
A baseball bat, the strongest possible on your nose
To fall down from the 29th stage head first
A Brutal Death CD, it all goes
Direct In Your Face !

A one ton box which falls on your face
A big dynamite stick which explodes between your teeth
The person you who betrays you
A Grind Core gig, it all goes
Direct In Your Face !

Yannick, David, Fred and I, we will
Grind your skull and your soul with love
'Cause you're looking for something, like us
The ultimate violence to have peace in your mind.


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